“I feel like I could run a marathon today! It’s hard to imagine I’ve had trouble walking up stairs for the past seven years when I feel so great today!”

windsor-blood-platelet-therapy-232x300Our skilled medical staff can analyze digital radiographs, muscle strength tests and range of motion tests to determine if the patient is a candidate for our regenerative joint therapies. Once it is established that the patient is a candidate for therapy, we then take a multifaceted treatment approach.

1. Joint(s) are injected with:

• Supartz®, a naturally derived, non-toxic, non-opiate, non-steroidal, FDA approved substance with no known side effects that helps restore joint space, increases joint cushion, decreasing pain.

• Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – A product harvested from your own body. A simple blood collection is performed and your blood is processed immediately on-site in a special centrifuge using a double-spin PRP method. This process separates, from the rest of your blood, concentrated platelet-rich plasma containing as much as nine (9) times above base-line platelets. Platelets release protein growth factors, vital to: wound healing; tissue regeneration; creating new blood;

*Results may vary person to person

2. The muscles in and around the joint are strengthened with very directed Physical Therapy protocols, which can include Power Plate® Physical Therapy.

3. The patient is often provided bracing to reinforce the physical therapy benefits as well as to help correct misaligned joints.

Patients report significant reductions in symptoms. Every patient is re-evaluated after a period of therapy to confirm successful treatment.

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