Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Most women are not happy with their bodies after they have babies.  The necessity to grow another living human inside causes tissues to stretch, of course! Abdominal musculature, pelvic structures, spinal position, and other tissues all must accommodate the growing baby.

After pregnancy and delivery, some women “snap back” into their former bodies as if by magic. These women don’t understand the struggles that other women must go through to attempt to regain their former bodies. However, with the proper dietary habits and the Powerplate,® the struggle to get back in shape need not be a battle.

Breastfeeding is possibly the most important gift a mother can give to a newborn, so it is important that new moms get the nutrition necessary to allow breastfeeding to continue as long as possible. A variety of foods, and great supplementation can assist in this process. However, some breast feeding moms find that if they restrict their diet too severely, they will stop producing milk. Therefore the best way to get fit again and still get the nutrients necessary is to have a coach that can help.

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have coached many post-pregnancy women on the proper way to get enough nutrition as well as their back into pre-pregnancy shape. We have programs for breastfeeding moms as well as those who have stopped. We have specific custom-tailored medical weight loss programs for all categories of moms!

The Powerplate® is an incredible tool for helping post-pregnancy moms tighten and tone stretched skin and strengthen the underlying muscles.  The plate can dampen pain that may be lingering in the pelvis and low back and can assist in regaining better balance that is often lost with the addition of a baby-filled abdomen.

Powerplate also has been shown to reduce cellulite by 25% in as little as 6 months and can assist new moms in getting not only into pre-pregnancy shape, but also the best shape of their lives! If you are struggling with the weight you put on during pregnancy, or if you developed pain during pregnancy and are experiencing changes in your body that you want answers to, maybe we can help!  Contact us today to see if you are a candidate for the amazing rehabilitation techniques we provide.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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