You DO change your oil often right?

If you don’t change the oil in your vehicle, it will become very
viscous, very sticky, and literally turns into a glue-like paste.  This paste clogs valves and makes movement
between parts nearly impossible.  Do your
joints feel like this?  Do you feel like
there’s glue in your low back every morning?

If you don’t change the tires on your vehicle, the tread will
wear down and acceleration and stopping will be affected, the ability to turn
quickly can be lost and the likelihood of a blow-out increases
significantly.  Does your low back feel
like it’s on the verge of a blow-out?  Have
you lost your agility?

If you don’t replace the shingles on your roof, mother
nature’s relentless onslaught will find its way into the cracks, ceilings can come
crashing down and you can lose the roof over your head.  Does your headache make you want to replace
your head? Sorry, medical science hasn’t gotten that far yet. But we can help!

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth, you will get bad
breath, gum disease,  and those little
buggies can make their way to your heart and increase the likelihood of you
getting heart disease and  having a
stroke or heart attack. Do you floss your spine?

Maintenance is a critical component of most mechanisms,
whether it’s your house, your car or you!
If you have put the time and energy into correcting your spine and
posture, don’t you want to keep it? If you neglect regular maintenance visits
here at Benchmark Medical, it will catch up with you and pain and dysfunction
will return.  I hate to say it but you’re
battling against gravity and gravity never stops working against you, always
trying to pull you back to bad habits and bad postures.

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have many maintenance
packages that make keeping your great spine changes easy and affordable, we are
very flexible with scheduling and will work with you to enable you to stay on
track.  The last thing we want to see is
you lose the hard work and great gains you made in getting fit health and
having great posture!

If we haven’t seen you in a while and you are starting to
feel slow, having more pain, putting weight back on or just getting sick and
tired again, call us!  We can work
together to get you back on track and it’s never too late to start changing
your spine, your  posture and your body!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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