Transform Your Body with Fat!

Fat is a double-edged sword. If the fat in your body and the fat in your diet is the wrong kind, or if there is too much of it, or if it is out-of-balance with your protein and carbs, the results can kill you. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, hormone disruption and may other diseases are all worsened (or caused by) too much fat or the wrong kind.

Fat matters!

Both on your body and in your food, if it is healthy and well-functioning, it’s protective, nutrient rich and the fat you choose can enhance your entire brain and body. There’s a reason some of those fats are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).

However, in order for you to know what is the best fat to choose and how it won’t increase body fat, you must first understand that if you’re going to live off of your fat, you can’t let sugar get in the way. When you are burning sugar (carbs, glucose, etc.) as your first energy source, you will never get to use fat in the way that your body can and should. Unless you are a marathon runner or working out to Olympic Levels, your body will choose to burn sugar first.

Typically, when we eat more than a certain amount of carbs (in grams) we end up using that as our first source of energy, and any dietary fat that we consume is stored in the form of fat instead of be broken down into the specific fat’s components. We don’t metabolize our fat until we start using it as our first source of energy, either burning our own body fat (if we need to) or burning the fat we eat in our diets.

Understanding how to reduce carbohydrates, increase fat and protein should be done in a supervised environment, as the numbers can vary from person to person depending on so many variables. For example, an athletic young man may burn fats as a source of energy most of the time at levels of 100 grams of total carbohydrates eaten in a day. A middle-aged woman may require as low as 15-20 grams to fully use fat as the primary energy source of the body. This is not easy to do for most typical American diets. That is why the expertise of the physicians and weight loss coaches at Benchmark will treat each person uniquely.

No one is exactly the same and it’s foolish for diet companies to treat everyone the same. The factors of metabolism, hormones, sleep, medications, inflammation, posture, strength, hydration and more are all an important of what needs to be measured to really transform your life and show you how the lifestyle changes that you must make in order to survive and thrive are made.

Once you are burning fat as you first source of energy, amazing things happen.

Fat loss is easy and rapid and many folks will see they are burning 1000kCal a day of their own body fat!! They often will lose .5-1.5% of their body fat in 10 days and we see people lose 40 pounds of fat or more in 2 months! The body is amazing and once the obstacles to fat burning are removed, we have the amazing ability to shrink fat quickly, safely and permanently with the understanding that nutrition is for life! Once you know how to accomplish this “Burn-Fat-First” metabolism, you see and feel the transformation and lean how the human metabolism can effectively burn fat with amazing results.

Now, fast forward to the new you.

You’ve reached your body fat goal! Congratulations! (Fortunately, we get to tell people every day at Benchmark, “you made your goal!”)

Your body fat has normalized and you are now able to exercise more effectively and efficiently because you are not carrying such a heavy load. Your joints feel better and you find it easier to do things longer because your endurance is so much better. At this point your body can be given a choice to burn fat or to burn carbohydrates as a source of energy. You can now do everything in your power to improve the fats that your body is using from a nutritional perspective and the higher the quality of fats in your diet, the more your cells can truly become more pliable and flexible and this cellular change in the fatty membranes of your cells will be reflected in your beautiful eyes, your improving skin, your hair will have increased luster, you will notice that stubborn fat area are no longer as stubborn. Body fat quickly shrinks if it increases because you know how to “turn-on” your fat burning systems now. Our programs make belly fat shrink and it stays away! Fat is an excellent source of energy when you need to lose it, and once your body fat is normal, the fats you choose can continue the body transformation process. Learn how to transform you!

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