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Now is the time. Now is the moment that you change everything about yourself. Now is the time that you can tap into an unbelievable power that can completely transform you into what you have always wanted to be. Now is the time that if you make the right choice, you WILL be a completely different person. Now, you can step into a new you, you can completely change your body shape, improve your strength, flexibility and coordination, posture and range of motion and in just 60 short days, you will see the person that you have always wanted to become is there. That person is inside you right now.

The key to the transformation is in the name of the season. This is the season of thanks and the season of giving. We always have to remember to be thankful for all of the gifts and blessings that each and every one of us have received and we can never forget to say thank you to those that we care the most about. We have to remember to thank our parents and grandparents and our children. We must remember to thank our friends and neighbors and strangers that can have their day completely changed with a simple, “Thank you!”

But what about you? When was the last time you thanked yourself for being you? When was the last time you thanked your body, mind and soul for all the wonderful things that you have experienced? For most of us the answer is rarely, if ever. Most people don’t take the time to be thankful for their bodies and minds and the incredible power and joy that we as humans can create. For those that begin to thank themselves for their bodies and their minds and their life experiences, they change. This thankful transformation can propel them into better health, wellbeing and better life experiences. The choice to be thankful every moment about your health can be the single biggest factor in you overcoming disease, injury, and neglect. When you begin to be thankful for every bit of health that you have and you allow that to propel you into a better and more health aware state of mind, the possibilities become endless. You can completely change the direction of your life, your health, your weight and body and you can overcome obstacles that seem so insurmountable now.

The other half of the season is our obligation to give back to further ensure that we keep this amazing cycle of thanking and giving going. Giving is the key. If you feel improvements in how you function, how you look, and how you interact with the world around you, it is truly your obligation to share that vital information. Giving the gift of health can fill the spirit, warm the heart, and lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. If you are not giving away some of your blessings to those around you then you have not fully experienced the joy of living. Giving to those who are less fortunate, those who do not know what they do not know, and giving to our friends, family and loved ones is a joy to the human spirit that is nearly unmatched. When we give we receive back so much more joy, love and excitement than we could ever expect. To see someone genuinely and deeply in joy because of a gift can change lives, strengthen bonds between those we love and is there truly a better gift than great health? I say there is not. If you can tell someone about something that has changed; for instance, how you look, how you feel and how you are able to truly live, and they in turn take that gift of information and let it transform them, then you will both be forever thankful of that gift of health.

In this season of Thanks and Giving, we want to say thank you to all of you who have been forever changed by our facility, we are honored to have touched your lives and we are deeply thankful for your trust, your time and your never-ending praise that you bestow upon us. We are truly thankful for all of you. We would like to extend an offer to of thanks and Giving in honor of all of our patients which we are so grateful for, and we would like to give back. If you are interested in hearing more about our Season of Thanks and Giving promotion, please call us! 970-686-9117 #BenchmarkMedicalThanksandGiving #Changeisagift #jasonwadehaas #CBPChiropractor

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