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Supercharge Your Immunity when you need it. . . .NOW!

This time of year seems to be the time when we shut the windows, stay inside and all too often, get sick. People frequently suffer from more colds and flus in the winter months, closed spaces, less sun and vitamin D and close quarters events all lead to the spread of these nasty bugs and viruses.

To safeguard yourself from infection it’s very important to remember these tips and tools to supercharge your immunity. Remember, you may get a virus and that may lead to infection symptoms including cough, runny and stuffy nose, congestion and body aches as well as fatigue. Most often, these symptoms are completely normal and should not be suppressed as this is the way that our natural immune system can learn how to recognize these invaders and overcome them. If symptoms worsen to productive cough with thick nasty green or brown phlegm, then it may be time to have your symptoms evaluated, but please remember that antibiotics are only for bacterial infections and ask about any complications, side effect and interaction of any drugs you are prescribed. Be informed!

Boost Up With D

Your immunity requires Vitamin D in order to fight infection, heal tissues, produce hormones and other vital chemical signal compounds for cells to “talk” to each other. We often find that we get greater amounts of Vitamin D in the Summer when we are outside more, but when the weather changes, who wants to be out in the cold with exposed skin? No one!

The key is, what is the right amount of Vitamin D supplements? Unfortunately, without testing, you cannot guess. To little has consequences like poor bone and muscle health and poor immunity and increased imbalances in hormones and too much can also have and impact on your mood and kidneys and muscles poorly. If you are interested in finding out exactly how much Vitamin D you need to be taking to make sure your body is pumping on all cylinders, call us, we can order the tests that will show us how well your immune system is functioning as well as your individual levels of Vit D. Once we know this, we can prescribe exactly the right amount!

The Amazing Ascorbate

Ascorbate has been used for 100’s of years to prevent and overcome many diseases that impact the immune system. Bone health, heart and muscle health, tendons, ligaments, hair skin nails, gut function, cancer-fighting, immune boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-viral are all terms that have been used to describe ascorbate over the years. Most people think I’m talking about Vitamin C, but ascorbate is so much more and so much better for getting the levels of this amazing vitamin c up in the blood cells. Once the levels get high enough, that’s when amazing changes start to occur. There is astonishing research on the cancer-protective effects of this substance and it has been implicated in restoring health and well-being to even the sickest and most chronically ill patients. This ascorbate is administered in an IV and the treatment time can be from 3-5 hours. It takes a while but it is incredibly worth it. If you are interested in seeing the amazing effects that Intravenous Ascorbate can have on you, call us! Make sure to ask about our specials.

Cocktail anyone?

No, I’m not talking about a gin and tonic. However, studies have shown that those that consume some alcohol are a little bit better at fighting colds. Nevertheless, the cocktail I’m talking about is the Meyer’s Cocktail ® this is an amazing IV that consists of nutrients and minerals designed to supercharge your cells and get everything the nutrient needed to function at their best. Patient reports improvements in hair, skin, nails, they report better gut health and better energy. They report better ability to fight colds and many state that if they get a Meyer’s at the beginning of any signs of illness, they can often prevent the cold from worsening. This amazing IV is also a bonus because patient will be in and out in 30-45 minutes.

Call today to see how you can take advantage of this amazing nutrient boosting IV and how buying a package can save you big!

Stand up straight for better health!

Your posture influences every aspect of your health. Having poor posture leads to stresses and strains in the muscles, tendon, ligaments, bone and soft tissues, but most importantly it leads to stresses and strains in the nervous system. Your nervous system functions best at a state of equilibrium. If you have abnormal postures, these stresses and strains will lessen your nervous systems ability to efficiently send signals to and from the different parts of the body. It has long been known that the nervous system is ultimately in charge of every other system in the body including the immune system. Stresses and strain in the immune system can lead to reduction in lymphatic and alterations in white blood cells which can increase the likelihood of getting a disease.

At Benchmark, Dr. Jason Haas is an expert if postural correction using CBP Chiropractic BioPhysics. No other chiropractic technique has as much date and technology to detect and correct abnormal posture and abnormal spines. We are amazing at pain relief, but it’s so much more than just neck pain and low back pain and headaches, we can alter your nervous system which can improve your body’s ability to heal and function! Call us today to see what our plans look like and to inquire about insurance benefits for physical medicine and rehabilitation and chiropractic.

