True Health Monitoring with InBody 520

Benchmark Medical Group is pleased to announce our latest arrival: The InBody 520 by BioSpace.  This space-age technology is revolutionizing body composition testing and we are proud to be the only private facility in Northern Colorado offering this to our patients.
Essentially, the machine is a very special scale that has handles that are held during the analysis.  The machine uses a micro-current to pass through the legs and arms and then the trunk and the data that is retrieved is astounding! We are able to see a complete body composition analysis including current weight, lean body mass, and body fat mass, and much more.  The measurements then allow us to categorize patients into eight distinct body types from ideal composition to those that predispose the patient to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
The InBody 520 also measures our body water balance.  This enables us to see overall hydration, as well as the balance of water inside and outside the cells.  If there are differences from the 3:2 ratio of intracellular water to extracellular water, then we are clued into possible mineral imbalances, inflammation and edema.  The machine enables us to ensure that our dieters are consuming enough water, and what their bodies do with that water.
The InBody also gives a detailed analysis of obesity. Using BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage, we are able to see what range the patient falls into regarding their overall analysis of body composition.  This is extremely important because this information has been documented to show the danger of acquiring multiple diseases as a result of poor body composition and obesity. The InBody 520 also is able to give us detailed information on segmental lean muscle analysis, differentiating between the arms, legs, and trunk.  This information is incredibly important because those that carry too much abnormal body fat around their trunk are at a much greater risk of developing diseases associated with cardiovascular death.
This exciting technology will advance our understanding of our patients current and future health and will assist us in making clinical decisions that pertain to getting our patients to within normal limits if that is what they are trying to accomplish, accelerate weight and fat loss, and allow performance athletes to have a better understanding as to what is necessary to achieve their goals.
However, the best part about this our technology is that once we have the details of body composition, if there are places that need to improve, we have solutions!  With our amazing Alter-G anti- gravity treadmill, our phenomenal PowerPlates, ™  the incredible weight and fat loss seen with our medical weight loss program and the postural and structural changes associated with CBP® we are able to get people healthier than they ever imagined.
If you or someone you know wants to know exactly what your body is composed of, and if you want to change any abnormal readings we find, please don’t delay!  Call us today to see if you are a candidate for the amazing service we offer at Northern Colorado’s Benchmark Medical Group!
Dr. Jason W. Haas

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