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Supercharge Your Immunity when you need it. . . .NOW!

This time of year seems to be the time when we shut the windows, stay inside and all too often, get sick. People frequently suffer from more colds and flus in the winter months, closed spaces, less sun and vitamin D and close quarters events all lead to the spread of these nasty bugs and viruses.

To safeguard yourself from infection it’s very important to remember these tips and tools to supercharge your immunity. Remember, you may get a virus and that may lead to infection symptoms including cough, runny and stuffy nose, congestion and body aches as well as fatigue. Most often, these symptoms are completely normal and should not be suppressed as this is the way that our natural immune system can learn how to recognize these invaders and overcome them. If symptoms worsen to productive cough with thick nasty green or brown phlegm, then it may be time to have your symptoms evaluated, but please remember that antibiotics are only for bacterial infections and ask about any complications, side effect and interaction of any drugs you are prescribed. Be informed!

Boost Up With D

Your immunity requires Vitamin D in order to fight infection, heal tissues, produce hormones and other vital chemical signal compounds for cells to “talk” to each other. We often find that we get greater amounts of Vitamin D in the Summer when we are outside more, but when the weather changes, who wants to be out in the cold with exposed skin? No one!

The key is, what is the right amount of Vitamin D supplements? Unfortunately, without testing, you cannot guess. To little has consequences like poor bone and muscle health and poor immunity and increased imbalances in hormones and too much can also have and impact on your mood and kidneys and muscles poorly. If you are interested in finding out exactly how much Vitamin D you need to be taking to make sure your body is pumping on all cylinders, call us, we can order the tests that will show us how well your immune system is functioning as well as your individual levels of Vit D. Once we know this, we can prescribe exactly the right amount!

The Amazing Ascorbate

Ascorbate has been used for 100’s of years to prevent and overcome many diseases that impact the immune system. Bone health, heart and muscle health, tendons, ligaments, hair skin nails, gut function, cancer-fighting, immune boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-viral are all terms that have been used to describe ascorbate over the years. Most people think I’m talking about Vitamin C, but ascorbate is so much more and so much better for getting the levels of this amazing vitamin c up in the blood cells. Once the levels get high enough, that’s when amazing changes start to occur. There is astonishing research on the cancer-protective effects of this substance and it has been implicated in restoring health and well-being to even the sickest and most chronically ill patients. This ascorbate is administered in an IV and the treatment time can be from 3-5 hours. It takes a while but it is incredibly worth it. If you are interested in seeing the amazing effects that Intravenous Ascorbate can have on you, call us! Make sure to ask about our specials.

Cocktail anyone?

No, I’m not talking about a gin and tonic. However, studies have shown that those that consume some alcohol are a little bit better at fighting colds. Nevertheless, the cocktail I’m talking about is the Meyer’s Cocktail ® this is an amazing IV that consists of nutrients and minerals designed to supercharge your cells and get everything the nutrient needed to function at their best. Patient reports improvements in hair, skin, nails, they report better gut health and better energy. They report better ability to fight colds and many state that if they get a Meyer’s at the beginning of any signs of illness, they can often prevent the cold from worsening. This amazing IV is also a bonus because patient will be in and out in 30-45 minutes.

Call today to see how you can take advantage of this amazing nutrient boosting IV and how buying a package can save you big!

Stand up straight for better health!

Your posture influences every aspect of your health. Having poor posture leads to stresses and strains in the muscles, tendon, ligaments, bone and soft tissues, but most importantly it leads to stresses and strains in the nervous system. Your nervous system functions best at a state of equilibrium. If you have abnormal postures, these stresses and strains will lessen your nervous systems ability to efficiently send signals to and from the different parts of the body. It has long been known that the nervous system is ultimately in charge of every other system in the body including the immune system. Stresses and strain in the immune system can lead to reduction in lymphatic and alterations in white blood cells which can increase the likelihood of getting a disease.

At Benchmark, Dr. Jason Haas is an expert if postural correction using CBP Chiropractic BioPhysics. No other chiropractic technique has as much date and technology to detect and correct abnormal posture and abnormal spines. We are amazing at pain relief, but it’s so much more than just neck pain and low back pain and headaches, we can alter your nervous system which can improve your body’s ability to heal and function! Call us today to see what our plans look like and to inquire about insurance benefits for physical medicine and rehabilitation and chiropractic.