If you are looking to supercharge your immunity this season, call us! We can help you discover how to take control of your immunity and fight the cold and flu season in ways you’ve never seen before. Call 970-686-9117 today!

Take Control of Your Cravings

Everyone craves something, whether it’s just to put your feet up at the end of a long day or the “I Must have chocolate every day at 4:30” cravings. The desires are deep seated in most cases and the problem with feeding your desires is some of them make you stronger and some of them wreck your life. No one thinks that it’s deadly to have a bowl of ice cream and a cookie before bed. We know it’s “Bad for you” but deadly? hardly.

But when we couple that extra fat and calories and carbs we are eating every day, right before we are inactive and sleeping, it’s a ready-made disaster for your metabolism, your cardiovascular system, your gut nerve endings, the pain you’re suffering from and your overall health and wellbeing.

If you start to check off the list of these “little” things that we do as small habits, we can begin to see the pattern of why heart disease and diabetes and cancer and pre-mature death are growing so rapidly. If you are sleep deprived, Check that off. What about the number of minutes you spend focused on exercise per week? Do you let life get in the way of your exercise and “can’t find the time”? Unfortunately, you put inactivity with an imbalance in carbs and insulin, you will suffer eventually, and it is slow death with low energy, weight gain, no sex drive, bad posture and just feeling like a slug.

Take Back Control

When we slowly let our life and our body weight and our health and exercise get out of control; we are in a dire situation in deed. Heart failure still kill almost ½ of us and the steps we take to prevent it can keep us around for decades, but if we choose to “let our health slide” for the kids’ soccer and dance schedule, for our husbands and wives’ problems, for the boss, and our jobs and school and everything that we let get in the way. If you let your life prevent you from exercising and taking care of your diet, you posture, your muscles, gut, brain and heart, unfortunately it will cost you your life. Don’t let this happen!

If you want to know the steps necessary to understand how you got where you are, and then shown a clear path to turn it around, ask us. We have answers. We have a team of providers and technology that can help you get your life back.

You don’t need to be controlled by your cravings, your desires, and habits, there is a solution and we can find it together. When you know that the “little things” that you are doing to your body and health are costing you time with your kids, your love life, your strength, vigor and endurance, isn’t it time to seek the way out?

We Can Help You Lose Weight

We can help you lose weight, we can get you back on your feet again after injury and poor lifestyle, we can fix your posture and improve your overall health and well-being with our unique team approach to your health and ultimate function. We can help you reach your health dreams and goals, but we can’t do it unless we can talk to you. Please, take our helping hand in guiding you down the path of the best a healthy life can give you. Don’t Delay your happiness any longer! It’s killing you. Let’s change that now.

Choose to Change your Life!

We all have a choice in this life. Every interaction we have we have a choice that will determine whether or not we are better, happier, healthier, or more well-informed as a result of that interaction.

At Benchmark, we have made the choice to change the lives of the people we interact with in the complete transformation of their bodies, their lifestyle, and their ability to do the things they want to do. Our providers have the tools necessary to completely transform your body and your ability to use your body in the way that you desire in a way that you will not find in any other facilities.

We have techniques and tools that can completely transform you from flabby to fit; from lean-to-mean, and our performance enhancement tools can completely change who you think you are, and what you thought you could do with your body. If you are ready to understand what real transformation means, call us. Let’s talk about what your future can be.

The goals and dreams that you have about performing with your body can be realized if you are willing to do and experience what we have to offer. Come see why our patients Rave about our outcomes and experience for yourself the amazing transformation that can take place at benchmark. Learn what it feels like to be young again. You do not have to suffer; you do not have to have the pain that you are feeling now.

Our corrective Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Fitness, Weight Loss, Age Management & Anti-aging Medicine and Therapies can completely transform your body.

Choices Can Lead To Freedom

The choices that you make with your health can improve your outlook for more freedom to do what you want to do now, as well and the long term out loo of your freedom for longer and longer periods of time depending on your choices.

