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Windsor Colorado Weight Loss and FitnessAlmost everyone wants to feel better. Many, many people want to look better. Almost everyone wants to lose “those last 10 pounds” and everyone want a perfect body. Is that even possible? Can a person really do what those pre and post pictures show? Can someone really lose 40, 50, 120 or more pounds? Do people really turn their life from fat to fit? The sad answer often is no.

Most people in this country never make it to their fitness goal. Most Americans find themselves wishing, hoping and praying for better health every January, only to be slapped by the realization that, come March, they are putting on more weight, and they find themselves getting more and more unhealthy every day. Most people who set a resolution to lose weight don’t get there and the stats are very scary showing us getting bigger and bigger every year.

Why? There are many reasons, of course. Lifestyle, mood, medications, access to equipment, financial excuses, illness, injury and on and on and on. People are not stupid. People know why they are getting bigger and sicker, the problem is they can’t seem to change the habits necessary to change their lifestyle to see real impact.

Change is seen as “hard” change is “uncomfortable”, but as painful and difficult as it may be, change is necessary to get to where you want to be. However, change is nearly never accomplished, and most people can’t change unless they have one element: a coach.

Everyone needs a coach in certain situations. Do you want to learn how to play piano? Easy, take lessons. Want to learn a new language? Get the CD “coach” and it’s a breeze. However, when people want to change their health they often fail to get the right coach, or no coach at all!

At Benchmark Medical in Windsor, we have many, many coaches. We have coaches that are there when you need a cheerleader pep-talk to keep you on track, and we have coaches that will honestly give you consequences and tell you what will happen if you don’t follow-through, and coaches who are there to celebrate when you make your goal. The difference in our coaches and the others out there simply comes down to experience and results.

Unfortunately, there are many theories on weight loss and muscle gain, there are many theories on how to improve strength, flexibility and improve quality of life. Many find these programs can lead to slow results, more pain and failed goals. Those programs do not look at every person as a unique individual and tailor a program just for you, you find yourself lacking explanation for why you are doing what they are asking, not understanding the action plan necessary to produce results, and finally you quit or leave because they were not addressing you needs. Sound Familiar?

Now this has become the state of affairs with American Healthcare! The most expensive healthcare in the world! Why? Hospital administration and Insurance had dictated that more “work” gets done with less time, fewer resources and fewer “real” people. Humans are being deleted from the experience of healthcare for humans!

At our private facility centrally located between Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we see things differently. The doctors at Benchmark strive to take the time to understand all of your healthcare problems, we work together as a team to give the best, most evidence-based treatment programs and we work tirelessly with you to get to your goal. We have the experience, expertise, personnel and technology to get you to your goals, celebrate together, and then do the hard work of getting you to keeping your new body for as long as possible. We coach for sustainability!

If you are ready to completely change your life and find out what you are made of, we’re ready. If you want to see what kind of beautiful, fit & sexy person is inside of you, we can help. If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can HELP! If you are tired of watching your husband complain about his low back pain or you wife complaining about her constant headaches, call us, we can show you ways to strengthen your marriage, improve all of your relationships, and get you to the life-long goals you always dreamed about. Whether you just want to get out of pain or you want perfectly toned arms, ripped abs and shredded legs, what are you waiting for, call us! 970-686-9117

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Run Without Pain | Windsor, CO Chiropractor

Joint Pain Windsor ColoradoRunning has many benefits, cardiovascular health; flexibility and endurance are all great results from running. Running for distances can produce a “runner’s high” which is a release of feel-good hormones that give the feeling that “I can run forever!” These benefits are great and running can be an important part of cross-training for sports, a good way to de-stress and a great way to improve overall health and fitness.

However, running does not come without risks. Poor gait patterns can lead to joint problems and cascade into a loss of function. Repetitive stresses in the ankles, knees and hips can lead to compression of the cartilage, meniscus and other soft tissues of the knee, accelerating degeneration. Running can aggravate shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears and fibrosis. Unfortunately, these dangers can compound with more and more distance and can eventually lead to pain, suffering, disability and then running is out of the question.

So, what is the solution? Anti-Gravity! Gravity is the culprit that causes the compression, degeneration and injury that can lead to pain. Gravity is always working and when a runner is pounding out the miles, the forces magnify and eventually lead to problems. Fortunately, this constant force can be significantly reduced with our Alter-G® Anti-Gravity treadmill!

