Are you wrecking your brain and body with gluten?

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Fuzzy thinking, memory loss, poor concentration, headaches, joint pain and fat gain and muscle loss all can be associated with consumption of a very nasty protein that is found in dozens of places:  gluten. The science is getting clearer and clearer about the effects of this food product and the evidence is not looking good if you are one of the millions that continue to consume gluten.  Ever since a 1997 case study found the complete resolution of schizophrenia with a gluten free diet, the scientific community has studied this protein in great depth and it has now been shown that eating gluten not only leads to intestinal upset, diarrhea and muscle loss, but also reduces blood flow to your most important organ, your brain!

When you stop taking in gluten, amazing things can happen.  The gut wall is no longer inflamed and you are now able to normally absorb the nutrients necessary to make new tissue, have energy, and properly eliminate toxins.  Additionally, those that reduce the gluten in their diet or eliminate it completely have better healing, thinking, and are able to gain muscle easier.  A gluten free diet can reduce inflammation in many tissues and patients who stop gluten report less pain, less stiffness in their joints and better strength gains.  Going gluten free is getting easier and easier because the food industry is taking note of the millions of people who are seeking gluten-free alternatives and producing products that satisfy not only the health concerns, but also taste concerns that once plagued gluten free foods.

If you are suffering from intestinal problems, muscle loss and joint pain, or if you feel like you can’t think normally or remember things that used to be easy, you may be a candidate for an analysis to determine if a gluten free diet could resolve your symptoms and get you healthy again. At Benchmark Medical Group, we have the diagnostics to see if your symptoms are related to gluten and an amazing team of health professionals that can help you create a nutritional and lifestyle program to get you back to living the healthy, happy life you deserve!  Why continue to suffer?  Call today!!

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