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Weight loss is not just for those that want to fit into their skinny jeans! Losing belly fat is not just important to those folks that have a 20-year reunion coming up and need to shed a few pounds.

Windsor Weight Loss

Weight loss could potentially add years to your life and provide a quality to those years that no other act of self-improvement can do. Losing weight doesn’t just improve your self-esteem; weight loss can save your life! Carrying extra body fat is a major contributing factor to the biggest killers; heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are all complicated and in some cases caused by extra weight!

Finding a program that is effective at getting the weight off is not difficult, there are many diets and programs that are available, whether online, through the mail or with a trainer, the program you choose should be effective, it should lead to quick fat loss and most importantly, it should be simple enough to stick to the program to get to your goal. However, nearly all of the TV and corporate programs have a dirty secret, most of the dieters that lose the weight put it all back on within two years! This is why the weight loss and nutrition programs at Benchmark Medical in Windsor are completely different from others. We have a custom approach that you will not find in other facilities where everyone is relegated to the same program! We treat each patient as a unique individual and really listen to what your goals and needs are that will change your life.

Our program is a custom designed approach that is made for only you! We have a team of physicians and coaches and trainers that can give you the tools necessary to not only lose the weight quickly, but to keep it off and we have the technology to get your body more toned, fit and fabulous in the process. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 120, we have a program that is right for you! Most of our men patients lose between 3 and 7 pounds per week and most of our females lose 2-6 pounds of body fat per week. Just think, if you get started today, you could have the best body of your life before summer!

Reducing your waistline can give you amazing amounts of energy, it can reduce snoring and sleep apnea, we can unload your joints leading to better mobility and less pain and once you have learned the lifestyle approach to nutrition, you’ll see how easy it is to not only keep the weight off, but how you can use the body fat loss as a spring-board to better overall health and fitness. What are you waiting for? Our programs could change your life and patients report seeing and feeling results in as little as one week!

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to look great naked! You deserve to have a life that is not hindered by muffin tops and belly fat and high risk of premature death! If you have tried other programs only to find that the weight loss is slow, or that the restrictions are too much to sustain, we have a solution for you! Call us today to see how our program can give you the total body transformation that you are looking for and change your life! Call 970-686-9117 for details!

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Track Your MyZone® for the Ultimate Results in Transforming Your Body!

Benchmark medical is always cutting edge when it comes to technology and we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with MyZone® technology to help you achieve all of your health goals and dreams! This revolutionary technology allows the physicians and trainers to measure your physical activity at all times and especially when you are in our facility!

Windsor CO weight loss fitness health care

This innovation will enable you and our team of doctors to monitor how effective your metabolism is and we can guide you in the direction necessary to make the most out of burning fat, increasing muscle mass, losing belly fat and increasing biceps! We can get you the sculpted and toned body you have always wanted and we have the technology and experience to help you all day and night with this amazing MyZone® technology!

If you are sick and tired of feeling sluggish, or if you feel like you’re kicking butt at the gym with no results, let us help you find the way to the ultimate body and health! We have helped thousands of people in Northern Colorado lose weight, gain strength and flexibility and we have the treatments and technology to get you to that feeling of health in every moment! By knowing how you are doing in the office and outside, we can give you the necessary guidance that it takes to really get the feeling of health that you can see in the mirror!

Are you getting the most out of the time you spend exercising? How do you really know that the work that you’re doing in your Box or gym or studio is actually getting you the results you want? The fact is, without measurement, any guess would be just that, speculation! You have to measure to be able to come to a real conclusion about what you do throughout your day that is either helping or hurting you in your journey toward feeling fantastic and looking great. Now we can measure it for you! And once we have the measurements and data, we can help you come to the necessary conclusions about how your day is really impacting how you feel and how you look. This technology also has many fantastic features such as internal competition between teams of people that want to get healthy together, so tell your friends that it’s health challenge time! Let us help you get to where you want to go!

We have the team with the skills necessary to completely transform you. If you are ready to get that body you want before summer, what better time than today to get on it! We’ll show you the way- all you have to do is call!

Call today to see how this amazing technology can further your Benchmark Medical Group experience! We strive to provide only the best for the best community anywhere! We look forward to sculpting you into the best shape of your life! Don’t delay! Space is limited! 970-686-9117

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How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds | Windsor Weight Loss

Windsor CO Weight Loss SuccessMany, many women and men patients over the past eleven years have told me that if they could change one thing about their body, it would be to lose “those last 10 pounds.” It has been said to me so many thousands of times I estimate it in the 1000’s! That phrase seems like it’s been rammed into the brain of so many people! Truth be told, many people do not need to lose “those last 10 pounds.” In fact, most people have to lose much to get even close to normal values!