At Benchmark Medical Group, located in Windsor, Colorado we strive to provide the most cutting edge equipment for rehabilitation, fitness and performance enhancement. The Alter-G® is no exception. This machine is a treadmill with a large air chamber that encloses the runner and enables the pressure of gravity to be reduced. Air pressure can remove 10%, 50%, or 100% of body weight and allow a person to run in an environment free of the pounding that is felt with road running or traditional treadmills.

At Benchmark, we use the Alter-G® to assist runners in perfecting their gait pattern so that when they are in a competitive run, they will feel lighter and the stress from running is reduced. We also use the Alter-G® for many forms of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation including knee and hip replacement rehabilitation, injuries to the back and spine that do not allow full stride or cause a limp can also benefit from the Alter-G® by allowing even, symmetrical walking, jogging and eventually running.

If you are a runner or would like to get back into running, the Alter-G® can be your secret weapon in performance enhancement, injury prevention and overall health and fitness improvements. If you are ready to experience all of the benefits of running without the risks, our facility can help you achieve your goal! We have amazing specials and packages for the New Year that can make getting you into the best shape of your life fast and affordable.

If you or someone you know wants to see what cutting edge rehabilitation and fitness look like, look no further than Benchmark Medical centrally located between Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley in Northern Colorado. We are Colorado’s one-stop-shop for health and wellness and we can get you looking and feeling better than ever. Ready to experience the best fitness possible? Give us a call today! Call 970-686-9117, and don’t forget to ask about our amazing specials!

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The Gift of Pain

Pain Relief Windsor, Colorado

Pain is a gift.  I know this may be hard to fathom if you are suffering right now, but your pain can be your greatest gift, and relief of pain is not always what people expect.  Pain often is the result of tissue damage and this tissue damage irritates pain nerve endings that send signals to the brain to let you know that something is wrong.  Once this pain becomes great enough to cross the threshold into a sensory experience, the sufferer is less likely to continue the activity that is causing the pain.

Pain is a gift because it can keep us from hurting ourselves further, it can prepare us for the future and it can make us look inward to assess the state of our body.  If you are having pain that prevents you from doing your normal activities of daily living, prevents you from moving, turning your head, bending to lift your kids or keeps you from being intimate with your partner, you must find the reason for this pain or it will systematically destroy your life.  This pain will insidiously reach into every aspect of your life until you are not the person you were meant to be because of the pain. Relationships will suffer and you will not reach your potential!

The most incredible aspect of the gift of pain is the motivation that it can create.  Motivation to want to life pain-free the motivation to really want to excel and achieve the goals, dreams and desires you know you can accomplish.  If you are suffering, don’t let that suffering overwhelm your life, but more importantly don’t ignore the gift of pain!  Finding a cause and effective therapeutic intervention can get you back to doing everything you’ve ever dreamed!

At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we focus on where your pain is coming from.  You may be suffering from neck pain or headaches, knee pain, low back pain, or numbness and tingling with pins and needles in your arms or legs.  You may be tired of going to a physical therapist only to be given exercises that don’t work or seeing a chiropractor and getting racked and cracked over and over and over with no spinal correction.  If you are suffering, we may have a solution that will give you the freedom you deserve! Plus, we have technologies that are not available elsewhere in Northern Colorado!

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or are interested in spinal correction, joint regeneration,  improved physical fitness, weight loss or lifestyle management, Don’t delay!  Let the gift of pain motivate you to get better, and ask us about our special services for pain relief!!



For our current special and to see if you are a candidate for our pain relief therapies, see:

Inflammation and Fat

Inflammation and Fat

Achy backs, knees, and hips.  Stiff necks and headaches, painful finger joints, and that burning between the shoulders. The underlying common theme of these painful conditions is inflammation.  When our bodies are not functioning well or if they are causing us to suffer from pain, the inflammation must be stopped.

Everyone understands that when we are injured, inflammation will result.  It’s not hard to see the obvious signs of inflammation following an ankle sprain or a twisted knee.  Pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function are all painfully obvious following a trauma. However, the inflammation may be less obvious when the pain originates insidiously, or doesn’t follow the “cardinal” rules of inflammation.

