Break Through the Iron Grip of Chronic Pain | Windsor, Colorado

Chronic Pain Windsor Colorado Chiropractor DoctorPain is never a fun experience. Even the pain of exercise can be so unpleasant that getting out of a chair or climbing stairs makes one wonder if they should have done those last few squats. However, chronic pain is no laughing matter. Chronic pain robs you of your life. Chronic pain has been shown to increase the risk for depression, obesity, suicide and 10 years of chronic pain can shrink your brain matter by as much as a square centimeter!

Chronic pain usually starts with injury. Injury to tissues leads to inflammation and all the signs of injury like redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of function are apparent, but they fade with time. Unfortunately, the injury remains, leading to fibrosis and scar tissue formation. This scar tissue is much more pain sensitive, harder to stretch, easier to re-injure and is loaded with pain nerve endings.

Chronic pain also leaves serious damage to the long tracts of nerves that travel from the injured area to the sensory and sometimes motor areas of the brain, in turn leading to improper symmetry of muscles, poor posture, gait problems and limping, and eventually disability.

Chronic pain decreases motivation and interferes with sleep, leading to the sufferer to be less likely to exercise, have sex, be happy and work harder. The chronic pain sufferer that turns to food for comfort is really in trouble because as the pounds increase, the pain will worsen, the illnesses will compound and then that chronic low back or knee pain has blossomed into diabetes, heart disease and even cancer!

Fortunately, there is hope for those suffering with chronic pain. At Benchmark, we have treated more than 6500 patients primarily suffering from chronic pain. We have methods that can restore strength, flexibility and make chronic pain a thing of the past. We have had patients no longer need wheelchairs, walkers and canes, and we have the experience, research and knowledge to help nearly any pain condition that presents to us.

If you are suffering and are tired of the same rhetoric of more drugs and surgery, we may be the solution you are looking for. The Doctors at Benchmark will thoroughly diagnose what it is that is causing your chronic pain and give you options that fit your schedule, your budget and your ability.

If you have tried everything and you are at you wit’s end, don’t give up! We may be the solution to your suffering that you have not yet encountered. We have helped so many, and we have the expertise to know if we can help you and we also have a huge network of physicians and therapists that we can send you to if we feel that you are not the right fit for Benchmark’s services.

Conveniently located between Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we can provide exception and cutting edge healthcare suited for your condition. We have so many amazing technologies for pain relief, if you are suffering, why? Call us today to see how we can assist you in reducing or eliminating your pain, improving your function and getting you back to optimal health! When you are ready to change, we’ll be here. How about calling NOW to get a consultation to see what we can do to help! 970-686-9117

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