Weight Loss and Medically Assisted Fat Loss

There are many diet programs that are effective at weight loss.  Weight loss can generally be accomplished by restricting the amount of calories that are consumed to less than the number of calories that are burned throughout the day.  A restricted calorie diet coupled with an exercise program can usually tip the balance in favor of weight loss.

However, fat loss and weight loss are not the same.  Fat cells have many qualities; they are necessary to assist in many functions of the body, make up a large portion of the bulk of brain and nerve fibers and are important for hormonal functions and joint health.  However, we are growing fatter as a society and this growth is causing many deadly diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease to worsen.

When a person loses weight without knowing where the weight loss is coming from, many problems can arise.  If the diet program doesn’t target fat loss and targets only weight loss, then the dieter can run the risk of losing some very important and vital tissue; namely, protein. Protein is the substance that comprises the most important tissues of our body. Muscle, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral discs, nerves and most importantly, organs all consist of protein.  If you want those tissues to last and to continue to function late into life, it is important to maintain these high-quality proteins.

Starvation diets, mail order-diets, and untested programs may enable a person to lose weight, but if the body composition is not being measured during the weight loss program, then the risk of losing protein and muscle mass is very high.

Our Tanita® body composition analyzer allows us to measure what our dieters are losing. We can see that as the 3-7 pounds come off week by week that the weight that is being lost consists of fat. The program allows us to accurately assess that fat loss is occurring and the nature of our protein-sparing medical weight loss program lets our dieters keep their vital organs and skeletal muscle intact.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking that all weight loss is good.  There is a difference and if you are basing weight loss only on what the scale reads, you may be putting yourself at greater risk for disease in the future. Don’t take chances, lose weight the safe way and know that weight you are losing is fat. We at Benchmark Medical Group perform body composition on our dieters weekly and can accurately assess what nutritional alterations may be needed to ensure that only fat loss is occurring.

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Dr. Jason W. Haas

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