Stop Text Neck before it’s too late!

Let’s say it’s a picture that dropped your jaw with wonder. It’s the best picture you’re seen of your daughter’s 4th grade Birthday party. Or that perfectly timed catch your teenage son made on the football field. Or you’re received the best text of your life and have to respond with every emoticon that fully describes how outstanding it was! Or the perfect blogpost that you want to finish before the end of the shift. Or you’ve spent way too much time on Facebook or playing your teenage son’s PlayStation all weekend long.

Face it, we are all spending more and more time on machines that are making our world closer to each other with technology, more beautiful (sometimes) and so interesting and fascinating that we now have access to information that no generation before us has had. Faster and faster every day.

Posture Is Important

But how often do you stop and look at yourself while you’re using the device in your hand, or how you look when you are slumping over your computer all day? When was the last time you saw a picture of you posture while you are slouching on the couch watching a marathon of Netflix movies? Unfortunately, our abnormal posture for hours on end has serious consequences and those consequences include neck pain and “text Neck. This is the consequence of having our head tilted down and bent and shifted forward while we shift our ribs backwards and make our shoulder round instead of upright like they should be. This posture eventually overwhelms the muscles, tendons ligaments, bone and nerves and the result is neck and head pain and upper back and arm and had pain as well as the sharp burning pains that feel like hot knives in between our shoulders that can lead to severe pain, disability and needless suffering with illness and poor health.

If you are suffering, you really must ask yourself these questions,

  1. What am doing to cause this pain?
  2. When is my posture poor?
  3. What can I do with my job positions and computers, devices and other technology that will reduce the total time in abnormal postures?
  4. Who can help?

The answers are,

1) Your Pain Is Caused By Nerves

Your pain is caused by nerves that are recognizing abnormal loads damaging stresses and firing sensations to your brain that you perceive as pain. Your body is trying to communicate with your brain to tell you that your positions are causing stresses and strains and this is leading to tissue damage. Stop the ongoing tissue damage and the pain will lessen if you haven’t had it too long. If you catch this pain and abnormal tissue soon enough, the pain often goes away completely. If you wait too long it can become permanent and chronic!

2) Your Posture Might Be Distorted

Your posture is poor anytime you are shifted or twisted or bent or stretched in a position away from normal for a prolonged period of time. If the posture is very distorted, it can only be a few seconds before your body will tell you to stop, but if it’s an insidious posture like text neck, it can cause slow damage over time leading to permanent abnormal posture. When your posture is normal, your head sits over your torso, your torso is over your pelvis and right above the mid-point in between your feet. From the side, normal posture is the ear lined up with the shoulder, the shoulder in line with the hips and the hips over the ankles.

Your posture is likely poor when you sit in front of a laptop, when you use a tablet or large phone for videos, texts threads, and surfing and its likely you don’t realize how much time you are spending like in abnormal postures. It’s likely you have poor posture if you ride a motorcycle, drive a truck for extended periods or work in many of the trades and industrial fields. Factory workers are at risk of posture-caused pain and suffering as are nurses, surgeons, therapists and veterinarians. Poor posture lurks on the trains we ride in the planes we fly in and those not-so-luxurious beds that we find in our hotels across the country. Poor posture is epidemic and the consequences are with neck pain and low back pain being some of the biggest reasons for disability in the world!

3) Be Aware Of Your Posture & Position

You can reduce the time in abnormal postures by first being aware of you position as frequently as possible. Doing a “posture check” to see how your body is positioned can begin to condition you to make good posture a habit. If you begin to work on your posture when you cook, brush your teeth, sit in the car on the way to work, and how you sit at the office, stand at your station, or whatever you may do, your awareness of better posture habits will begin to “work” on improving your posture, but you will need to be dedicated and check in frequently.

Unfortunately, most people who try to change their posture find that they are “stuck” in the abnormal posture and sitting up straight causes more pain, causes muscles to fatigue and acts as a negative reinforcement against improving posture. This vicious cycle will eventually lead to pain in both good postures and bad and can become permanent pain with suffering and disability as the end result.

4) We Can Help!