If you are looking to supercharge your immunity this season, call us! We can help you discover how to take control of your immunity and fight the cold and flu season in ways you’ve never seen before. Call 970-686-9117 today!

Windsor Weight Loss | Lose The Weight That’s Killing You!

Weight loss is not just for those that want to fit into their skinny jeans! Losing belly fat is not just important to those folks that have a 20-year reunion coming up and need to shed a few pounds.

Windsor Weight Loss

Weight loss could potentially add years to your life and provide a quality to those years that no other act of self-improvement can do. Losing weight doesn’t just improve your self-esteem; weight loss can save your life! Carrying extra body fat is a major contributing factor to the biggest killers; heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are all complicated and in some cases caused by extra weight!

Finding a program that is effective at getting the weight off is not difficult, there are many diets and programs that are available, whether online, through the mail or with a trainer, the program you choose should be effective, it should lead to quick fat loss and most importantly, it should be simple enough to stick to the program to get to your goal. However, nearly all of the TV and corporate programs have a dirty secret, most of the dieters that lose the weight put it all back on within two years! This is why the weight loss and nutrition programs at Benchmark Medical in Windsor are completely different from others. We have a custom approach that you will not find in other facilities where everyone is relegated to the same program! We treat each patient as a unique individual and really listen to what your goals and needs are that will change your life.

Our program is a custom designed approach that is made for only you! We have a team of physicians and coaches and trainers that can give you the tools necessary to not only lose the weight quickly, but to keep it off and we have the technology to get your body more toned, fit and fabulous in the process. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 120, we have a program that is right for you! Most of our men patients lose between 3 and 7 pounds per week and most of our females lose 2-6 pounds of body fat per week. Just think, if you get started today, you could have the best body of your life before summer!

Reducing your waistline can give you amazing amounts of energy, it can reduce snoring and sleep apnea, we can unload your joints leading to better mobility and less pain and once you have learned the lifestyle approach to nutrition, you’ll see how easy it is to not only keep the weight off, but how you can use the body fat loss as a spring-board to better overall health and fitness. What are you waiting for? Our programs could change your life and patients report seeing and feeling results in as little as one week!

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to look great naked! You deserve to have a life that is not hindered by muffin tops and belly fat and high risk of premature death! If you have tried other programs only to find that the weight loss is slow, or that the restrictions are too much to sustain, we have a solution for you! Call us today to see how our program can give you the total body transformation that you are looking for and change your life! Call 970-686-9117 for details!

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Track Your MyZone® for the Ultimate Results in Transforming Your Body!

Benchmark medical is always cutting edge when it comes to technology and we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with MyZone® technology to help you achieve all of your health goals and dreams! This revolutionary technology allows the physicians and trainers to measure your physical activity at all times and especially when you are in our facility!

Windsor CO weight loss fitness health care

This innovation will enable you and our team of doctors to monitor how effective your metabolism is and we can guide you in the direction necessary to make the most out of burning fat, increasing muscle mass, losing belly fat and increasing biceps! We can get you the sculpted and toned body you have always wanted and we have the technology and experience to help you all day and night with this amazing MyZone® technology!

If you are sick and tired of feeling sluggish, or if you feel like you’re kicking butt at the gym with no results, let us help you find the way to the ultimate body and health! We have helped thousands of people in Northern Colorado lose weight, gain strength and flexibility and we have the treatments and technology to get you to that feeling of health in every moment! By knowing how you are doing in the office and outside, we can give you the necessary guidance that it takes to really get the feeling of health that you can see in the mirror!

Are you getting the most out of the time you spend exercising? How do you really know that the work that you’re doing in your Box or gym or studio is actually getting you the results you want? The fact is, without measurement, any guess would be just that, speculation! You have to measure to be able to come to a real conclusion about what you do throughout your day that is either helping or hurting you in your journey toward feeling fantastic and looking great. Now we can measure it for you! And once we have the measurements and data, we can help you come to the necessary conclusions about how your day is really impacting how you feel and how you look. This technology also has many fantastic features such as internal competition between teams of people that want to get healthy together, so tell your friends that it’s health challenge time! Let us help you get to where you want to go!

We have the team with the skills necessary to completely transform you. If you are ready to get that body you want before summer, what better time than today to get on it! We’ll show you the way- all you have to do is call!

