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Weight loss is not just for those that want to fit into their skinny jeans! Losing belly fat is not just important to those folks that have a 20-year reunion coming up and need to shed a few pounds.

Windsor Weight Loss

Weight loss could potentially add years to your life and provide a quality to those years that no other act of self-improvement can do. Losing weight doesn’t just improve your self-esteem; weight loss can save your life! Carrying extra body fat is a major contributing factor to the biggest killers; heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are all complicated and in some cases caused by extra weight!

Finding a program that is effective at getting the weight off is not difficult, there are many diets and programs that are available, whether online, through the mail or with a trainer, the program you choose should be effective, it should lead to quick fat loss and most importantly, it should be simple enough to stick to the program to get to your goal. However, nearly all of the TV and corporate programs have a dirty secret, most of the dieters that lose the weight put it all back on within two years! This is why the weight loss and nutrition programs at Benchmark Medical in Windsor are completely different from others. We have a custom approach that you will not find in other facilities where everyone is relegated to the same program! We treat each patient as a unique individual and really listen to what your goals and needs are that will change your life.

Our program is a custom designed approach that is made for only you! We have a team of physicians and coaches and trainers that can give you the tools necessary to not only lose the weight quickly, but to keep it off and we have the technology to get your body more toned, fit and fabulous in the process. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 120, we have a program that is right for you! Most of our men patients lose between 3 and 7 pounds per week and most of our females lose 2-6 pounds of body fat per week. Just think, if you get started today, you could have the best body of your life before summer!

Reducing your waistline can give you amazing amounts of energy, it can reduce snoring and sleep apnea, we can unload your joints leading to better mobility and less pain and once you have learned the lifestyle approach to nutrition, you’ll see how easy it is to not only keep the weight off, but how you can use the body fat loss as a spring-board to better overall health and fitness. What are you waiting for? Our programs could change your life and patients report seeing and feeling results in as little as one week!

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to look great naked! You deserve to have a life that is not hindered by muffin tops and belly fat and high risk of premature death! If you have tried other programs only to find that the weight loss is slow, or that the restrictions are too much to sustain, we have a solution for you! Call us today to see how our program can give you the total body transformation that you are looking for and change your life! Call 970-686-9117 for details!

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Track Your MyZone® for the Ultimate Results in Transforming Your Body!

Benchmark medical is always cutting edge when it comes to technology and we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with MyZone® technology to help you achieve all of your health goals and dreams! This revolutionary technology allows the physicians and trainers to measure your physical activity at all times and especially when you are in our facility!

Windsor CO weight loss fitness health care

This innovation will enable you and our team of doctors to monitor how effective your metabolism is and we can guide you in the direction necessary to make the most out of burning fat, increasing muscle mass, losing belly fat and increasing biceps! We can get you the sculpted and toned body you have always wanted and we have the technology and experience to help you all day and night with this amazing MyZone® technology!

If you are sick and tired of feeling sluggish, or if you feel like you’re kicking butt at the gym with no results, let us help you find the way to the ultimate body and health! We have helped thousands of people in Northern Colorado lose weight, gain strength and flexibility and we have the treatments and technology to get you to that feeling of health in every moment! By knowing how you are doing in the office and outside, we can give you the necessary guidance that it takes to really get the feeling of health that you can see in the mirror!

Are you getting the most out of the time you spend exercising? How do you really know that the work that you’re doing in your Box or gym or studio is actually getting you the results you want? The fact is, without measurement, any guess would be just that, speculation! You have to measure to be able to come to a real conclusion about what you do throughout your day that is either helping or hurting you in your journey toward feeling fantastic and looking great. Now we can measure it for you! And once we have the measurements and data, we can help you come to the necessary conclusions about how your day is really impacting how you feel and how you look. This technology also has many fantastic features such as internal competition between teams of people that want to get healthy together, so tell your friends that it’s health challenge time! Let us help you get to where you want to go!