  • What would you do if you next choice of what you think say, or do could impact the interaction you have for the rest of your life?
  • What could you accomplish if you choose to make every choice the healthy one – the best choice, statement, or action to make the best possible outcome? What would you accomplish?

Many people in Windsor, Colorado don’t realize the jewel they have in Benchmark. We have flexible schedules, we have amazing therapists and we have the technology that gets the job done while being economical and affordable for the whole family. You are paying so much for your insurance, but what are you paying for the investment in your own health? Are you putting aside money for emergencies or are you investing in preventing illness, diseases and future problems?

Join Us For A Complimentary Educational Class

We have complimentary educational classes every week on Tuesday at 5:30 at 1180 Main Street. If you have metabolic diseases, obesity, pain, diabetes, inflammatory conditions or if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, the doctors at Benchmark may have a solution for you!

If you want to talk about true overall lifestyle transformation, give us a call. Ask about our family specials!

Windsor Weight Loss | Lose The Weight That’s Killing You!

Weight loss is not just for those that want to fit into their skinny jeans! Losing belly fat is not just important to those folks that have a 20-year reunion coming up and need to shed a few pounds.

Windsor Weight Loss

Weight loss could potentially add years to your life and provide a quality to those years that no other act of self-improvement can do. Losing weight doesn’t just improve your self-esteem; weight loss can save your life! Carrying extra body fat is a major contributing factor to the biggest killers; heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are all complicated and in some cases caused by extra weight!

Finding a program that is effective at getting the weight off is not difficult, there are many diets and programs that are available, whether online, through the mail or with a trainer, the program you choose should be effective, it should lead to quick fat loss and most importantly, it should be simple enough to stick to the program to get to your goal. However, nearly all of the TV and corporate programs have a dirty secret, most of the dieters that lose the weight put it all back on within two years! This is why the weight loss and nutrition programs at Benchmark Medical in Windsor are completely different from others. We have a custom approach that you will not find in other facilities where everyone is relegated to the same program! We treat each patient as a unique individual and really listen to what your goals and needs are that will change your life.

Our program is a custom designed approach that is made for only you! We have a team of physicians and coaches and trainers that can give you the tools necessary to not only lose the weight quickly, but to keep it off and we have the technology to get your body more toned, fit and fabulous in the process. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 120, we have a program that is right for you! Most of our men patients lose between 3 and 7 pounds per week and most of our females lose 2-6 pounds of body fat per week. Just think, if you get started today, you could have the best body of your life before summer!

Reducing your waistline can give you amazing amounts of energy, it can reduce snoring and sleep apnea, we can unload your joints leading to better mobility and less pain and once you have learned the lifestyle approach to nutrition, you’ll see how easy it is to not only keep the weight off, but how you can use the body fat loss as a spring-board to better overall health and fitness. What are you waiting for? Our programs could change your life and patients report seeing and feeling results in as little as one week!

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to look great naked! You deserve to have a life that is not hindered by muffin tops and belly fat and high risk of premature death! If you have tried other programs only to find that the weight loss is slow, or that the restrictions are too much to sustain, we have a solution for you! Call us today to see how our program can give you the total body transformation that you are looking for and change your life! Call 970-686-9117 for details!

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My Best Body Ever | Windsor Fitness & Weight Loss

Dr Jason Haas | Windsor COToday, I’m getting personal. I have had my share of health struggles and I wanted to share my personal experience at getting myself into the best shape of my life. My name is Jason Haas, I’m 43 years old and I have definitely not been in my current physical condition my whole life. I have dealt with many, many injuries over the years.

I was struck in the head with a baseball bat (full swing) at age 4. I played contact football from age 5 to age 15 and also played baseball and soccer. I received many blows to the head and probably had at least one concussion. I was the “attacker” while training women in self-defense doing Martial arts in my early 20’s. I’ve been kicked in the head, punched in the face, took a few elbows and generally got beat on by women that were really angry (rightfully so) and conveniently had a “warm body” to take their anger out on while learning self-defense.