The doctors at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor are truly experts in the field of postural and structural rehabilitation. Using CBP™ Structural Rehabilitation, CBP™ Chiropractic, Power Plate® Physical Therapy, GNAT total body rehab, weight loss, ergonomic and postural education and so much more, the doctors at Benchmark can show you where you posture needs to improve and we have the tools, expertise and technology to lessen your pain, make you stronger and show you the ways that you can change your posture.

We have specific Mirror Image® traction and gentle exercises than can restore normal structure and function to damaged spine, improve pain and range of motion and assist in stabilizing abnormal spines to allow more exercise, better posture and better overall health and quality of life. Our research is 2nd to none, and out application of the art of Spinal rehabilitation has benefitted more than 7500 patients in the northern Colorado area.

Come see what we can do to change your posture and your life! Stop text neck before it stops you. Ask us how 970-686-9117

Mind over Pain- Pain Relief Through Your Thoughts!

johnswordsPain is no fun.  Injury, disease, degeneration, all can lead to a pain.  Pain can make us less functional, make us less likely to be active and even prevent us from any enjoyment of life whatsoever. Fortunately, we have many physical solutions for pain that can lessen the severity and improve structure and function.

However, we also must address the mental component of pain.  The brain is the most powerful organ in the body, capable of truly amazing feats and is the central controlling organ for the function of all of the other organs.  It has been known for many decades that people can control their perception of pain with mental strength alone.  There are documented events performed by Fakirs in India where they are able to overcome, or not be affected by, what would normally be incredible painful stimuli.  Martial artists will break boards, ice, and perform unbelievable feats with little or no painful perception whatsoever.  Marathon runners and endurance athletes will run for miles and miles with no perception of pain.

This type of “mind over matter” ability is usually not something that we are born with, but something that must be learned.  Once we learn that we have the ability to control our pain perception with our mind, that ability must be honed and perfected if we wish to perform feats that would typically cause debilitating pain. That is, if you want to perform amazing feats.

Most people will not run marathons or break boards with their hands.  Most people who are suffering just want to get rid of their back pain, neck pain or headaches. However, the brains of most people are no different than the brains of the martial artist or endurance runner; they just have not perfected the ability to block pain with their mind and thoughts only!

In the frontal lobe of your brain, you possess specialized cells that allow you to pre-plan, create new ideas, and anticipate the future.  This frontal lobe is where your focus and attention will need to go if you are reducing pain with your mind.  A mantra or repetitive thought, a trigger to make you think of something else, or an image that calms and relaxes you will enable you to overcome your pain in the moment.  Movement, a great state of mind and knowledge that what you are feeling will only be temporary can enable you to lessen the physical sensation of pain.

Many people who are injured severely report that thinking of the people that they love , family, friends and thinking about those that they deeply care about is enough to lessen the sensation of pain and persevere through the pain.  Distraction activities, putting the mind on tasks and the future, as well as moving your mental awareness to another part of the body can all lessen a painful area. Focusing on those that are less fortunate and understanding that there is always someone suffering more than you are all tools and techniques that can lessen the perception of pain.

Ultimately, learning mental coping skills and practicing those skills over and over is a critical component to feeling less pain and suffering.  If you are interested in learning more about the types of pain relief tools we provide and some of the amazing pain therapies that are available at Benchmark Medical Group give us a call!  We can help!

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Is SUGAR causing your knee pain?!?

Many people with pain rarely understand the concept that the foods they consume and the nutritional choices they make play a very significant role in the creation of pain in the body.  People often get discouraged when I have to inform them that the single most important step they can take in reducing pain is reevaluating and changing their eating habits.  Fortunately, there is real scientific evidence to support the fact that sugar bound to red blood cells is important not only in the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, but also in inflammation; and this process is reversible with the right lifestyle choices!

The process where the body attaches sugar to tissues is called Glycation.  This Glycation is important for cells to carry glucose for energy into cells so the cells can do their jobs and work.  However, with the typical diet, there is an overload of sugar and carbohydrates and this Glycation becomes excessive.  Normally, when the blood sugar increases, the pancreas produces insulin and as long as the cells are still sensitive to this insulin, the sugar is broken down.  However, with over consumption of sugar, the sensitivity to insulin decreases and the blood sugar is allowed to remain higher than it should.  As this free-circulating sugar is travelling with the blood cells, the cells attract the sugar like a magnet and the level of glycosylated hemoglobin increases.  Eventually this increase leads to type two diabetes with its consequences of increased thirst, poor wound healing, confusion, dementia and eventual death.

