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Is it really possible to reverse the damaging effects of time on the body?  Is regeneration of tissues possible?  Are there things that you can do to make yourself look and feel younger that really work? The answer is YES!

Often, time has a damaging effect; for example gravity compresses our spine and worsens our posture, making us look old and unhealthy.  Too much sun can make our skin leathery and wrinkled.  Chronic dehydration can lead to poor digestion, a bad heart and inflammation and pain.  Too often the damaging effects of time show up and seem impossible to overcome.  However, with the help of modern technology, there is hope!  Significant advances have been made in the fields of nutrition science, regenerative and age-management medicine, and therapies are available that can reduce pain, improve posture and give your skin a healthy, youthful glow.

At Benchmark Medical in Windsor, Colorado, we strive to provide our patients with the most current technology, therapies and advice possible to give you an upper hand on looking and feeling younger and reversing the damaging effects of time and aging on the body.  We have tests that can measure specific hormones and ones that can determine the level of inflammation in your blood and body. We also have techniques and nutritional regimes that can help you lower this damaging inflammation.  Lowering the inflammation will make you have less pain, give you more energy and give you the motivation to get out and move your body!

We have technology and techniques that can help you improve how you appear to other people. Are you symmetrical? Do you not smile because of the wrinkles that show up? How is your balance and coordination? We have tools that make you stronger and more flexible in the process of feeling more and more youthful every day!  Our therapists are top notch and can help you recover from injury as well as provide you a second-to-none personal experience designed to get you looking and feeling better fast.  We have tools that can reduce cellulite and dangerous visceral fat and we can help you get healthy from the inside out. We often see gut and bowel problems reversed, resolved and forgotten! We have nutritional regimes that can help you get regular and get your digestion and absorption of nutrients working so you can start to turn great food into healthy tissue.  Whether you need to lose weight or gain muscle, we have the tools and techniques that can help you get the body you deserve in no time!

Got wrinkles?  No worries!  We have amazing non-surgical body sculpting and wrinkle reduction machines that can help your skin glow with a healthy shine and get you looking younger in no time, and we offer tested serums for outside-in skin rejuvenation.  Want to speed up the process?  Try our PRP for your face!  This non-surgical procedure uses your own blood PRP and allows your skin to rejuvenate and speeds up the process of looking younger fast!  If you have not tried PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, we have amazing ways to get your joints feeling better, get more hair growing on your head and we can provide the therapy to assist you in the process of injury recovery and rehabilitation.  This amazing technology comes with virtually no risk and is performed more than 2 million times per year with great success.  PRP is truly regenerative medicine that can speed up the process of reversing the damaging effects of time.

Suffering from low energy?  Often as we age, our energy drops and this can lead to inactivity, muscle wasting, pain and accelerated aging. Leading eventually to obesity, heart disease and cancer.  Fortunately we have nutritional therapies including IV nutrient therapies that can get you super-charged with enough energy to get you through the day, get you motivated to exercise and we can provide long-term nutritional advice that can have you eating the right foods to give you all the energy you need.

Injuries got you feeling old?  No fear!  We have the most amazing technology to decompress spinal joints, improve posture and spinal structure with CBP® rehabilitation and we can take your back to a time where it was easy to stand up straight without suffering and easy to do youthful, fun activities without the fear of pain stopping you.  Our pain relief team is second to none!  Combining the K-Laser with our rehab will give you accelerated healing and can get your pain levels down faster than traditional therapies alone.  Once you’re feeling better, the Power Plate® and Vertical Training System® can get you stronger than you’ve ever been and this strength can get you moving and working out and feeling younger and more vibrant every day! Don’t wait. Give us a call 970-696-9117. It could change your life!

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