When I was living in Boulder I drove off a cliff in Happy Canyon. I was in a front impact car crash as a 16 years old. When I was 22, I was struck from behind while stopped by a Snap-On™ tool truck; he didn’t brake. I have fallen on the ice hundreds of times and even took a few falls last weekend on the rocks at Lake Agnes. In 2003, I was lifting an Omni® chiropractic table (340 lbs.) into the back of a van and received a very serious disc injury to my lower back. Then, during my daughters first few years of life, I put on nearly 40 lbs. of body fat and suffered with daily pain, high blood pressure, low energy and generally was not in good shape.

Now, at 43, I can say with absolute certainty that I am in the best shape of my life. In spite of all of my previous injuries, I do not suffer with pain. I am 9.86% body fat and can work out harder than I ever imagined. I’m not restricted in any of my activities whatsoever. I have a better body than many of the high school boys that walk by our office everyday on their way to Taco Bell® or Sonic® (no surprise there).

How did I overcome all of my prior injuries, weight gain, and poor lifestyle? Simply by practicing what I preach to my patients on a daily basis. I follow a very nutritious eating plan that allowed me to lose 35 pounds in 7 weeks and I have kept that weight off for six years. I use the Power Plate for whole body training 2-4 times per week and use the Vertical Training System 2 times per week. I drink plenty of water, take some great supplements and do my best to play music, meditate, and shut off my brain when I can. I had my neck rehabilitated by Dr. Doug Terry using CBP® in Boulder in the 90’s and then used our CBP® equipment to rehab my low back after the 2003 injury. I have done everything I can to get more flexible, stronger and develop my endurance. I feel like I have sculpted a body that can take punishment and not suffer from pain and I have refined my nutrition to the point that I am leaner than I have ever previously been.

Weight loss and chiropractic care Windsor

I know that many of you have a similar story to mine. I was struggling with my weight and my overall health and I would have eventually paid the consequences with a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer. Now, I feel that by using the tools we have available at Benchmark Medical, I can maintain and continue to refine my body, my health and my overall wellbeing.

If you think it’s too late to change, let me be an inspiration to you. I was on the wrong track and was completely able to turn that around and get myself to where I am now. You can too!

If you are tired of suffering and want to get in the best shape of your life, lose weight, lose pain and get your health back, what are you waiting for? Call us and let us show you how to reach your health goals! Call today at 970-686-9117 and be sure to ask about our fitness and weight loss specials!

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Lose 20-45 Pounds in 45 Days | Windsor Weight Loss

Windsor Colorado Weight Loss Center

This title may seem far-fetched, but it is a reality in our office every day. People are often told by their weight loss “coaches” that they shouldn’t get on the scale during the process. This could not be further from the truth at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. We encourage our patient to get on the scale because our weight loss and body fat program is so effective that you will literally see the weight come off.

There is a science to losing weight and keeping it off and many, many of our weight loss patient will see 2-7 pounds of body fat lost per week on our programs. We have helped people who have suddenly gained weight and those that have struggled for decades and “tried everything.” Our doctors will determine the cause of your weight gain and work with you to understand how our body gains weight and the methods that can get this weight off fast.

For nearly 45 years, the nutrition industry has been targeting dietary fat as the cause of our growing obesity and diabetes epidemic. Unfortunately, this targeting of fat-containing products has led to an explosion of consumption of sugar, the real culprit in weight gain. Fortunately, earlier this year, the FDA reversed it’s position on dietary fats. We have known this for years, and it is very reassuring that the FDA is finally catching up! Simply put, fat does not make you fat!

We have programs that target hormonal health, a critical cornerstone of long term weight control. We have programs for diabetics, those with heart disease, injury-related weight gain and programs for those suffering from the effects of thyroid disorders. If you have “tried everything” and are ready for the most comprehensive approach to short term rapid weight loss and long term nutrition and weight management, we are here for you!

There are so many claims that have been made in the past that it is easy to be skeptical about a program that can have you 20-45 pounds lighter in 45 days, but our programs have helped more that 3000 people and we have tremendous short term and long term success. Please see our weight loss testimonial page.

If you are needing to lose weight for an upcoming wedding, reunion or event, we can help. If you have been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight to control high blood pressure or high cholesterol, we can help. If you want to be in the greatest shape of your life and are looking for the fastest, most effective way to accomplish that, we can help. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can help!