The secondary consequence of too much Glycation or sugar attached to tissues is that this process produces inflammation in the body! Inflammation is normally found Knee_1in the presence of injury, trauma and infection, but in this case the body is inflamed without an outlet, like a virus or bacteria to kill.  This unregulated inflammation will eventually find its way to all tissues of the body and previously injured tissues will remain painful long after they should have healed, tissues that are loaded by excess body fat will compress sensitive pain nerve ending and produce pain and the pain and inflammation cycle will spiral until multiple muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are affected and the pain becomes more widespread.

I know that it is not the easiest concept to understand that the sugar and carbohydrates in our breads, pasta, rice, fruits and veggies, and processed foods are the underlying cause of your pain, but the scientific understanding of pain verifies this extensively. We further see evidence of this in our clinical evaluation of patients in pain who remove the majority of the carbohydrates from their diet and see great reductions in knee pain, back pain, neck pain headaches and more simply by changing what they eat.

If you would like to know where your pain is coming from and the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate pain from your life, what are you waiting for?  We have a team of physicians and therapists at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, Colorado that will work with you to understand your particular health conditions and move you
toward better overall health and wellness.  Why suffer any longer?  Call us today!

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Clear your head and Cut the Pain! Natural Pain Relief!


There are many common health problems that can seriously interfere with your quality of life and get in the way of quality relationships, your work, your kids and the amount of time you are able to devote to activities that truly fulfill you.  Two of the biggest problem health conditions are pain and inflammation and memory loss.

Pain and inflammation can be caused by a previous trauma, poor posture, lack of exercise and poor food choices.  Once the pain begins to interfere with your ability or desire to move and be active the downward spiral can lead to muscle deconditioning, worsening of pain and disability.

Memory loss and even forgetfulness can lead to embarrassment in certain situations, but if it progresses, it can be the scary beginnings of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Memory should remain intact throughout life and if you feel that you are not as sharp as you used to be, the time to act is NOW!  Don’t wait until you are struggling, the right choices now can get your mind and memory back to where it needs to be.

Chronic pain is so common that many people believe that it is a normal part of life.  This is not true!  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  If you have the obvious signs of trauma like bruising and swelling, these external signs will motivate you to act.

However, if your pain is deep and chronic, you may be wondering not only where is it coming from, but also, what can you do to stop the cycle?  The most commonly misunderstood treatment for both chronic pain and memory loss is a change in dietary habits!

You are what you consume, absorb, and what your body is able to eliminate.  If you are eating wheat products, refined carbohydrates and sugars, trans-fats and refined oils, you are essentially putting gasoline on the inflammatory fires that are causing your to suffer!  If you actively look at all of your food choices you make, you may begin to see patterns of foods that increase your pain and suffering.

If you simply reduce the amount of carbohydrates, refined oils and trans-fats and cut down on the consumption of dairy, wheat and gluten, increase water, exercise and super-nutrients, you will see your body begin to change quickly.  Fat loss, reduction in pain and a clearer head will be the result.

Improving nutrients like high-DHA content fish oils, B-Vitamins and coconut oils and butter can all assist your body in feeling and function better.

If you have inflammation in your digestive track and you are unable to absorb nutrients, you may want to consider IV nutritional therapies to get the nutrients directlyMedical staff adjusting IV into the cells to help your body recover and heal.

Overall, re-assessment of what you eat, how you move and what your nutrient profile is will help your body feel refreshed, give you pain relief and get you clearer.  If you are looking to correct your postural misalignments, recover from new or old trauma, and get your strength and flexibility back, we have services and providers that can have you feeling and looking better in no time!  Why suffer another day?  Call us now to schedule a complimentary consultation to see how our services can benefit you!

