I came in because… I was recovering from back surgery. Laser treatments speeded up my recovery and prevented scar tissue from forming around the incision. It didn’t prevent all scar tissue formation, just reduced it, which is a big deal for anyone recovering from back surgery. Too much scar tissue can be as painful as a herniated disk. Laser increased blood circulation around the area lasered, and that promoted the healing process.

M. Tucker – Fort Collins, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because… I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. I was in extreme pain and I had severe muscle spasms and lots of swelling. The K-Laser treatments have helped to reduce painful swelling and it has helped to reduce my muscle spasms. I have seen an improvement in my overall pain level and an increase in my movement. The K-Laser treatments have freed me from taking more narcotics, steroids, and muscle relaxants. The K-Laser has been therapeutic and a great asset in my recovery.

F. Freytag – Windsor, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because… I was run over by a car. Besides the wonderful Chiropractic care I received at Benchmark Medical Group I also get laser treatments. I have broken bones in my left hand and muscle and ligament and tendon damage in my right hand and arm. Bre and Shari have been amazing and listen to all my concerns and I feel that my healing has gone so fast because of the laser treatments and I recommend these treatments highly thank you so much for caring.

R. Gade – Loveland, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because…I was having pain in my right lower back and when I used a heating pad to relieve the pain, instead, it appeared to increase the level of pain.

Bre is cheerful as she greets each patient. She performs the laser treatments, requesting feedback to ensure maximum results. Though she is young, she has a professional attitude that commands my attention. Open time, I had a question that requires confidence in the privacy of the health care for an individual, and she ensured me, she would keep the inquiry confidential between the doctor and the two of us.

I sincerely, appreciate Bre, Cheerfully, and professionally, servicing my pain management and needs every time I come in for treatment.

P.Leach – Henderson, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because… I was suffering from severe back pain to due to Osteoporosis. After hearing treatment with the K-Laser, I received almost immediate relief.

Later that month, I flew to North Carolina, which resulted in me having to walk from the west side of the Denver airport to the east, pulling luggage. I could not have accomplished this prior to the laser treatment.

A Lind – Windsor, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because… I had spinal stenosis surgery years ago and was told by two doctors that I would be looking at another surgery in the near future. I also fell on a hunting trip and sprained my ankle. Laser treatment worked wonderfully for both problems. I was hunting again the next weekend- and have no back pain at all. What a wonderful treatment plan.

G. Swanson – Greeley, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I had lower back pain and neck pain. I had never had any kind of laser therapy before. I had family members who had used it with mixed results so I knew a little bit about its possibility. Both Doctors and their assistants were extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. In combination with traction and adjustments I feel this is definitely the right combination. I have felt relief from pain and increase flexibility. I am anxious to see my next x-rays after my first three months to see my progress.

BJ.Bergholz – Johnston, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I was told the laser treatment would help reduce the inflammation in my neck and low back as well as reduce the scar tissue. Since starting the treatment I have noticed an increased reduction of pain associated with using the laser treatment oppose to before using other forms of treatment.

I. Neybert – Wellington, CO
* Results may vary from person to person.

I came in because the doctor said I had to but then I realized they were right. I feel they have made a great deal of progress in my treatments. The laser helped me in some of my worst pain (neck and lower hip) like the very next day. All in all the combination of laser and traction have improved my overall health and I feel so much better all day especially at work. Thank You Melody and Sheri. I enjoy my time here.

R. Perez – Windsor, CO
* Results may vary from person to perso

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