Call today to see how this amazing technology can further your Benchmark Medical Group experience! We strive to provide only the best for the best community anywhere! We look forward to sculpting you into the best shape of your life! Don’t delay! Space is limited! 970-686-9117

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The Secret to Ultimate Success | Windsor Medical Center

See the Light Through the Darkness! | Windsor Medical Center

Windsor Health Center Fitness Weight Loss Chiropractic

There is a secret that is so powerful causing many people to learn the hard way that failing to abide by the laws of this secret will cost you dearly. People fight to learn this secret, civilizations have been built around the search and fulfillment of this secret, and everyday people die needlessly because they never learned this secret. They didn’t follow the rules if they did know of it, and if they failed to abide by this secret’s rule, they paid a dear price.

If you don’t fulfill this secret, you’ll suffer; it’s guaranteed. You will pay the price with pain, with loss of function, and a risk of disabling anguish and agony. Failure to realize that this secret contains the key to many of the laws of nature and the universe will make the suffering inevitable. The inability to change course after finding about this secret invariably leads to unfulfilled promises, pain, suffering and the loss of hope in the bright shining goals that the future once held.

This secret has led people to the greatest extremes of pleasure and pain, to the absolute ends of the earth, and the failure to obey this secrets facts can be deadly. Loss of control of your life is one of the first signs that you’re not abiding by this secret, and from there it spirals downward. Eventually, the pain that is caused by this failure to recognize and adapt to the rules of this secret leads to pain, sickness, suffering, disease and even death. Recognizing and taking firm steps toward this secrets realization can and will change your life, it will give you the tools you have always wanted, allowing you to be the person you always knew you could be. Abiding by this secrets’ rules will lead to fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, joys and pleasures you never knew could be possible. The best part is that the longer you follow the rules of this secret, the better the outcome. Abiding by this secret is the key to your happy, healthy, promising future!

This secret is tied to your health, your wealth, your relationships, your career, your spiritual journey. It is an integral part of everything you ever hope to accomplish. This secret fulfilled can lead you to riches, fame, fortunes of relation and family, and fulfilling this secrets requirements can completely transform you and your body.

This secret has been sought since humans became conscious, and is a driver of individuals, families, communities, populations and all of humankind. This secret is the critical key to your happiness, the component that will separate you from your peers, drive you to innovation, and lead you to dreams and goals fulfilled that you can not even contemplate right now. You have this secret key and all you have to do is act. You just have to take the step.

What is this secret? It is simply the undeniable fact that your personal health must be the most important aspect of your life! Your health will determine your future, your ability and your success. The crucial component of your happiness, healthiness, and fulfillment could start with the next decision you make. It’s up to you. Are you ready for more? Are you ready to change, grow and become the person you always knew you could be? Are you ready to see yourself in a completely different light? What could you achieve if you overcame your limitations? What would you do? Who would you become? What amazingly deep joy, love and understanding could you discover with a new outlook? Who you will be is up to you. Act to make it real.

Call us, people’s lives change 970-686-9117

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See the Light Through the Darkness! | Windsor Health

Windsor pain relief weight loss

Pain is very real. Suffering is a fundamental and terrible part of the human experience. When you are suffering you will not experience life to the fullest.   Your suffering affects you first and then that suffering will spread to your children, your spouse and the people closest to you. When you are suffering, your quality of life will diminsh and eventually you will see that all of your hopes, dreams, goals and desires will fade into unachievable dreams like a fleeting glimpse of what could be your future.

Suffering and pain will lead to problems. When you have pain, that pain will stop you from moving, stop you from doing the right thing and stop you from being able to understand, in every single moment, how incredibly powerful it is just to be alive. If you have a headache and low energy because you drank too much last night and had a big, fatty dinner then you’ll not be able to be there if your kids need help with their homework, if they want to go to the park and if they want you to “play” with them. Your unhealthy choices that are causing you pain, will now cause them pain as well.

When we repeat these disastrous choices over and over again, we are not only adding weight to our waist lines, we are feeding our addictions. Studies have shown that sugar is much more addictive than many other drugs including cocaine and heroin. We know that if you combine poor-quality fats with excessive carbohydrates, you will store it as fat, promote the production of unhealthy blood fats, and have poor quality sleep, digestion and more pain. Your choices in the kitchen and grocery store or at the restaurants you patronize can literally be the source of all of your suffering.

