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Windsor Chiropractor Back Pain ReliefChronic pain has effects that go way beyond the obvious. Everyone knows that chronic pain impacts mood and can lead to depression. It’s pretty obvious that chronic pain can interfere with work ability, with relationships, and chronic pain can lead to deconditioning and loss of strength, flexibility and eventually complete disability. What people often don’t realize is that chronic pain, especially chronic low back pain, is the number one cause of disability in the world, and chronic pain actually has profound effects of the brain, including an estimated 1 cubic centimeter of brain shrinkage for every 10 years of chronic pain suffering. The brain and injured tissues are also impacted by prolonged inflammation leading to poor neurotransmitter and hormone balance and regulation and a host of other health conditions, including weight gain and obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Chronic pain is killing us!

Unfortunately, chronic pain has not been handled well in the US. We have more people addicted to prescription narcotics than any time in history. And, as prescription pain relievers are monitored more and more carefully by prescribing doctors, and governmental watchdogs, availability decreases. As the availability of the drugs is diminished, many prescription pain patients can’t get the relief from the medications alone and the switch to cheaper street drugs like heroin becomes more and more prevalent.

The effects of chronic pain are only being masked with these drugs, and the situation is essentially like putting a Barbie® Band-Aid® on gangrene! The outcome will not be good! Covering up the epidemic of chronic pain with medications is simply not working. Fortunately, there are non-drug solutions to pain relief. Chronic pain has been managed for decades by physical therapy with many patients getting better after movement therapies. Combine the Power Plate™ with our physical therapy regimens and chronic pain can quickly become a thing of the past as strength, flexibility and function improve.

Chiropractic has helped people overcome chronic pain for more than 110 years. Chiropractic and spinal manipulation can increase range of motion and decrease effectively. Combine the incredible spine-changing effects of CBP® Chiropractic and structure, posture and chronic pain improve quickly and dramatically. Once the spine is corrected back toward a normal position, balance, coordination and improved ability to perform pain-free activities of daily living all improves.

Our medical team can assist you in non-drug ways to manage and improve your pain and we can help you find alternatives to the typical routine of drugs followed by more drugs followed by surgery and a lifetime of drugs. We want to talk to you about the other options!

Chronic pain does not need to control your life! If you or someone you know is suffering, there is hope in a drug-free, repeatable, reliable and effective program like the ones at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado. We have helped thousands of patients for longer than a decade get back on their feet again, and overcome their pain. If you have had enough with the struggle of chronic pain, give us a call! We can help! 970-686-9117

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