We have the team with the skills necessary to completely transform you. If you are ready to get that body you want before summer, what better time than today to get on it! We’ll show you the way- all you have to do is call!

Call today to see how this amazing technology can further your Benchmark Medical Group experience! We strive to provide only the best for the best community anywhere! We look forward to sculpting you into the best shape of your life! Don’t delay! Space is limited! 970-686-9117

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Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After an Auto Accident | Windsor CO

Being injured in an auto accident is a traumatic and frightening event. Anyone who is involved in an auto accident should seek medical attention. A person’s health should be the first and foremost consideration after an auto accident. Only a qualified physician can ascertain the severity of the victim’s injuries and, after a thorough examination, advise the person of treatment options. Delaying medical attention after an auto accident can severely impede the patent’s recovery in addition to being detrimental to the patient’s personal injury claim.

Auto accident injury windsor colorado tips

Accident Victims Who Do Not Need Emergency Medical Services

Victims of auto accidents who are severely injured require emergency medical assistance. In these cases, the injuries are obvious and there is no way to avoid receiving medical treatment. However, what happens in cases where the victim of a motor vehicle crash is not severely injured and he or she does not request immediate medical attention?

Most of the time, the person goes home believing any minor aches and pains will go away in a few days, but this is not always the case. When the pain becomes more severe and persistent or other symptoms present themselves, the person will go to see a doctor. Unfortunately, the decision to wait to seek medical attention after an auto accident is not in the accident victim’s best interest.

Anyone involved in an auto accident should seek medical attention immediately following the accident from emergency medical personnel or a personal physician. Waiting to seek medical attention after an accident can potentially harm the victim’s personal injury claim.

Always Follow Up with a Primary Physician for Additional Diagnostic Testing

In some auto accidents, EMS will transport the accident victims to the emergency room for treatment. Unless the injury is severe or life threatening, the emergency room will provide limited treatment and instruct the person to follow up with his or her primary physician. It is extremely important that the person see his or her primary physician as instructed. Missing appointments or not following instructions by physicians is just the information insurance companies are searching for to use against the person to lower the compensation paid for the accident claim.

Another reason follow up is very important is because there may be hard-to-diagnose, subtle injuries that may not present symptoms for several days following the accident. In many cases, accident victims will mistake these symptoms as being a less serious condition and ignore the symptoms. Instead, it is vital that the person follow up with a physician for additional diagnostic testing to diagnose the condition.

Some Common Injuries That May Take Longer to Diagnose Include but are Not Limited to:

[list type=”check”]

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Closed brain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries


By seeking medical attention, the accident victim allows the physician to detect hard-to-notice signs of more serious, life-altering injuries. In some cases, early detection and treatment can reduce the risk of permanent disabilities.

How Can Seeking Medical Treatment After an Accident Help A Personal Injury Attorney?

In an auto accident, the accident victim can only receive compensation for damages actually incurred from the accident; therefore, the personal injury attorney must be able to prove that the victim has suffered damages. Having medical records as evidence of injuries is an important element of a personal injury claim. Without the medical evidence to substantiate a claim, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to prove damages in an auto accident.

In order for an insurance company or a jury to take an accident victim’s injuries seriously, the victim must take his or her injuries seriously by obtaining medical treatment and following doctor’s orders. A person’s health and well-being depend on that person receiving proper medical care just as the success of a personal injury claim depends on medical evidence to prove the claims.

Remember, the insurance nor the jury will take the word of an accident victim as to the severity of an injury — they want evidence to back up the accident victim’s claims. If the accident victim does not seek medical attention, there is no way for an insurance company or jury to know the extent of that person’s injuries.

Insurance Companies Look for Ways to Lower Settlement Claims

The insurance company for the liable party looks for any excuse to deny an injury claim or lower the value of an injury claim. When an accident victim delays medical treatment, the insurance company uses this as “evidence” that the injuries were either not sustained in the auto accident or the injuries became more severe due to the delay in treatment.