Most people have no real idea what their body weight should be, what their body fat percentage should be, and most people have no idea how they gain fat and how one systematically loses fat. Most Americans are now overweight and in Colorado, we have exceeded the 20% mark for obesity. The consequences for the obesity and excess weight are dire, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer, injuries, depression and chronic pain all are caused or complicated by being obese or overweight. Normal body fat percentage for women is 18-28%, and normal for men is 10-20%. Do you know yours?

What most people don’t know is that once the details of body composition, blood and hormone analysis are made, and once a nutrition and exercise profile and plan are created and followed, “those last ten pounds” melt off and so much more. Getting lighter means more energy, better balance, better sex life and even a better financial outlook!

The fact is, is that health comes from getting as close to normal as possible, in as many different parameters as possible. If your doctor, health care provider, chiropractor, nurse or nutritionist are not measuring all of your necessary normal values, you are missing out on a very important component of not only weight loss, but also pain relief, muscle and strength gains, better sleep, and a better mental outlook with less depression and anxiety. You need data!

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have many ways to acquire data! Our initial screening process includes measuring your posture and comparing the values to normal and normal ranges. We have the ability to measure your overall bodily strength and compare to averages for your age. We can measure individual joint flexibility and strength, and we have an amazing software that allowed us to measure every angle in your spinal joints and compare each level to normal! Most orthopedic surgeons don’t have the spinal measurement capabilities we have! Almost every patient states, “I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation!”

We have the ability to test broad spectrums of hormones with both saliva, urine and blood analysis. We can look at nutrients, foods and environmental allergens that may be keeping you sick and causing you pain and suffering or poor digestion. We can look at your genetic profile to give you clues to your ideal protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratios as well as your recommended level of exercise intensity from a genetic perspective. We can measure your health status and give you comparisons to normal pain levels, normal health outlook, normal social function, mental health, and energy all matched to your peers. We have so many numerous ways to measure different parameters of your health, and the information and data received give you so many measurable and valuable results!

However, we don’t stop there! Not only do we have methods to measure you and compare you to multiple normal values and ranges, we have effective, repeatable, reliable methods to reverse these abnormal measurements! We have the equipment, knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through a program to improve your quality of life, your physical capabilities and your body! We can get “those last ten pounds” off and so much more! When you’re ready to see how healthy you really can be, we’ll be here! When you want to find out what optimal health is and how to get there, we’ll be here. Call us today! 970-686-9117

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Do You Have a Perfect Body Hiding Inside? | Windsor Colorado

Windsor Colorado Weight Loss and FitnessAlmost everyone wants to feel better. Many, many people want to look better. Almost everyone wants to lose “those last 10 pounds” and everyone want a perfect body. Is that even possible? Can a person really do what those pre and post pictures show? Can someone really lose 40, 50, 120 or more pounds? Do people really turn their life from fat to fit? The sad answer often is no.

Most people in this country never make it to their fitness goal. Most Americans find themselves wishing, hoping and praying for better health every January, only to be slapped by the realization that, come March, they are putting on more weight, and they find themselves getting more and more unhealthy every day. Most people who set a resolution to lose weight don’t get there and the stats are very scary showing us getting bigger and bigger every year.

Why? There are many reasons, of course. Lifestyle, mood, medications, access to equipment, financial excuses, illness, injury and on and on and on. People are not stupid. People know why they are getting bigger and sicker, the problem is they can’t seem to change the habits necessary to change their lifestyle to see real impact.

Change is seen as “hard” change is “uncomfortable”, but as painful and difficult as it may be, change is necessary to get to where you want to be. However, change is nearly never accomplished, and most people can’t change unless they have one element: a coach.

Everyone needs a coach in certain situations. Do you want to learn how to play piano? Easy, take lessons. Want to learn a new language? Get the CD “coach” and it’s a breeze. However, when people want to change their health they often fail to get the right coach, or no coach at all!

At Benchmark Medical in Windsor, we have many, many coaches. We have coaches that are there when you need a cheerleader pep-talk to keep you on track, and we have coaches that will honestly give you consequences and tell you what will happen if you don’t follow-through, and coaches who are there to celebrate when you make your goal. The difference in our coaches and the others out there simply comes down to experience and results.