When you are ready to see the new you hiding inside, call our Windsor weight loss center! 970-686-9117 Please be sure to ask about our specials when you call and bring a friend! Weight-loss is always better when done in pairs!

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Pain Relief Starts in the Kitchen | Windsor Colorado Nutrition

Windsor Colorado Weight Loss Nutrition Pain ManagementLow back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world. Headaches are epidemic and almost 60% of the population will report neck pain at any given time. Abdominal pain, joint pain, shoulder knee and hip pain are complaints we hear from patients on a daily basis.

Did you know that you can manage pain with food? If you eat the wrong kinds of food, your digestion will slow, inflammation will increase and you will suffer more. If you are already suffering and eat a food that you are sensitive to, or a food that increases and promotes inflammation, you will suffer as a result.

The main culprit behind increasing pain is the ingesting of sugar and carbohydrates. Carbs cause the body to increase insulin and this cascade promotes inflammation leading to pain and suffering. Ingest carbs (and the wrong carbs) for too long and the combination of inflammation and weight gain is a recipe for significant pain and suffering.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this suffering. In addition to the amazing services we offer for pain relief at Benchmark Medical Group, we also have nutritional programs that can reduce body fat, improve flexibility, promote strength and good muscle tone and, most importantly, reduce pain.

We have programs that can allow you to lose 3-7 pounds of body fat per week. This reduction in body fat can get you feeling more flexible, promote motivation to increase exercise and you reduce the storage of inflammation chemicals in the body to lessen pain. We have had patients lose more than 150 pounds with our programs! These folks not only report less pain, their entire lives change as a result of the transformation!

We also have targeted pain reduction nutritional programs that are used to get all of the pain-promoting substances out of the diet, increase alkalinity, promote great digestion and reduce inflammation caused by foods. The anti-inflammatory protocols can be as little as 3 weeks or longer for more chronic conditions. We have had patients report significant reductions in pain after only a few weeks of eating differently! It is amazing to watch people reduce weight, improve strength and get pain relief simply from a few dietary changes!

Fortunately, we have weekly educational programs that are free and open to the public to learn more about our total-body transformational programs. Every Tuesday night from 5:30-6:30 Dr. Jason Haas teaches how to lose weight, reduce pain, increase muscle and prevent diseases with nutritional changes. These classes are an invaluable tool for our dieters and the information presented can change your life!

We also have very specialized testing through our functional medicine doctors that can show us what the foods you are eating are doing to your blood, hormones, and your internal chemistry.

Food intolerances, diabetes and pre-diabetes, poor protein absorption, hormonal imbalances and other problems are often through blood and saliva laboratory testing and these tools can enable our doctors to create a program that is custom to your needs, your body and your goals! We have patients that tell us every day how they have never had doctors take such an individual and caring approach. We have the tools to find out what your problems are and the techniques to fix them!

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, what are you waiting for? Call us today to see how our programs can get you lean, fit and living the pain free live you deserve! Call 970-686-9117 and ask about our specials!

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Newsletter 2 | August 2015

Windsor Colorado Fitness and Weight Loss


Every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm Dr Jason Haas delivers a complimentary seminar about a variety of health related topics. How to maintain a balanced diet, the effects of stress, and energy sustaining foods are just a few amongst many interesting subjects. His expert public speaking skills are inspirational and he breaks all the technical jargon down into layman’s terms. Following the seminar there is the opportunity for new people to ask questions and go through the basics of the nutritional counseling program. As a reward, Benchmark Dollars will be presented to those who bring new guests along to the classes.


We are receiving rave reviews from our physical therapy patients about the overall effectiveness of the Vertical Training System. They are experiencing increased strength, mobility and balance. The amazing thing about the VTS is how much you can gain physically in such a small amount of time. A typical session only takes 10-15 minutes and engages over 200 muscles simultaneously, while tapping into the sympathetic nervous system. We have some more equipment on order and will have classes up and running very soon. VTS is a brilliant addition to any exercise and rehabilitation program.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We know what we are, but know not what we may be. William Shakespeare[/quote]


Benchmark Medical Group will be a key sponsor at the event and we are looking forward to showing our support for Les. The former Eagles ice hockey player was in a motorcycle accident which rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. Les is still very much connected to ice hockey and commentates for the local game season.