In either case, the insurance company will argue that it is not liable for the full extent of the accident victim’s injuries because the person contributed to the injury by delaying medical treatment. An accident victim who does not seek medical attention after an auto accident is giving the insurance company valid reasons for denying the claim or reducing the amount of compensation offered for the claim.

Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

If you have been injured in an auto accident, protect your health and protect your right to hold the at-fault party accountable for your injuries by seeking medical attention. Your physicians and your personal injury attorney are protecting your best interest. Help them do this by doing your part to take care of yourself after and accident.

Make 2016 Your Healthiest Year Ever – Windsor Health + Wellness

Windsor Weight Loss Health Center ChirorpractorYou give and you give. You are always there for the kids, for your spouse, your neighbors and friends. You are a rock solid go-to person who gets things done and helps those around you. Now, it’s time you get something back for the effort. Now is the time to focus on YOU!

You can make 2016 the healthiest and best year ever. You can achieve the health and fitness goals you have always desired! And, when you focus on your health and happiness, those around you will only be healthier and happier as a result! When you are performing and functioning at your best, you can be there to support those that need you even more. When you are not well, it is very hard to be rock solid for those around you, so the healthier you are, the more you can give.

At Benchmark our medical and wellness programs can get you the body you deserve, the weight you’ve always dreamed of and we can get rid of your pain and suffering like none-other. Our facility is Northern Colorado’s premier location for spine injuries, rehabilitation and physical therapy, weight loss, chiropractic and fitness, spa services and massage. We provide Physical therapy that is second-to-none and we are able to serve the most difficult cases that other Chiropractors and PT’s are unable to address. We truly have it all!

There really is a difference and that difference could be what separates enables you to have the healthiest year ever, or to continue to suffer with chronic pain, obesity, joint injuries and illness.

We really are the one-stop-shop that you must see to believe! This weekend is your opportunity! On Saturday, January 9th, we are hosting our annual Open House! New technology will be demonstrates, there prizes and food and fun and educational lectures and complimentary exams and so, so much more!

Suffering with chronic neck pain, headaches, low back pain and sickness will ruin your life! If there was an option to get the weight off, increase your flexibility and strength and decrease your pain, why not take it! What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 970-686-9117!

If you are ready to change your life, get out of the rut of illness, sickness and disease, we can help! Call us today to schedule an appointment and don’t miss our amazing Open House event this weekend.

Healthy Holiday Season Recipes | Windsor Weight Loss

Windsor Weight LossThese fabulous  recipes are designed to keep the carbohydrate count low and still provide your taste buds with maximum seasonal joy!!

Feel free to eat unlimited turkey (no skin) all day! You may go up to 40 carbs during the holiday and if you happen to go a bit higher don’t panic, just make yourself some cinnamon tea and sip on it for the next few days. You should also increase exercise and water intake for the next few days to make sure you burn off any excess!

Download Now!

Thanks and Giving | Windsor Health & Wellness

Windsor Colorado Health Center

Now is the time. Now is the moment that you change everything about yourself. Now is the time that you can tap into an unbelievable power that can completely transform you into what you have always wanted to be. Now is the time that if you make the right choice, you WILL be a completely different person. Now, you can step into a new you, you can completely change your body shape, improve your strength, flexibility and coordination, posture and range of motion and in just 60 short days, you will see the person that you have always wanted to become is there. That person is inside you right now.

The key to the transformation is in the name of the season. This is the season of thanks and the season of giving. We always have to remember to be thankful for all of the gifts and blessings that each and every one of us have received and we can never forget to say thank you to those that we care the most about. We have to remember to thank our parents and grandparents and our children. We must remember to thank our friends and neighbors and strangers that can have their day completely changed with a simple, “Thank you!”