Unfortunately, there are many theories on weight loss and muscle gain, there are many theories on how to improve strength, flexibility and improve quality of life. Many find these programs can lead to slow results, more pain and failed goals. Those programs do not look at every person as a unique individual and tailor a program just for you, you find yourself lacking explanation for why you are doing what they are asking, not understanding the action plan necessary to produce results, and finally you quit or leave because they were not addressing you needs. Sound Familiar?

Now this has become the state of affairs with American Healthcare! The most expensive healthcare in the world! Why? Hospital administration and Insurance had dictated that more “work” gets done with less time, fewer resources and fewer “real” people. Humans are being deleted from the experience of healthcare for humans!

At our private facility centrally located between Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we see things differently. The doctors at Benchmark strive to take the time to understand all of your healthcare problems, we work together as a team to give the best, most evidence-based treatment programs and we work tirelessly with you to get to your goal. We have the experience, expertise, personnel and technology to get you to your goals, celebrate together, and then do the hard work of getting you to keeping your new body for as long as possible. We coach for sustainability!

If you are ready to completely change your life and find out what you are made of, we’re ready. If you want to see what kind of beautiful, fit & sexy person is inside of you, we can help. If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can HELP! If you are tired of watching your husband complain about his low back pain or you wife complaining about her constant headaches, call us, we can show you ways to strengthen your marriage, improve all of your relationships, and get you to the life-long goals you always dreamed about. Whether you just want to get out of pain or you want perfectly toned arms, ripped abs and shredded legs, what are you waiting for, call us! 970-686-9117

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If You're Sick, Everyone Suffers!

Health is not just about how we feel, health is a cornerstone to every aspect of our lives.  When we are well, it is easy to be creative, easy to give time to future planning, and easy to work on strengthening our relationships.  When  we feel strong, it’s easy to take care of the kids all day and still be there for our spouse at night, it’s easy to go out of our way to help a neighbor or friend in need and there is little to no effort in volunteering and being of service to our fellow humans.

However, when we are sick the effort to see beyond our own space becomes more and more difficult.  It is a monumental effort to make a healthy meal, spend time playing with the kids, or be there to give love and affection to our wives or husbands.  Illness and poor health affect every aspect of our lives and can squash our hopes, dreams and goals.  If you can’t move around without pain or disability, or lingering chronic illness is taking over your life and crushing your relationships, when are you going to take control?

People often say, “Bad things happen to good people.”  While this may be true sometimes, it is much more often the case that the cumulative choices in behavior, thoughts, and actions are the reason we are suffering with poor health. If you choose to eat sugary, fatty foods, choose not to exercise, choose to have defeating thoughts of self-destruction, then eventually these choices will catch up to you and your life enrichment and enjoyment will suffer as a result.

Sickness does not have to be an all-consuming part of your life!  If you are ready to embark on a journey of fulfillment, joy, love and happiness, we can help!  We provide solutions to people who are suffering with poor health, we provide a support structure and a team that will work with you to help you get control of your choices and back on the right track so you can become the person you want to be, so you can give love and happiness to your family and friends and so you can truly live life to the fullest!  When you are ready to see what you are capable of achieving, we will be there every step of the way to help!!  Why suffer anymore?  Find out how we can change your life today!!

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Break Free From Weakness- Reach your Health Goals!

depression pic

Humans are often most discouraged by their own weakness.  They see challenges, attempt to accept and complete those challenges, and then, when they fail or fall short, they punish themselves with thoughts of inadequacy, weakness and failure and often quit.  Unfortunately, on the road to better health and life improvement, failure is not an anomaly, but often the norm.

Failure in the pursuit should not be seen as weakness or inadequacy; it should be seen as an important part of the journey.  Failure to complete the goal or the task should drive you to work harder, work smarter and move relentlessly toward your goal.  Most often, however, failure to stick to a program or complete the desired goal leads the person to give up entirely and succumb to the failure.

When you succumb to failure and give up you original health goal, this will only lead to more feelings of inadequacy, and will create mental conflict that you’re not good enough, that you are inherently a failure, and that there is no possible way to succeed.

If you are working toward getting healthy, decreasing pain from trauma or deconditioning, or trying to lose weight to get your body fat and your body under control, you will fail. You will fail with moments of weakness, jealous people around you will sabotage you, and you will fail with thoughts of inadequacy.  This failure is important, necessary and if observed correctly will be your motivating springboard to get back on track, accomplish your goals and stick to the program!

