Longevity and Age Management

Longevity and Age Management

People are becoming more and more aware of the need for sustained longevity.  Having health as the number one priority can propel you into a future that is more fruitful, fun, and fulfilling.  Longevity starts with the choices that you make today.  When we started our practice, we did not have a goal of making anti-aging and longevity the focus of our care.  However, now that we have treated thousands of people and have the experience necessary to assist even those with the worst health conditions, it becomes apparent that we the more we focus on decreasing age-related problems and working our patients toward a focus on longevity, the more rewarding and effective our outcomes become.

Just focusing on pain relief is not a very rewarding way to practice; it has a tendency to create an environment where patients expect miracles and a pain free life.  Miracles do happen and often, however, it is not realistic to expect our lives to be pain free, especially if we are active. Bumps, strains, sprains, bruises, even hangnails will cause pain!  Living a pain-free life means living in a bubble and no one wants to do that.

Therefore the focus instead needs to be on having a fulfilling life that is filled with the activities and people that we love.  Being able to accomplish our health goals is the true key to sustaining happiness late into life.  And helping people achieve these goals is the reason we have our practice!  The anti-aging benefits of weight loss, the  great spinal health and posture that comes from CBP®, the amazing increases in anti-aging growth hormone from the Powerplate, ® and now the amazing anti-gravity Alter-G all provide us the tools necessary to help people become the people they want to be.  We are so blesses to have access to tolls and equipment that others do not, because we can use this equipment to assist people in ways never before imagined.

A life fulfilled starts with making the right food choices, the right exercise choices, making the choice to improve your posture and spine, and keeping a focus on positive thoughts and moods. These simple steps can help propel you toward less suffering and more enjoyment!  With all of the problems that can arise, it is always better to be able to enter into a situation with the right focus, the right techniques, and experienced coaches like those found at Benchmark Medical Group.

If you or someone you know is suffering with health conditions, please know that there are alternative that can enrich life and allow for us to reach our maximum potential.  Don’t delay feeling and looking better than you ever imagined! Call us today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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