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Weight Loss Windsor ColoradoIt’s really not hard for most people to lose weight. They simply either cut calories, exercise more, cut carbs and the pounds fly off. If they are supervised and have a plan, their results are much faster and the results are shown quickly and sometimes effortlessly. I have patients often say, “this is the easiest program I’ve ever done.” That’s when I have to warn them.

Weight loss can be easy, it can be fun, predictable, reliable repeatable and impactful. However, the real impact from weight loss doesn’t come in the initial 40, 60 or 100 pounds that are lost. The real impact comes when the weight is kept off!

Weight loss needs to be sustainable. 500 calories a day is not sustainable. No “cheat days” is not sustainable. Complete starvation will not lead to better health, better bodies or sustainable weight changes.

So, what is different about the programs available at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, Colorado? Simply put, the difference is the custom programs that are created for you as an individual. We have to look at where you are now, create a plan for custom, rapid individual fat and weight loss. Then we need to have crystal clear goals that are attainable, realistic expectations and predictable programs that will get you to the body you desire.

We have programs that inspire patience! This is often the hardest part because you have to be patient with your body and have coaches and team members that will support you through the whole journey of fat loss, goal achievement, and sustainable, long term nutrition and lifestyle that will continue to propel you toward your 5 year, 10 year and 30 year health goals.

At Benchmark, we have helped more than 2400 people from Greeley, Windsor, Loveland and Fort Collins lose weight quickly and keep that weight off. We have seen people transform from sedentary couch potatoes to triathletes! We have seen people who were so depressed and beaten down with pain, obesity, and poor body function transform into happy, healthy, inspired athletes, better parents, and better lovers! We have seen people with diabetes taken off of all of their medications by their prescribing doctor after completing the program and being told, “You no longer have Diabetes!”

The programs we offer at Benchmark Medical are unique and custom for each individual. Laboratory and blood work, functional testing, structural testing, and body composition analysis and our other diagnostic and baseline tests provide unparalleled documentation and give every patient we see the certainty that the program we have is unique; The results show how effective and repeatable we are. If you are ready to see where a custom approach to nutrition can lead you, our team can give you the most thorough and accurate analysis available to get you on tract to accomplish your long-term health goals.

If you or someone you know has tried another program to lose weight and was successful only to have the weight return, we can help. If you don’t know where to start to get healthy, we can help. If you are ready to change your life and get the body you deserve, we can help! What are you waiting for? Call today and get started on the new, skinny, healthy you! 970-686-9117.

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