The only way that you will succeed in achieving your goals is first knowing that the journey is not going to be fast or easy, and second, know that you have supporters around you that love you, care about your success and want to see you as healthy and happy as you deserve to be.  This can only happen with a team supporting you.  The vast majority of people who try to accomplish health and weight goals on their own will not get back on track after the first failure, they will see that they can’t possibly make it and just give up. However, when you are on the path toward health with your spouse, your friends or co-workers and have a team of supporters, you are
more likely to pick up the pieces after a brief failure and get back to the plan.

If you are ready to join a movement to Reshape Your Destiny in 2014, Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado has the physicians, dieticians, and therapists to ensure that you have a support structure to help you create reasonable goals, stick to them, and we’ll be there to pick you up and get you back on track if you momentarily fail.  Don’t let a brief failure discourage you!  You can have the body you desire, the health you deserve and you can reach your goals, you simply need a great team around you and once you see what we have to offer, you will know that you are in the right place and we are the right team to get you where you’re going. woohooWhat are you waiting for?  When will NOW be the right
time to start living the healthy, happy life you deserve?  Call us today to see the amazing specials we have to offer!!


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Small steps for BIG FITNESS CHANGES!!

benefitsofb12Small steps for Big Change! Weight loss, Fitness and great Health!

Many people have high hopes for weight loss, getting fit, healthy and skinny at the beginning of the year.  They will often go to extremes to achieve their goals.  However, the guilt of “falling off the wagon” or not making huge gains in strength, fitness or weight loss quickly can be so discouraging that most people give up on their goals by mid-February.

You do not have to suffer the same fate!  There are really some simple things that, if you make them a habit, they can make the journey toward better health simple.

1)      NO more processed, fast food or junk food.

The overconsumption of fat and sugar found in most fast food meals are a quick and effective way to sabotage your health goals.  Simply don’t buy them at the store and when you’re tempted to turn into the fast food drive-thru, just keep on going.  Make sure you always have healthy snacks with you to suppress the urges.

2)      Go through your refrigerator and pantry.  Most of us do not have the will power to not bad foods when there is no one around and the food is right in front of you.  Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of the sabotage foods in the fridge and pantry.  Replace them with wholesome, health-friendly foods and make the right choices out of necessity.

3)      MOVE. Quite simply, if you are sedentary, sit at a desk or behind the wheel all day, you metabolism will grind to a halt.  If you simply add some extra movement to your daily routine, you will find it gets easier and easier to make real exercise happen.  Walking for 30-45 minutes every daywill improve overall fitness, finding time to do a few jumping jack, sit-ups or push-ups every day can get you on the path to better habits for life. Less is more in many cases, if you really want to accelerate your fitness, find the time to exercise on our Power Plates® a 25 min workout can produce the same affects as an hour or more in a traditional gym setting.

4)      Fix your pain.  If you have pain that prevents you from exercising, or increases after exercise, you will need to find the cause of this pain and address it pro-actively.  To truly getK-Laser Sheet healthy, you are going to need to exercise and if you have physical pain that is stopping you, this will prevent you from ever reaching your goals.

5)      Get a coach.  Pain relief coach, strength and flexibility coach, weight loss and nutrition coach, if you have doubt that you can do this on your own, you’re probably right.  Finding the coach that can safely help you reach your goals will add accountability, and increase the likeliness that you succeed. When in doubt, get help!

These five simple changes can make huge impacts on your quality of life, your waist line and your overall health.  If you are interested in learning more about our amazing services offered, don’t miss one of our upcoming events and if you are ready to get fit, healthy, and happier than ever, give us a call!!!


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Your Posture Controls Your Heart!

Heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans. Every year there are countless lives cut short as a result of poor lifestyle choices that include a high fat/high sugar diet.  This deadly combination causes the body to produce insulin and insulin is used by the body to breakdown sugar.  However, insulin is also a fat-storage hormone that causes fats and triglycerides to be stored in places where we don’t want them, including the interior of the arteries.

If these arteries are clogged with cholesterol, triglycerides and fat, and the arteries supply vital tissues like the heart brain or kidneys, a small clot in that artery can lead to the affected tissues not getting enough oxygen and the tissue dies. If this occurs in the brain, it’s called a stroke, and in the heart it’s called a myocardial infarction. It only takes a few minutes of deprived tissue oxygen to cause the heart or brain to cease function entirely and death ensues.

Obviously this is one of the major reasons why we have incorporated medical weight loss in to our protocols of care at Benchmark Medical Group.  Medical weight loss controls carbohydrates and fats and enables the body to shed excess weight and fat from the exterior (belly and thighs) and from the interior (around organs and inside vessels.) We have seen tremendous changes in the blood chemistry panels of our patients as they loss the inches and fat and concurrently lose the excess cholesterol and triglycerides from their bodies.