The school year has kicked off and there are sixty new teachers hired in the district. We were at the breakfast to support the new teachers and donated some vouchers for their goody bags. Teachers play such an integral part in the children’s development, so we want them to be as healthy as possible. Benchmark has initiated some wellness talks for teachers at some of the local schools. Dr Sandy Haas will be touching on topics such as stress to combat fatigue and promote wellbeing.

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Newsletter 1 | July 2015

Windsor Colorado Weight Loss and Chiropractic Care


We are excited to launch our summer medical weight-loss program. The 4th of July celebration is done and dusted for the year, so it’s time to front up and jump on the scales. We have helped over 3000 people get their weight under control and given them the tools to keep it off; the testimonials on our website tell the story!! Watch this space for an upcoming medical weight-loss event soon.


Pat Frantz, our amazingly strong physical trainer is working on getting a class schedule ready for all the VTS enthusiasts’. He is excited at the prospect of working with three people per class and really helping newbies get acquainted with the various positions on the rack. It is said that even the fittest, strongest climber would find it very taxing to be on there for more than 30 minutes. The great thing is that all ages and body types can easily master the basics and reap the benefits of working the brain and muscles in perfect harmony.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Vince Lombardi[/quote]


Benchmark Medical Group will be setting up a booth at the Taste of Windsor. The event kicks off at 4pm and there will be music, food and beer vendors galore. It’s the perfect chance to bring the family and check out what the local community has to offer. The music will be performed by ‘Soul School’, so come and shake your hips, eat and drink, then work it off on Friday at Benchmark Medical Group on our amazing Power Plates!!!!


Part of our strategy is to help businesses prosper by having healthy employees’. We are launching a new wellness program with TrollCo and Pelican lakes in Windsor, CO. Qualified employees’ will have a selection of services they can partake in each month, ranging from chiropractic care to fitness classes. Our goal is to help you live a better life!! If you think your business can benefit from having healthy employees’ contact Henry for more information on (970) 686-9117.


Benchmark Medical Group will be attending the Warrior Classic. This event is sure to turn some heads, with bronzed bodies hitting the stage to flex their muscles. We will be there both days to promote our wellness services for injury prevention, nutrition, rehabilitation and maintaining fitness.

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Don't Judge a Person's Story by Their Cover | Dr. Sandy's Story

Dr Sandy Haas | Windsor CO

I am so excited to be on this journey, and I am sharing it with you to help the people out there that may have some of these similar problems.  I have been suffering with health problems for years, but I have trained myself to not express these problems. I have become a very good actor. Well, that finally caught up with me last year when my stress levels and my health problems led me to pass out.

I struck my head very hard and had to face the fact that something was seriously wrong and I needed to change. At that time, I weighed 147 pounds, my body fat was too high and my blood work pointed to the signs of major thyroid issues, pre-diabetes, possible heart disease, adrenal fatigue and emotional duress.  

Since then I have been on a very strict journey to get my health under control. I have cut out nearly all “bad” carbohydrates, increased my exercise, and I am working on improving my posture, strength, and range of motion. I underwent many blood and laboratory tests designed to see if there are deficiencies in micro- or macro-nutrients that may contribute to these health problems.

I discovered that I am positive for carrying the MTHFR gene, which means I do not process certain B-vitamins properly and therefore have an increased risk of cancer and heart disease, along with many other potential conditions. In addition, I am positive for LipoProtein A (Lp a), which is a risk factor for heart disease.

Now that I have found these problems, I have used intermittent fasting, improved my hydration, started taking the correct nutrients, and I try to be in ketosis as frequently as possible. The results are beginning to show!  

I’m down 8 pounds, have lost body fat, my mood has improved and I am feeling better everyday! If any of you are suffering, if you’ve been told there is no cause to your health problems, or that it’s ” all in you head”, there may be a solution! I am living proof that digging deep and getting to the bottom of health problems is possible and you CAN turn your life around!

Chiropractor Health Center Windsor Colorado

I want to be as transparent as I can so I am sharing my lab results

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