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Will you continue to damage your body this year? Or is it time to HEAL?

energizedontheplateSo here it is, a New Year!  What are you going to do to make the story of your life better?  What are your goals and dreams?  What are the limiting beliefs and physical limitations preventing you from becoming the best you can be in 2014?

Remember, you are constantly regenerating as long as you are alive and taking in fuel!  The passing of the old year and the dawning New Year with its hope of renewing your life is taking place every day inside your body!  Did you know that every day you have new cells lining your organs? Did you know your muscles, ligaments, tendons, 549780_10151483414195154_837617108_ndiscs and bones are constantly rebuilding and breaking down?  If you want to change your body and change your health state and change your life, what are you waiting for?  Your body is a magnificent work of art that is meant to be healthy inside and out! If you feed yourself the right nutrients, the right exercise, and have the mindset that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, you WILL!


In this time of thinking about renewal and rebirth, don’t limit yourself! You are not your story of the past, you are not other people’s ideas about you, and you are capable of achieving great things if you have the right beliefs, coaches, and technology to get you there! isn’t it time to HEAL?    Don’t delay, call us today or see our daily specials!  We can help you get there!

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The Gift of Pain

Pain Relief Windsor, Colorado

Pain is a gift.  I know this may be hard to fathom if you are suffering right now, but your pain can be your greatest gift, and relief of pain is not always what people expect.  Pain often is the result of tissue damage and this tissue damage irritates pain nerve endings that send signals to the brain to let you know that something is wrong.  Once this pain becomes great enough to cross the threshold into a sensory experience, the sufferer is less likely to continue the activity that is causing the pain.

Pain is a gift because it can keep us from hurting ourselves further, it can prepare us for the future and it can make us look inward to assess the state of our body.  If you are having pain that prevents you from doing your normal activities of daily living, prevents you from moving, turning your head, bending to lift your kids or keeps you from being intimate with your partner, you must find the reason for this pain or it will systematically destroy your life.  This pain will insidiously reach into every aspect of your life until you are not the person you were meant to be because of the pain. Relationships will suffer and you will not reach your potential!

The most incredible aspect of the gift of pain is the motivation that it can create.  Motivation to want to life pain-free the motivation to really want to excel and achieve the goals, dreams and desires you know you can accomplish.  If you are suffering, don’t let that suffering overwhelm your life, but more importantly don’t ignore the gift of pain!  Finding a cause and effective therapeutic intervention can get you back to doing everything you’ve ever dreamed!

At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we focus on where your pain is coming from.  You may be suffering from neck pain or headaches, knee pain, low back pain, or numbness and tingling with pins and needles in your arms or legs.  You may be tired of going to a physical therapist only to be given exercises that don’t work or seeing a chiropractor and getting racked and cracked over and over and over with no spinal correction.  If you are suffering, we may have a solution that will give you the freedom you deserve! Plus, we have technologies that are not available elsewhere in Northern Colorado!

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or are interested in spinal correction, joint regeneration,  improved physical fitness, weight loss or lifestyle management, Don’t delay!  Let the gift of pain motivate you to get better, and ask us about our special services for pain relief!!



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Are Pins and Needles Driving You Nuts?

MR C_Spine
Pins and Needles Windsor, Co 

Pins and Needles, numbness and tingling, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, complicated radiculopathy, call it what you will but whatever you call it, it’s no fun!  Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, or legs and feet can rob you of your quality life in ways that other symptoms and pain will never do.  Patients often reports that they feel that they have a “balled-up” sock sensation under their feet, that they feel they  are walking on rocks all the time or are constantly dropping items or unable to pick things up because of the debilitating symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy can have several causes including complication of chemotherapy, diabetes, nerve injury due to trauma, infection or tumor and others.  The symptoms can vary from mild to very severe burning pain, with loss or altered sensation in both hands and feet.  The symptoms can arise many weeks or months after a car crash, can come from nerve injury during surgery and can also be a complication of weight gain.

Loss of sensation in the hands robs you of your main tool to experience the world through touch.  Imagine not being able to feel your child’s hand in your, not be able to feel the touch of your spouse or lover or not knowing that you have been injured because of the nerve damage.  Many diabetic patients must have limbs amputated due to complication of cuts and infections that they are unable to feel because of the peripheral neuropathy. Many patients that experience the pain of sciatica and radiculopathy have complications that lead to numbness and tingling in the feet, side of the leg or toes.

Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado we may have solution to your suffering!  We have many therapies that help relieve nerve pressure such as traction of the specific are where the nerve is compressed, increased circulation with the amazing Power Plate® and even medical anesthetic injections that can re-awaken nerves that have been chronically damaged. We have an amazing weight loss program that can get you back to normal weight quickly and teach you how to keep the weight off for life!  We have combination therapies that can get the sensation back into your arms, hands, legs, feet and toes!  If you or someone you know is suffering with these debilitating symptoms, call us today to get your sensation and your life back!


Delivering the most value possible!

Serious Pain Relief and so much more!

Healthcare is changing.  This change is leading many physicians to stop practicing and many small private practices are becoming a part of larger, conglomerated medical entities.  Unfortunately, this change is leading more and more patients who report that they get less and less time with their doctors, and that they are not being listened to, and not given the time to ask questions before a hasty diagnosis is made and a drug is prescribed.  At Benchmark Medical Group, we want you in Northern Colorado to know that we will not treat you like this! We provide the most amazing and effective pain relief and so much more! If you are looking for pain relief Windsor, look no further! We strive to make sure that the care that is received is custom, personal healthcare and we take the time to listen and deliver AMAZING RESULTS.  Our Nurse Practitioner, Age Management physician, chiropractors, physical therapists, Laser technicians, dietician, massage therapists and other providers will take the time to find out what your desired results for improving your heath are; and we will work together to find a solution for you!  Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce neck pain, back pain or headaches, looking to add muscle mass or rehabilitate a sports injury, lose cellulite, rebuild osteoporotic bones, or simply looking to get control of your health again, we will work with you to find a solution that impacts your life!

If you want to get your health under control and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired because of back pain, or the 50 pounds you’ve put on over the last few years, or the loss of libido that is crushing your marriage, we have providers that will work with you to show you how to achieve your goals. We at Benchmark Medical Group use the most advanced tools to determine if you are a candidate for our varied therapies and then sit down with you to throughly discuss exactly what it is you are looking to get out of committing to a health improving regimen.  We will discuss why you are suffering, talk about the choices you can make to prevent pain and suffering and give you valid, reliable ways to treat the health condition(s) you may wish to improve or overcome. A life full of suffering is not fulfilling!  If you want to start feeling what it’s like being pain free with great health, fitness, and a realistic ACTION PLAN for peak future health; then give us a call!  We have several special opportunities that can get you back to being the real you again!  If you are looking for value, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group located in central Windsor, CO. Call and ask about our new and cutting-edge Osteoporosis therapies, and our fitness and Body Sculpting specials. (LIMITED TIME OFFER!!)

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Inflammation and Fat

Inflammation and Fat

Achy backs, knees, and hips.  Stiff necks and headaches, painful finger joints, and that burning between the shoulders. The underlying common theme of these painful conditions is inflammation.  When our bodies are not functioning well or if they are causing us to suffer from pain, the inflammation must be stopped.

Everyone understands that when we are injured, inflammation will result.  It’s not hard to see the obvious signs of inflammation following an ankle sprain or a twisted knee.  Pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function are all painfully obvious following a trauma. However, the inflammation may be less obvious when the pain originates insidiously, or doesn’t follow the “cardinal” rules of inflammation.

Inflammatory chemicals are produced when there is damage to tissue (trauma) or when there is the potential for tissue damage (stress, fear, poor posture etc.) These chemicals irritate pain nerve ending can cause the tissues to become uncomfortable, stiff, achy and painful.   This is where most people will seek to find the cause of the pain, and the smart ones will do what they can to make it stop. Pain and inflammation are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, many people neglect one of the fundamental places where inflammation is stored; fat. As we are suffering, it is easy to reach for the ice, heat, get a massage, or take a pill.  These may give us temporary relief, but they will not address the fundamental inflammation that is being produced by the tissues and stored in the fat cells.  Because fat is storing inflammation chemicals, it is easy to state that your fat is storing your pain!  Then the real way to address this problem is in the removal of excess fat!