Inflammatory chemicals are produced when there is damage to tissue (trauma) or when there is the potential for tissue damage (stress, fear, poor posture etc.) These chemicals irritate pain nerve ending can cause the tissues to become uncomfortable, stiff, achy and painful.   This is where most people will seek to find the cause of the pain, and the smart ones will do what they can to make it stop. Pain and inflammation are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, many people neglect one of the fundamental places where inflammation is stored; fat. As we are suffering, it is easy to reach for the ice, heat, get a massage, or take a pill.  These may give us temporary relief, but they will not address the fundamental inflammation that is being produced by the tissues and stored in the fat cells.  Because fat is storing inflammation chemicals, it is easy to state that your fat is storing your pain!  Then the real way to address this problem is in the removal of excess fat!

Our medical weight loss programs target fat only.  As we apply the first two phases of the program, our intended goal is to lose 3-7 pounds of fat per week.  This will not only make it easier to fit into those old jeans, it can also substantially reduce the inflammation that is stored inside the fat cells. As we get smaller, the load on our tissues and joints will be less, our flexibility will improve, our ability to exercise will be enhanced and the underlying cause of the pain and loss of function is addressed.

We have had dozens of patients try multiple ways to alleviate pain from ice to surgical procedures, only to find that the pain didn’t go away until the fat was lost.  If you are suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain, or other stiff and painful joints, don’t you think it’s time to stop suffering? We have programs that can make losing the fat quick and easy and we are working tirelessly to improve the speed at which our patients lose fat.  The  program, coupled with Powerplate® physical therapy and fitness have given our patients the tools to get toned, fit and learn how to shed the bonds of pain and inflammation that can slow us down and zap our will. Couple this with our CBP® Structural Rehabilitation and we will have you straighter, stronger, slimmer, and healthier than ever!

If you someone you know is suffering from inflammation, pain, or if you want to find out if the excess weight you are carrying is causing or contributing to your pain and disability, don’t delay! Call us today to see if you are a candidate for our amazing health-restoring techniques!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

NSAIDs vs. CBP® Structural Rehabilitation

Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs are incredibly prevalent in this society.  It seems that it is not uncommon for someone to simply pop an ibuprofen or acetaminophen in an attempt to lessen the pain associated with sore muscles, stiff necks or backs or arthritis. Unfortunately this nonchalant attitude toward these drugs is having major consequences for our population.

These drugs have serious side effects that are not always noticed until it may be too late. Ulceration of the stomach, internal bleeding, increased risk of miscarriage, liver and kidney damage and even death are some of the risks associated with taking these over-the-counter medications. Unfortunately, reading the warning label doesn’t seem to be enough to stop the massive consumption of these harmful substances, because the sales have been increasing steadily and are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Now, many people will be at a crossroads in learning about this potentially deadly drug. You may be asking, “What can I do for my pain, if I can’t take my ibuprofen?” Fortunately, we may have an answer for you in both the rehabilitation methods that we provide as well as the nutritional advice we can give. We have had tremendous success with muscle and joint pain as well as paint that is associated with arthritis.  This help can come from several different methods. First, the nervous system sends both motor (strength and movement) information as well as sensory (feelings/sensations) information from the brain, through the spinal column, to every cell and tissue in the body.  Abnormal spinal positions as well as abnormal posture can place stresses and strains on these tissues and because the tissue is pain-sensitive, it can register as pain in the brain.  This pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong with your spine and posture and taking NSAIDs will simply mask the problem without correcting the fundamental underlying cause.   

In changing the posture toward normal and improving the strength, flexibility and endurance of the tissues involved, we can lessen the pain that is associated with arthritis and joint degeneration, as well as give you tools and exercises to lessen the long-term effects of these abnormal postures. We can also provide you with safe, natural nutritional alternatives to the NSAIDS that can help you body break down the proteins that are created when there is inflammation present.

We have also had tremendous success with our fat loss program in helping reduce or remove pain from the body. How? Pain is generally associated with inflammation and, unfortunately, fat cells are an excellent storage site for pain-related inflammatory chemicals.  When we are carrying excess loads on tissues due to being overweight, these stress and strains can also increase inflammation making pain worse.  Losing the excess fat can shrink the fat cells and reduce the loads on tissues, removing both inflammatory chemicals as well as excess loads at the same time!