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of this deadly tunnel. But don’t let it be a train!! Learn how to combine foods, how to use your body’s amazing ability to burn fat for fuel and how you can turn around and get out of the health mess you’re in. You have an opportunity to get rid of your pain, get your strength back and get your life back. You are in charge of your future and you hold the key to a life of happiness or a life of suffering. The next thing you eat or drink, think about how it will sculpt your future; only you can make the decision to do the right thing.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. We are here to help you with this most amazing journey. We have the tools, the teachers, doctors and coaches you need to guide you to your optimal health, reach your true health potential and guide you to a life rich with health and wellness. We have the facility to correct your spine and posture, strengthen your body, improve your body fat percentage, tone your skin and get you feeling and looking your absolute best.

We know it can get dark when you are sick, when you have no energy, and when you’re suffering- so let us show you the light. Call today to see how we can help you. 970-686-9117

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Never Ending Honesty | Windsor Health Center

Windsor Colorado Health Center Weight Loss Chiropractic

Honesty in our health can be the hardest part. We have to be constantly honest with ourselves and yet we have to have a strong belief that we will get better.

Honestly, not everyone recovers from trauma, not everyone heals. Sadly, we see people taken in the prime of their lives succumb to total disability as a result of the injuries, crashes, and poor choices they have made. People are taken from us years too soon because of the cruelty and brutal honesty that is a reality in this world.

But, we must believe, we must know that we will improve, we can grow and advance, feel better and look better. No one will ever accomplish those things without first believing it can be done. Then, knowing deep down that you can heal, taking constant and never ending action steps toward achieving that goal! Ultimately, with the help of a great team, taking profound and direct action toward those goals will lead to life changing experiences, sensations, relationships and moments.

We have to know deep in our hearts that we will continue to improve. We can love harder. We can feel more joy. We can move better, run faster and we can help more people experience love when we are all healthier! We can and we must live a life deeper than the pain and suffering that we are feeling now. That belief is a MUST in the process of change and growth and healing. But we must remain honest.

In the healing process, we have to balance that deep firm belief that we can heal and be better, with honesty. Not everyone is going to climb every mountain. Not everyone is going to reach the pinnacle of financial success, relationship perfection, a perfect body or absolute enlightenment. We know when we have physical, mental, intellectual, psychological and other limitations, and in dwelling on this we can devastate ourselves with honest assessment of our limitations.

But we cannot let our limitations get in the way of our real goals. In spite of what we think we cannot accomplish, we must continue on toward the goal. We must believe in the future, understanding that healing takes time and that we must be patient with our own limitations. We believe in our body’s ability to heal itself, we must put faith in our doctors and make daily changes to get back to normal. We must strengthen our own personal faith with whatever our soul and spirt call us to accomplish. We must never give up on our faith in the ability for our bodies to heal, our perseverance in the process of healing and we must believe that our health can and will get better.

Real honesty doesn’t have to strive for perfection. However, our health can improve from our current situation. Realizing that we have limitations and then proceeding in order to make it better NOW is what matters. If you can suffer 25% less because of the actions and choices you make, imagine how much more love you could feel, what you could think about, how much you could accomplish and experience! We know that you may not be able to run 10 flights of stairs without pain, but we can work with the 13 steps in your house so you can live pain free.

There are solutions, and we can show you have to get better. One step at a time. Day after day until you are feeling better, moving better, looking better and thinking clearer. As a human being, you are amazing! You are no different than those other humans that have swam across oceans, travelled to the moon, split atoms and saved millions. When you are ready to change your life, we can show you how. Believe in yourself. You can heal.

Call us at 970-686-9117and be sure to ask about our current specials and bring a friend or your spouse to improve your lives together.

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Practicing Self Control | Windsor Weight Loss

Weight Loss Windsor

Self-Control is not something that comes naturally to most of us. Face it, we live in a world with so many opportunities and so many temptations that self-control is often relegated to the dustbin and we often say, “What the heck? Go for it!” If this is a life decision or jumping off the high dive that’s fine, but all too often, those temptations, moments of loss of self-control and giving into temptation can lead to pain, suffering, illness and disease.

As I write this at my office, I have a Taco Bell® to my right, Sonic® to my left, Pizza Hut® one door down from the Taco Bell® and across the street we have Dairy Queen® and McDonalds®! If I wanted, I could have a fast food splurge for $20, blow my diet and I could have it all in less than 10 minutes! Too much temptation! Unfortunately, this convenience and ease of accessibility to poor-quality and low-nutrient foods has led to a very serious epidemic in the country.