But what about you? When was the last time you thanked yourself for being you? When was the last time you thanked your body, mind and soul for all the wonderful things that you have experienced? For most of us the answer is rarely, if ever. Most people don’t take the time to be thankful for their bodies and minds and the incredible power and joy that we as humans can create. For those that begin to thank themselves for their bodies and their minds and their life experiences, they change. This thankful transformation can propel them into better health, wellbeing and better life experiences. The choice to be thankful every moment about your health can be the single biggest factor in you overcoming disease, injury, and neglect. When you begin to be thankful for every bit of health that you have and you allow that to propel you into a better and more health aware state of mind, the possibilities become endless. You can completely change the direction of your life, your health, your weight and body and you can overcome obstacles that seem so insurmountable now.

The other half of the season is our obligation to give back to further ensure that we keep this amazing cycle of thanking and giving going. Giving is the key. If you feel improvements in how you function, how you look, and how you interact with the world around you, it is truly your obligation to share that vital information. Giving the gift of health can fill the spirit, warm the heart, and lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. If you are not giving away some of your blessings to those around you then you have not fully experienced the joy of living. Giving to those who are less fortunate, those who do not know what they do not know, and giving to our friends, family and loved ones is a joy to the human spirit that is nearly unmatched. When we give we receive back so much more joy, love and excitement than we could ever expect. To see someone genuinely and deeply in joy because of a gift can change lives, strengthen bonds between those we love and is there truly a better gift than great health? I say there is not. If you can tell someone about something that has changed; for instance, how you look, how you feel and how you are able to truly live, and they in turn take that gift of information and let it transform them, then you will both be forever thankful of that gift of health.

In this season of Thanks and Giving, we want to say thank you to all of you who have been forever changed by our facility, we are honored to have touched your lives and we are deeply thankful for your trust, your time and your never-ending praise that you bestow upon us. We are truly thankful for all of you. We would like to extend an offer to of thanks and Giving in honor of all of our patients which we are so grateful for, and we would like to give back. If you are interested in hearing more about our Season of Thanks and Giving promotion, please call us! 970-686-9117 #BenchmarkMedicalThanksandGiving #Changeisagift #jasonwadehaas #CBPChiropractor

Moving Mountains 101 | Windsor Health and Wellness

windsor health center colorado

Life can be such a struggle. You feel like you take two steps back and maybe, if you’re having a great day, 1 step forward. Life can sometimes feel like trying to run a marathon in waste deep chocolate, or on worse days, rapidly drying concrete. Life can beat you down, make you feel that there is no hope and sometime life can feel like you’re trying to find the gold in the deepest, darkest mine on the planet.

I know. I’ve been there too. I have experienced the depths of pain and understand how much it can damage us. It can make us lose our drive to live, the pain can push us to self-destructive behaviors, thoughts and even lead us to do things that we instantly regret. The pain of life can lead to tremendous suffering. When my father was dying, I felt pains that I did not know I could feel. The loss of a child, a sibling, a mother, father or close and dear friend can propel us to self-destruct and set the life stage for suffering and pain. The loss of a pet, the stress of daily life, and the constant hum of the media we are exposed to all have their consequences on our health, our well-being, and on our ability to cope with this world and the burdens that we place upon ourselves and the burdens that are placed upon us.

It appears that life is struggle. It looks like even the best of us who look like they have everything they could ever dream of, and have the life that other long for, still are struggling. The wealthiest among us still suffer from the pain of loss, of grief, of addiction, torment and struggle. The tabloids and headlines revel in the glorious defeat of those that appear to have everything together.

The truth is that very few people make a concerted and continual effort to really have it all together. And effort is what it ultimately takes! Most people neglect one or several aspects of their life, refuse to confront the problems and try to gloss over and act like there is never anything wrong with them or their life. When in reality, we are all suffering, we all have pain and we all have a need and desire to try to better ourselves, our current situation and many times, we simply don’t know how.