Our medical weight loss programs target fat only.  As we apply the first two phases of the program, our intended goal is to lose 3-7 pounds of fat per week.  This will not only make it easier to fit into those old jeans, it can also substantially reduce the inflammation that is stored inside the fat cells. As we get smaller, the load on our tissues and joints will be less, our flexibility will improve, our ability to exercise will be enhanced and the underlying cause of the pain and loss of function is addressed.

We have had dozens of patients try multiple ways to alleviate pain from ice to surgical procedures, only to find that the pain didn’t go away until the fat was lost.  If you are suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain, or other stiff and painful joints, don’t you think it’s time to stop suffering? We have programs that can make losing the fat quick and easy and we are working tirelessly to improve the speed at which our patients lose fat.  The  program, coupled with Powerplate® physical therapy and fitness have given our patients the tools to get toned, fit and learn how to shed the bonds of pain and inflammation that can slow us down and zap our will. Couple this with our CBP® Structural Rehabilitation and we will have you straighter, stronger, slimmer, and healthier than ever!

If you someone you know is suffering from inflammation, pain, or if you want to find out if the excess weight you are carrying is causing or contributing to your pain and disability, don’t delay! Call us today to see if you are a candidate for our amazing health-restoring techniques!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Teeth and Spines

Since it’s Halloween and there’ll plenty of new cavities popping up in the next few days from all the candy that’s being eaten, I figured it would be a good time to compare the importance of our dental health and our spinal health.

Our dental health is incredibly important.  Rotten teeth are obvious, they are visible to the dentist and to the hygienist and if they get big enough and bad enough they can become very painful and lead to extensive fillings, root canal, and even extraction. Bad oral hygiene leads not only to bad breath, gum disease and a rotten smile, it can also lead to the proliferation of certain bacteria that can cause heart disease and endocarditis!  Your oral hygiene is an incredibly important part of your daily routine, so brush, floss and see your dentist regularly!

In contrast, people don’t often see the importance of spinal health, even though the consequences of having poor spinal hygiene can be much more serious than a filling or a lost tooth! The spine, just like the teeth needs to be maintained in order to have a healthy backbone for life.  Exercise, good postural habits, quick response to injuries, and great nutrition all play a part in keeping the spine healthy.  However, many people do not even know there is a problem in their spine because they may not be suffering from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, or radiating numbness and tingling.

Your spine, unlike your teeth, is not nearly as accessible, and for good reason.  The spine and skull are well protected because they house the nervous system and spinal cord and these structures are vital for our life.  Anyone who knows someone who has had a spinal cord injury like a bruised cord, disc herniation compressing the cord, or spinal fracture knows the consequences of even a small injury to the nervous system can be devastating.  Pain, spasm, paralysis and atrophy can all occur from injuries to the spinal cord, this is why it is completely encased in bone, ligaments and surrounded by muscles.

This protection is great if there is no trauma or abnormal posture, however, trauma and poor posture can affect the integrity of the spine and delicate nervous system inside and can lead to many problems, similar to, but much more serious to your overall health.  Like rotten teeth, a rotting and degenerative spine can make life miserable.  The nerves in the area of degeneration have to feed strength and information to target tissues like muscles, tendons and organs and the degeneration of the spine can cause these nerves to lessen the amount of information that travels to the target tissues, leading to poor function and possibly disease of the tissue.

Just like everyone know that eating all that candy in the Halloween basket will lead to cavities, poor sitting habits, poor nutrition, and improper mechanics leading to injury can all have very serious consequences on the spine. Fortunately we can help many spinal conditions and have ways to reverse postural and spinal decay.

If you or someone you know is interested in preventing spinal problems before they start, or if you are interested in finding out how much damage may have already been done to your spine. Call us!  And if you’d like to know if the conditions you have may be reversible, please contact us!  We have state-of-the-art digital radiography that can help us visualize the areas that may be degenerating and let you know if we may have a solution to reversing the problems! Once we see what is causing the problem, we can often work up a game plan to get you feeling better and get your spine functioning like it should. Don’t delay, call us today! And have a happy and safe Halloween!

Dr. Jason W. Haas