Healthy Posture, Healthy Relationships

As I’ve stated in previous blogs, the human nervous system controls the functions of every cell, every tissue, every organ and every system in the body. What is more spectacular than this knowledge is the fact that the nervous system is essentially controlled by posture.  Spinal joints and joints on the arm and legs are loaded with very specialized nerve endings called mechanoreceptors that are constantly feeding information to the brain concerning position and posture.

Joint damage to the ankle, for instance, can send the wrong information from the joint into the spinal cord and up to the brain.  This can alter the mechanics of gait and affect the structures at the knee hip, low back and up the spine to the shoulder girdle and higher. As a consequence of the damaged ankle joint, the person may experience headaches of unknown origin, or something as unexpected as abdominal dysfunction from the new, abnormal posture.

Everyone who sees a little old man or little old lady in the grocery bent over in a terrible posture knows that they are generally suffering from pain.  What is not so apparent from the outside is the fact that these postural distortions distort and weaken the spinal nerves that feed organs and the person is most likely suffering from organ disease and dysfunction as well as pain.

However, it truly goes much deeper than that. You see, our posture essentially controls our health and the worse our posture is, the worse our health.  This affects the person involved, but what we don’t see is the fact that the unhealthier a person is, the more likely their relationships will suffer as a result. People do not want to be around sick people! A person that is suffering and complaining and presenting a generally unhealthy demeanor will be less likely to make new friends, enjoy social activities, and will most likely find themselves more and more isolated from social contacts. Kids will be less likely to want to be around their parents if they are suffering from ill health. Spouses will see their marriage is strained when one party is healthy and the other is not. Friends won’t want to visit, neighbors will avoid you and the only company that you’ll find is probably the family dog!

Couples who work together to strengthen their health will find the rewards just keep on giving.  Time to share healthful dreams, life enjoyment, more enjoyment of the little things as well as the ability to travel, be more intimate and expand social circles will present themselves to healthy couples. The family that grow together in health will find they live a life that is so much more fulfilling and thehappier a person is with their body and health, the more opportunities for financial growth and development arise.

So remember that your health and having a healthy outlook go way beyond how you feel, wellness can translate into a life of fulfilling, enriched relationships and memories to cherish. If you or someone you know is suffering from any health conditions, have them contact us as we may be able to help!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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