windsor-blood-platelet-tissue-regenerationPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a revolutionary new biological treatment option where you use your own cells to help repair and restore your own cells to healthier states typically found in healthier and more youthful bodies. This therapy is changing the way we think about cosmetic procedures, hair restoration, joint pain and degeneration. And the substance couldn’t be any more natural, as it comes from you! Doctors all over the country and around the world are watching tissues look and feel healthier, including few wrinkles, more hair, and less arthritic joint pain.

The injection of material into the skin and underlying tissues is nothing new and practitioners have been traditionally using biodegradable substances to inject into knees, shoulders, brow line wrinkles and lips, as well as other cosmetic procedures. These materials have grown in popularity and have been observed across many different groups of patients.

Unfortunately, these substances are not natural to your body and they have been associated with very severe side effects. Persistent swelling and pain, encapsulation and

*Results may vary person to person

swelling in the area, migration of materials to other sites, the formation of hard areas of tissue that do not absorb and become permanent, as well as many instances of infection at the time of injection and in many cases delayed infection. With so many instances these sort of negative side-effects from fillers and other substances, researchers have looked to other areas of the body’s own tissues to enable tissue regeneration.

The search for alternatives to the injectable substances led to the study of growth factors that are responsible for the production and creation of new tissue. These exogenous growth factors showed promise, but unfortunately came with their own set of side effects and there has been evidence since 2008 that the use of several growth factors caused an increase in cancer mortality.

Research then led investigators to study the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for wound healing, diabetic ulcers and other long-standing poorly healing wounds. Platelet Rich Plasma is now the method of choice for accelerating wound healing.

The use of PRP did not stop with wound healing and many medical fields have applied Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to help their patients regenerate tissue an improve structure and function. The orthopedic community created a cross-linked form of PRP as a gel to be used in large joints and many facial and reconstructive surgeons utilize PRP to assist in reconstruction of delicate facial structures. Following the successful use of Platelet Rich Plasma in the field of Medical Pathology, is has been increasing widespread as a safe and effective alternative to the other cosmetic and joint injectable material.

The use of PRP as a therapy is widely considered to be the ultimate method for the body to re-create tissue that has been damaged. Whether that tissue is a synovial surface of the knee that is riddled and filled with arthritis, or the skin of a long-term golfer that has been damaged by many years in the elements, PRP offers a unique, safe and effective way to rejuvenate tissue. One of the most important distinctions that PRP has to other injectable fillers, tissue repair products and others is the fact that what is being injected into your body is your tissue! The material is harvested from your blood, processed in a very specific manner then applied back into the body to rejuvenate the tissues.

This is similar to the way that tissue heals in the case of damage. When tissue is damaged and a wound is created, platelets immediately rush to the site of the wound. This natural healing response is used when the PRP is injected in and around the damaged tissue. The response of the tissue is to under-go the healing process and thus new, more vibrant and youthful tissue properties are found following the series of injections.

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been found to be effective in cosmetic application, joint rejuvenation and improvements in function and we at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado are proud to offer this revolutionary procedure to further aid our patients in feeling, looking and functioning their best!

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