Diabetes and Circulation

Diabetes and Circulation

One of the very dreadful complications associated with
diabetes is amputation of limbs and loss of vision. This complication occurs as
a result of circulatory problems that are made worse by abnormal fluctuations
in sugars in the bloodstream that can permanently damage the nerve
endings.  The person loses normal
sensation to these areas, and this loss of sensation can lead to cuts and sores
which would normally cause pain, to not be painful. If these sores become
infected then to prevent the further spread of infection, amputation may be

If this loss of normal circulation occurs in the eyes, the
optic nerve can be involved and this can lead to a progressive worsening of vision
and eventual vision loss. The best way to combat this from happening in
pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetics is to reverse the fundamental underlying
cause of the problem; Sugar!

Sugar is so prevalent in our American diets.  We often see typical American dietary habits
include sugar for all meals and for all snacks.
Average Americans consume an incredible 150+ pounds of sugar, per person
per year! This is about 22 sugar packs per day!

This sugar causes our pancreas to produce insulin and when
more and more insulin is required, the cells that produce insulin eventually
stop working.  Once they stop working,
the typical medical treatment approach is often medications and insulin

Fortunately, diabetes can be managed with diet.  We at Benchmark Medical Group
have an amazing medical weight loss, and because this program is so
effective, we have patients tell us nearly every day that their prescribing
doctor took them off their diabetes medications!
We have see diabetes reversed in our patients again and again!

Furthermore, the Powerplate® has tremendous benefits for
improving circulation and sensation in diabetics and when we couple the
astonishing results of these two machines, the outcomes are amazing.  We see patients with sensation loss, poor
circulation, and other effects of diabetic neuropathy able return to a healthier,
happier life as a result of our care.

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, poor
circulation, or peripheral neuropathies please let them know that there may be
a solution at Benchmark Medical Group. Once our doctors determine that you
are a candidate for care, you could be on your way to feeling and looking better!
Don’t delay treating this very serious problem another day!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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