So, if you have found yourself taking more and more anti-inflammatory drugs and have concerns about the potentially harmful side-effects that may be present, we may have an alternative! If you would like to know if you are a candidate for the rehabilitation methods we provide, please contact us to schedule a consultation with myself to see if we can help. Don’t delay, your joints and organs will thank you!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Posture and Digestive Improvements

I have said again and again that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body. This fundamental fact cannot be stated enough.  The effects of poor posture placing stress and strain on the nervous system can be very far reaching. Poor posture weakens our overall structure, leading to weakening of the nerves that supply vital information to our organs and this reduction in good nerve health can result in overall poor organ health.

Do you suffer from digestive problems? Have you found foods that “don’t agree with you?” Do you find yourself using laxatives and other digestion enhancers because your bowels do not function the way they should? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the problem may not just be in your gut but also in your spine!

Abnormal posture can reduce the amount of information and signal strength that is sent to the organs that are necessary for digestion. We know that weakness of the muscles that attach the ribs to the pelvis can interfere with good digestion. These muscles are also affected by poor posture.  Poor posture can cause weakness of the abdominal musculature and these muscles are also involved in good digestive function.  Everything is connected and everything is controlled by the nervous system that is housed within the spinal column.  If there are postural abnormalities in the areas that are trying to send information to the digestive organs, they may not function as expected.

The problem arises when these postural distortions are present without pain. Many people realize that pain in an indication that there is something wrong and needs to be addressed. However, many postural distortions that are present don’t necessarily have to cause pain.  This is why it is so important to have a thorough postural and structural evaluation.  Preventing the problem before it arises is key to keeping your digestive and overall health optimal.

If you are suffering from health conditions that are preventing normal weight loss, normal digestive function, or if you are suffering from a condition that does not appear to have a cause, maybe we can help!  Please don’t delay, contact us today to see if you are a candidate for our postural and structural rehabilitation protocols.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Treating Symptoms

We often say that symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.  This usually means that a tissue or joint has been damaged either through a trauma, or through a repetitive stress, or poor postural habit.  Symptoms are an important part of the care that we provide in our office, as we desire to alleviate the suffering associated with the symptoms as much as possible.

However, it is very important to understand that the symptoms cannot be the only thing that is treated under our care. If we only address the symptoms, we will often miss the fundamental underlying cause of the suffering and although the symptoms may subside temporarily, they will return.  Alternatively, if the symptoms do not improve or are ignored, they may worsen with time or make the person much more susceptible to further injury.

Pain is more than an annoyance, pain can cause us to do things or act in a way that can have much more significant consequences than we would expect.  Pain can interfere with our relationships, make us less attentive to our children, and interfere with our ability to perform our duties at work. Pain can make us grumpy, make us more likely to self-medicate and can lead to many problems beyond the current painful situation.  Pain must be addressed to improve our overall quality of life.

Pain, however, cannot be the only factor that is addressed in a rehabilitation facility like ours, we must get to the fundamental underlying cause of the pain in order to assure a better quality of life; and to ensure that the nerves that are causing the pain are not interfering with proper organ function as well.

For example, a person with a painful shoulder that is made worse with activities and certain ranges of motion should have that shoulder assessed to determine the appropriate therapy designed to improved pain-free range of motion and improved strength, endurance, and overall function. However, the assessment of the shoulder pain and loss of function must also include the cervical spine and the nerves that feed strength, energy and information to the tissues around that joint. In the process of analyzing what is causing the shoulder pain, an assessment of the nerves sending strength, energy and information to the organs originating from the same area may give us insight into lung, diaphragm, or cardiovascular dysfunction and improving the structure and function of the nerves in the neck may provide not only relief of the shoulder problem, but may also improve the function of other organs and organ systems.

We can never forget the contribution of our nervous system to the structures and proper function of all the cells, tissues, organs and systems in the body.  Understanding that the nervous system must have proper structure and function to ensure health of all other systems is a vital component to improving overall quality of life.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or any other health conditions, we may have a solution!  Please contact us to determine if you are a candidate for our state-of-the-art rehabilitation procedures!

Dr. Jason W. Haas