Numbness And Tingling can be caused by many different conditions; trauma, chemotherapy, diabetes and others may be the cause. Numbness and tingling in the hands, arms, back, neck, face, legs, feet or toes can be an indication of a serious condition that involves mechanical compression of the sensory portion of spinal nerves.

Furthermore, the nerves can be “entrapped” in other bony and soft tissue “tunnel’s” that the nerves travel throughout our body. This compression of the nerves can lead to a loss of that sensory function which in turn can make the area of the body supplied by that nerve feel heavy, with a “woody” or “dead” feeling. This condition can be extremely serious and may be indicative of further problems that can be life threatening, such as heart attack, stroke, poisoning and other deadly conditions.

If you are suffering from recurrent Numbness And Tingling, and if it feels as if it “radiates” from different areas such as the neck, mid back or low back, conservative therapies unknown to most providers may be long-term solution to your suffering. Numbness and tingling can often be associated with weakness and loss of motor control.

This can indicate that the sensory and motor portion of the nerve is affected. This can lead to poor balance, poor coordination, and can increase the likelihood of falls. Numbness And Tingling can be treated conservatively and you might be a candidate for the rehabilitation therapies provided at Benchmark Medical Group. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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