Colorado is fortunate that we have held our obesity rate at below 20%, but other states are not so fortunate; there are many states now that are pushing a 50% obesity rate! At the rate we’re going, the financial healthcare burden needed to treat all of the overweight and obese people will break our financial back by 2050. We are in serious trouble.

So what do you do to increase your self-control and get a handle on the personal responsibility that is necessary to lose weight, get fit and overcome your current health crisis? First, you need a coach. Having a coach is a critical component to mastering anything and your willpower and self-control is no different. Having a coach to keep you accountable to your goals and who is there to be a cheerleader and celebrate your gains with you is a must! Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, we have some amazing coaches that can be there for you in your times of weakness and can show you the way to better health, personal responsibility, and more self-control.

Second, you need a WHY. Why do you want to get healthy? Is it because you are tired of struggling to get your pants on? Do you want better health because of a recent divorce and now it’s time to focus on you? Is your WHY your kids? Do you want to be there for them when they are older? How about a goal? Is your WHY an event, a competition, a race or climbing a mountain? If you can’t find a WHY, we can help you look at your life and see if you are motivated by pain or pleasure. Once you know your motivation, you can use that WHY to push you away from pain and toward pleasure and move your health in the right direction.

Overcoming a lack of personal responsibility and self-control is not easy, but with the right coach and a strong enough WHY, you can accomplish anything! It’s not too late to turn your life around. When you are ready to see the fit, healthy and lean person you can be, we’ll be here to help. Give us a call; it could change your life! Be sure to ask about our amazing transformative service and specials! Take charge and let us show you how! 970-686-9117

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Get Fast Pain Relief | Windsor Rehabilitation

Windsor Colorado Pain Relief Rehabilitation

Everyone knows that pain is no fun. Pain keeps us awake when we need sleep, stops us when we need to move, and pain puts us on a collision course with poor health. But it’s much worse than that. Pain is one of the leading causes of complete disability in the world and pain is a factor in almost every serious health condition.

Pain has a million sources, Car crashes, bike wrecks, and baseball slides-gone-wrong. The cause can be slow and insidious from diabetes, or quick and lightning like from disc herniation. Pain can turn strong grown men and women in to incapable shells of their former selves. Pain is a problem in all walks of life from Wall Street executives to Main Street retailers. Pain impacts all walks of life, no one is immune, and if the event or disease or condition is serious enough, it can take away everything beautiful we have and leave us dark and suffering. Pain is cruel and heartless. Pain takes away love.

Unfortunately, the human experience is fraught with the potential of pain. We can stub our toe or get a hang-nail and we can slip and fall and break a hip. It is lurking when we least expect it and it throws the biggest monkey wrench into our precious lifetime plans. Taking a trip? Fall at the airport and break a few bones? Trip over.

In spite of the fact that pain is an integral part of the human experience, pain can be lessened and with the proper treatment; long term rehab and follow-up, time and patience, pain can be resolved. Suffering does not have to be a part of the process of life and even though we will be injured, we will get sick and we will experience pain, there are solutions that are fast acting, effective and long-lasting.

Fortunately for Windsor and Northern Colorado, Benchmark Medical has solutions for pain relief. We will first find out what is wrong, determine if you’re a candidate for our amazing pain-relief technologies and we will then determine the best course of care for your rapid pain relief and fix your problem!

We have technologies that can get your painful joints moving again, get those muscles that have been damaged strong again and we can guide you through the process of recovery, rehabilitation and into the realm of real sustainable improvement! Let us get you beyond how you felt before the injury and get you to levels of health you’ve never dreamed of before! We have the physicians, coaches, therapists and trainers to guide you through the process of total injury recovery, health restoration and complete performance analysis and perfection. You’ve heard of going from fat to fit? It happens here every day!

If you are tired of suffering, why continue? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from fully using the amazing services Benchmark provides. If your kids are suffering, why? Has you spouses’ pain gotten to the point that you can’t recognize them anymore? Do you sometimes think you don’t feel any love because it’s covered up with pain? Get the help and the relief you and your loved ones need. Pain robs us of every aspect of enjoyment and enrichment of our lives. Motion over-rides pain, so get moving! Stop suffering, call. 970-686-9117

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Achieve Any Goal | Windsor Health Center

chiropractor windsor health center

You can achieve any goal. Be it financial, career, family and relationship, educational, spiritual or any other possible goal you desire. Humans achieve. That is what we do. We see our prize and we work diligently to get to whatever it is that we want. We make it happen. Determination, willpower, perseverance, resolute and determined actions lead us to success. It is by our will alone that we get those things we want out of life and we must focus; laser-like, to achieve them.