However, something is still missing. If a person has a healthy weight and good blood panels, that should protect them from heart disease and stroke, right? Not always.  What is missing from the picture is the fundamental understanding that the heart and cardiovascular systems are controlled by the nervous system, which is housed in the spinal column!  If there is degeneration at the level of the spinal cord where the nerves feed strength, energy, and information to the heart and vessels, the information will not be able to transmit efficiently from the nervous system to the target tissue.  This can lead to an otherwise healthy person suffering from ill effects of abnormal posture.

Never forget that the nervous system controls every cell and tissue in the body, and understand that your posture controls your nervous system.  If you have too much curve in your mid-back, this can be a major complication for your organs and lead to a an increased risk of premature death!  Your posture is a crucial component of better health and wellbeing and must be address as a part of a wellness program.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to accurately measure your spine and posture using our digital equipment and we have the tools necessary to correct spinal and postural abnormalities that may be complicating bodily pain, as well and decreasing your overall health.  If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for the postural rehabilitation methods we employ, or if you have been told you need to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, contact us today to see if we can get you on the road to better health!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Posture and Digestive Improvements

I have said again and again that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body. This fundamental fact cannot be stated enough.  The effects of poor posture placing stress and strain on the nervous system can be very far reaching. Poor posture weakens our overall structure, leading to weakening of the nerves that supply vital information to our organs and this reduction in good nerve health can result in overall poor organ health.

Do you suffer from digestive problems? Have you found foods that “don’t agree with you?” Do you find yourself using laxatives and other digestion enhancers because your bowels do not function the way they should? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the problem may not just be in your gut but also in your spine!

Abnormal posture can reduce the amount of information and signal strength that is sent to the organs that are necessary for digestion. We know that weakness of the muscles that attach the ribs to the pelvis can interfere with good digestion. These muscles are also affected by poor posture.  Poor posture can cause weakness of the abdominal musculature and these muscles are also involved in good digestive function.  Everything is connected and everything is controlled by the nervous system that is housed within the spinal column.  If there are postural abnormalities in the areas that are trying to send information to the digestive organs, they may not function as expected.

The problem arises when these postural distortions are present without pain. Many people realize that pain in an indication that there is something wrong and needs to be addressed. However, many postural distortions that are present don’t necessarily have to cause pain.  This is why it is so important to have a thorough postural and structural evaluation.  Preventing the problem before it arises is key to keeping your digestive and overall health optimal.

If you are suffering from health conditions that are preventing normal weight loss, normal digestive function, or if you are suffering from a condition that does not appear to have a cause, maybe we can help!  Please don’t delay, contact us today to see if you are a candidate for our postural and structural rehabilitation protocols.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Give ‘till it hurts!

There is no better sense of achievement than to see the fruits of your labor. When we work hard and devote our time to a task or project, and the project comes to fruition, the feeling is nearly indescribable. The penultimate feeling is when your life is dedicated to giving.

While I was in school, there was a large painted sign on campus that read, “To Give, To Love, and To Serve from your own Abundance.” This statement really resonated with me from the beginning and it is a motto that I have tried to apply to my life daily. Giving from our abundance is one of the most rewarding experiences I can think of.  It is an exceptional feeling seeing true generosity at work and it never ceases to amaze me how when you give expecting nothing in return, how much really comes back to you. It always seems that the more that I give, the more that I get! Unexplainable!

Loving from abundance is really easy for me.  I grew up with incredible loving and happy parents and it was instilled into me from an early age the importance of sharing love with the people around me.  Having children just reinforces how much love is out there. Seeing our kids express love and loving them so deeply gives such a tremendous feeling.

Serving is a major part of my life. I feel that the majority of my time is spent serving others, be it my patients, my employees, my family or other community members, serving is an integral part of my life. The rewards of giving service to those in need create very satisfying feelings of accomplishment. As there is deep comfort knowing that I am serving from my own abundance that is regenerated by those who serve me.  The cycle enables me to serve more and more and the rewards to me and those around me do not go unnoticed.

It never ceases to amaze me how important giving, loving, and serving are. The benefits of giving others a more healthful purpose and healthful life leads to mu own health improving. I see that the more I love those around me, the more love I receive. The more I serve the more service I receive. Cycles of interdependence reinforce how powerful our actions truly are.  So remember the next time you are looking to get something out of this life, give something first and chances are, what you desire will come flooding your way!

Dr. Jason W. Haas