I understand. You don’t know where to start with turning your live around. I get it. You feel that the choices that you have made have led you to a place where you can say, “What’s the point?”, or “What difference does it make? I’m going to suffer either way?” These questions are valid and can often be legitimate. If the life choices that you have made are so dire that every aspect of your life is turmoil, there are going to have to be very, very serious changes if there is any hope of turning your life around.

If you are seeking an answer to your questions about how you can turn your life around, we may have solutions. The answer is unbelievable simple. You, yes you, you need to focus on YOU! You need to make everything that you think about, everything that you say, everything that you do, and everything that you put into your body be only those things that are empowering you, that are causing you to grow, to learn and to improve! Then and only then, will the things that you do, think, say, consume, feel, touch and experience will empower you!

You are the master and commander of the ship that you call life. You have the choice to make the correct and empowering decision in every aspect of your life. Choose wisely! The choice you make will influence your kids, your relationships, your future and your plans for the future! Make the wrong choice once or twice and hopefully you will re-correct, but make the wrong choice over-and-over and you will find yourself suffering with the consequences of your actions. Choose every action in life as if your life absolutely depended upon it!

If you want to see how our physicians’ knowledge and understanding can assist you in achieving the ultimate in success for your health your body, your wellness and your life, call us! We can help you get to the peak! 970-686-9117 #ultimatehealth #PowerPlate #VTS #GNAT #loseweightfast #healthcarewindsorcolorado #CBPChiropractic #fixmybody

Please Be Patient! God Isn’t Finished With You Yet | Windsor Chiropractor

Please Be Patient! God Isn’t Finished With You Yet | Windsor Chiropractor
Spine Rehab Chiropractor Windsor CO

These words are often found on the walls of children’s rooms. Whimsical expressions that the child is not done growing yet and that there is plenty to learn, experience and plenty more to come. But what are they learning about their posture?

Their posture and how they grow could be the single difference between a life of joy, optimal health or suffering. How they learn to carry themselves could be the difference between a mid-level job and being a CEO. It could be the difference between a soccer scholarship and none. Enhanced performance, happiness and total health and quality of life could be dependent on their posture! Or, their poor posture could lead to pain, suffering, sickness, disease and disability.

There is a Chinese proverb, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” This wisdom is so incredibly important in understanding the growth and development of the human upright spine and posture. When kids are growing, especially before age 10, it is important that they have good ear-over-hip-over knee-over-ankle posture when looking at them from the side.

From the front, the middle of the forehead should be in line with the chest, in line with the pelvis and also right in-line between the feet. As they grow, if the parents see any shift left or right, or notice any twist or rotation of the head, torso or hips, it should be evaluated by a CBP Certified Chiropractor to determine if these posture abnormalities are correctable. If the spine is severely deviated, the doctor may recommend aggressive structural rehabilitation, careful monitoring with home therapies, or, if the problem was not treated soon enough, bracing, and potentially referral for other evaluation of the extent of the damage from the abnormal spine.

Once the child moves into their teen years, careful observation and rapid diagnosis of any spinal and postural abnormalities can prevent pain and suffering, poor cardiovascular function, digestive and elimination problems and others. Loss of spine stability, spinal muscular weakness and postural and structural abnormalities have been measured in over 300 named disease conditions. Rapid screening for postural and spinal abnormalities can prevent low back pain, neck pain and headaches, hip and knee pain and sciatica. If the spine of a teen is found to be growing incorrectly, or if trauma has damaged the ligaments, tendons, bony structures, muscles or nerves, then the teen is at risk for the development of spinal pain, loss of function and eventually chronic pain leading to disability and depression. This is nothing to put off! Chronic low back pain is the number one cause of disability in the world! If you have a teen who is suffering, failure to treat this pain and get resolution before the adult muscle and skeletal changes become permanent can lead to nothing but suffering.

