TRX is Here!

We at Benchmark Medical Group are always seeking to provide the best of the best for our patients in the realm of rehabilitation, fitness and overall healthcare.  We are so very proud to announce that we have completed the installation of our TRX® suspension bands.  These suspension bands are located above our PowerPlate™ rehabilitation area and will enable our patients to achieve new levels of fitness never before seen.
The TRX system allows us to prescribe totally new exercises and positions to help not only those that are in great shape and trying to achieve ultimate fitness, but also those that are deconditioned and unable to do certain exercises due to disability or injury.  The TRX® system is the ultimate workout!
Whatever your goal may be for the New Year in terms of health, weight loss and fitness, we at Northern Colorado’s premier rehabilitation facility can provide experienced coaches, personal trainers, and physical therapists to accomplish these goals.  We can target specific weak muscle groups or get you to the best shape of your life.  The question is, “What do you want to accomplish?”  Once you answer this, we can design very specific programs that can give you the tools necessary to become the person that you want to be.
The most unique aspect of the suspension TRX training in our facility is the incorporated use of the PowerPlate.™ The PowerPlate™ itself is an amazing way to increase better balance, core stability, strength and range of motion and decrease pain and injury potential and now we can go to levels never seen before.  We have the tools that can turn you into the fit, healthy, happy person you have always wanted to be.
If you have had injuries, suffer from chronic pain, or are already an athlete, we can produce results that will astound you.  We have the some of the most advanced equipment available in all of Colorado and are able to back our programs with incredible amounts of research and science.  We  can meet and exceed your expectations!
Dr. Jason W. Haas

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