Thomas Edison ruined hundreds of bulbs before he got it right. The Wright brothers failed numerous times before flight. We understand that the past problems that you have had with getting healthy and fit, lean and strong, have not been successful. But the harder you work at it, the more you fight, and the more you find out WHY you want to, and must be healthy; the closer you will ever get to achieve your goals.

The crux of the matter is your own personal health. Your health must be the center of your universe, because if it’s not, you will never get there. You can work and work and neglect your health and you will not reach your goal. You can strive to do, to give, to love those around you, and to serve the people in your family or your neighborhood and community, but if you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ll never reach your potential of helping those you love and will never reach the goals that you have so carefully designed.

Your health is the most important component, as it is the catalyst to all of the changes and actions that are necessary to accomplish your goals. When flying, you must always put your oxygen mask on in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, because if you try to fumble with your spouses or your kids you may run out of oxygen, pass out, and could die. Now what use are you to those around you? None.

You must take care of your needs for strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and great function that leads to joy and overall great wellbeing. If you have any hope of giving and promoting those things in those around you, you have to be the best you can be. Remember, you are what you think, what you eat, what you expose yourself to and you have an active choice in who you want to be. You get to decide how healthy you want to be and the healthier you choose to be, the greater the level of experiences you will have, the greater the level of joy you will receive from accomplishment; and the more likely you are to reach your goals. You must be at your peak of health if you have any realistic chance of reaching and exceeding your dreams, visions and goals.

If you want to know how to get to this ultimate state of health, give us a call, we have services that have helped thousands of people in the northern Colorado get healthy, fit, active! When you are actively moving toward and accomplishing you goals, your life will get better and better. We have the tools, and we’re here when you’re ready. If you or someone you know is ready to get healthy and fit and truly wants to accomplish their hopes, dreams, and goals, call us. We know how. 970-686-9117

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Rewire Your Brain | Windsor Chiropractor

Windsor Colorado Chiropractor

Forgetting your keys? Losing track of time more frequently? Are you feeling that the energy to think and move around after work is a thing of the past? Don’t give up!

Are you feeling that you’re not as quick to catch yourself when you slip? Do you feel like your coordination is “less-than-perfect?” Are you finding yourself afraid to go out in the cold because of the ice and afraid of wet grass in the summer because you know you can’t stop yourself from falling? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we may have solutions to help!

Your brain and your body must constantly be communicating with each other. If you lose good strong nervous system signals from the brain to the muscles, joints, tendons and other structures, you increase the risk of falling. Falls in young people can lead to catastrophic traumatic brain injuries, and concussion can have debilitating long term effects such as depression, anger, migraines and mood swings.   Trauma to the wrist is a very common cause of fracture that can lead to many complications including arthritis, pain and inability to use the wrist and hand. Falls in older folks can lead to hip and femur fractures that can quickly lead to disability, and infections and unfortunately, death.

Nervous system tissues is primarily made of fat and protein and feeding your body the right types of fats and proteins with great micro-nutrients, vitamins and other co-factors can help bring the brain back to life. We have specialized tests that can tell us exactly which nutrients your brain requires and we can get you on a program that will give your brain the building blocks it needs to grow and learn again. Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to learn and grow ne connections and what you eat and what you do makes all the difference in re-building your brain and getting control of your body and coordination again. Learning and growth is possible, even later in life!

Once we begin the process of nutritionally rebuilding your brain, we can simultaneously use our advanced equipment such as the Power Plate™, BioDensity®, Vertical Training System™, TRX®, Alter-G® and CBP® Rehabilitation to maximize the physical component of rebuilding your brain and thus your body, posture and all of you! We have the tools that can get you re-learning your basic movement patterns that are necessary to have balance, stability, coordination and great posture.

With the right foods, supplements, movements and exercises, we can begin to rebuild you. We can re-train old muscles to react again and can get you feeling more secure on your feet, faster, lighter and better coordinated. We have the therapists, coaches and trainers to sculpt your body and ultrasonic fat cavitation and tri-phasic radiofrequency to finish the job of flawless skin and a lean, toned body. We can make you look younger and feel younger than you’ve felt in years.

Why wait to indulge yourself? We can show you how to rebuild your brain. We can fix your posture. We can do what other gyms and weight loss programs can’t we have the tools, all you have to do is show up. Call today. 970-686-9117

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