When assessing spine abnormalities, experience, qualifications and credibility count. Not all postural and spinal assessment, diagnosis and treatment are the same. At Benchmark Medical Group, we have the chiropractors, clinicians, therapists, physicians, technicians, coaches, trainers and doctors to give you a second-to-none-approach. If you truly want total body transformation, Benchmark Medical in Windsor is the place.

If you are a teen and you want to see what non-drug performance enhancement really looks like, we are your edge. If you want to be stronger, faster, straighter and more symmetrical; we have the tools to get you there. If you want to be leaner, more balanced and perform beyond your current level, we can get you there. This is healthcare for Northern Colorado that cannot be paralleled. We have the tools to find out why your muscles don’t fire the way you want them to, why you can lose fat and gain muscle, how you can improve your coordination and strength, flexibility and speed, agility and quickness, as well as your explosive strength, your endurance, and overall your quality of life. There is no other one-stop experience that can offer the technology and experience that we have. Call us, when is NOW the time to change? 970-686-9117. Call us to see how your life can change. Who do you want to be?   Find your purpose through perfecting the physical body you have. Strive to be the absolute best and healthiest you can be. We can help.

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The Secret to Ultimate Success | Windsor Medical Center

See the Light Through the Darkness! | Windsor Medical Center

Windsor Health Center Fitness Weight Loss Chiropractic

There is a secret that is so powerful causing many people to learn the hard way that failing to abide by the laws of this secret will cost you dearly. People fight to learn this secret, civilizations have been built around the search and fulfillment of this secret, and everyday people die needlessly because they never learned this secret. They didn’t follow the rules if they did know of it, and if they failed to abide by this secret’s rule, they paid a dear price.

If you don’t fulfill this secret, you’ll suffer; it’s guaranteed. You will pay the price with pain, with loss of function, and a risk of disabling anguish and agony. Failure to realize that this secret contains the key to many of the laws of nature and the universe will make the suffering inevitable. The inability to change course after finding about this secret invariably leads to unfulfilled promises, pain, suffering and the loss of hope in the bright shining goals that the future once held.

This secret has led people to the greatest extremes of pleasure and pain, to the absolute ends of the earth, and the failure to obey this secrets facts can be deadly. Loss of control of your life is one of the first signs that you’re not abiding by this secret, and from there it spirals downward. Eventually, the pain that is caused by this failure to recognize and adapt to the rules of this secret leads to pain, sickness, suffering, disease and even death. Recognizing and taking firm steps toward this secrets realization can and will change your life, it will give you the tools you have always wanted, allowing you to be the person you always knew you could be. Abiding by this secrets’ rules will lead to fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, joys and pleasures you never knew could be possible. The best part is that the longer you follow the rules of this secret, the better the outcome. Abiding by this secret is the key to your happy, healthy, promising future!

This secret is tied to your health, your wealth, your relationships, your career, your spiritual journey. It is an integral part of everything you ever hope to accomplish. This secret fulfilled can lead you to riches, fame, fortunes of relation and family, and fulfilling this secrets requirements can completely transform you and your body.

This secret has been sought since humans became conscious, and is a driver of individuals, families, communities, populations and all of humankind. This secret is the critical key to your happiness, the component that will separate you from your peers, drive you to innovation, and lead you to dreams and goals fulfilled that you can not even contemplate right now. You have this secret key and all you have to do is act. You just have to take the step.

What is this secret? It is simply the undeniable fact that your personal health must be the most important aspect of your life! Your health will determine your future, your ability and your success. The crucial component of your happiness, healthiness, and fulfillment could start with the next decision you make. It’s up to you. Are you ready for more? Are you ready to change, grow and become the person you always knew you could be? Are you ready to see yourself in a completely different light? What could you achieve if you overcame your limitations? What would you do? Who would you become? What amazingly deep joy, love and understanding could you discover with a new outlook? Who you will be is up to you. Act to make it real.

Call us, people’s lives change 970-686-9117

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