Invest in your Health!

As you’ve probably heard, the stock market lost more than 600 points today and has lost over 100 points in the past week’s trading.  Many people are losing significant amounts of their retirement and 401K plans and people are now wondering, “What should I invest my money in?” With gold being prices out of the reach of many investors and with the continued uncertainty in the stock and bond markets, I have a better idea: Invest in yourself!

Investing in improved health and wellbeing are some of the best investments you can make.  Research has shown that investing time and money in your health can bring rewards beyond how you feel. Investing in your health can bring the benefits of looking better, feeling better, having more energy and improved resistance to disease, as well as an improved outlook for longevity and better “golden years.” When you invest in your health, the returns can be substantial: less risk of dying from preventable diseases such as heart disease and cancer and less risk of having obesity related diseases or injuries. Investing in your health can improve your hair, your skin, your waistline and make you stronger.

Investing in your health can make you have more stamina, improve your sex-drive, and keep your energy up for strenuous activities.  Investing in your health can improve your digestion, improve your circulation and can keep you mentally sharp later into life. In reality, there is no better investment than an investment in your health.

There is also a benefit that is not readily seen when you invest in your health; those who are healthier, are wealthier!  Yes, investing in your health can not only give you all of the benefits that I listed above, it can also make your pocketbook grow.  Your health investment can translate into better creative thinking, better focus and can significantly improved productivity in your career.  The more you invest in your health, the bigger the return to your wealth.

No one other than our enemies wants to see America suffer financially any more than it already has. That being said, we all need to take some responsibility for the financial mess we are in and make wiser investments in the future, and there is no wiser investment than an investment in your health!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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