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Range of Motion and Strength Testing are two of the tools we use in the initial assessment of potential patients. At Benchmark Medical Group we pride ourselves on being an evidence-based healthcare provider in order to subjectively and definitively demonstrate progress as well as the outcome of care. JTECH is one of the many evidence-based tools we use in this pursuit.

Using the JTECH medical tool which incorporates an FCC licensed, wireless radio technology that eliminates interference and ensures data accuracy allows us to:

  • Verify Functional Effects of Subluxation
  • Digitally Quantify ROM and Strength Deficits
  • Provide Instant Report Documentation
  • Display Progress from Last Exam and/or Initial Exam
If you have stiffness or painful range of motion, have weakness or a loss of strength from injury, trauma, or lack of use, contact us to see how this Strength testing and Range of Motion assessment can benefit you!

Digital Strength Testing and Range of motion testing is an effective way to assess your current health status. For More information on strength testing, benefits of measuring digital range of motion and research, please visit http://www.jtechmedical.com.

*Results may vary person to person


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