Numbness and Tingling Solution

Do you suffer with abnormal sensation in your arms or legs, feet or hands? Pins and Needles, numbness and tingling, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, complicated radiculopathy, call it what you will but whatever you call it, it’s no fun! Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, or legs and feet can rob you of your quality life in ways that other symptoms and pain will never do.

Are You Feeling “Balled-Up”

Patients often reports that they feel that they have a “balled-up” sock sensation under their feet, that they feel they are walking on rocks all the time or are constantly dropping items or unable to pick things up because of the debilitating symptoms. These symptoms can create a situation where simple activities of daily living become difficult if not impossible.

Peripheral neuropathy can have several causes including complication of chemotherapy, diabetes, nerve injury due to trauma, infection or tumor and others. The symptoms can vary from mild to very severe burning pain, with loss or altered sensation in both hands and feet. The symptoms can arise many weeks or months after a car crash, can come from nerve injury during surgery and can also be a complication of weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

Loss of Sensation

Loss of sensation in the hands robs you of your main tool to experience the world through touch. Imagine not being able to feel your child’s hand in your, not be able to feel the touch of your spouse or lover or not knowing that you have been injured because of the nerve damage.

If a numb extremity has a small cut, the possibility of serious infection increases dramatically and the consequences can be devastating. Many diabetic patients must have limbs amputated due to complication of cuts and infections that they are unable to feel because of the peripheral neuropathy. Many patients that experience the pain of sciatica and radiculopathy have complications that lead to numbness and tingling in the feet, side of the leg or toes. If this nerve damage is untreated, the sensation loss can become permanent!

We Can Help!

Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado we may have solution to your suffering! We have many therapies that help relieve nerve pressure such as traction of the specific are where the nerve is compressed, increased circulation with the amazing Power Plate® and even medical anesthetic injections that can re-awaken nerves that have been chronically damaged. We have our Class IV laser to improve circulation and speed up the healing process and get the sensation back, fast! We have an amazing weight loss program that can get you back to normal weight quickly and teach you how to keep the weight off for life!

We have combination therapies that can get the sensation back into your arms, hands, legs, feet and toes!

If you or someone you know is suffering with these debilitating symptoms, call us today to get your sensation and your life back!

Transform Your Body and Change Your Life | Windsor Health Center

Windsor Health Wellness Chiropractor

Pants getting tight? Are you wearing baggy clothes to hide your growing waistline? Is it getting harder and harder to get in and out of the car? And airplane seats? Forget about it! At Benchmark, we understand your struggle. We understand your frustration with your own willpower, your indifference to being healthy and we understand that you need help to transform.

We understand if you don’t know how to reverse course and get back to better health. We know because we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped thousands just like you. Total transformation is what is necessary. In order to get your mind straight, your will power firmly set, and in order to get the results you’re looking for, you will need help. Why try to do something on your own that you’ve failed at time and again?

Fortunately, our physicians and coaches and therapists can help you on this journey. We understand if you are not getting the nutritional advice from your current doctor that you should. Most of them do not spend more than 10 minutes with you and cannot answer your specific nutrition questions, and most often you’re there for an illness, not to discuss how to improve your health! Too often the medical advice about nutrition from other doctors is not based in experience and in some cases is not based in science.

At Benchmark, we have the experience of working with over 7000 patients in the last 13 years for pain relief, structural and functional rehabilitation, age management medicine, nutrition and weight loss, performance enhancement and fitness, and we have helped over 3000 medical weight loss clients lose thousands of combined pounds! If you show up, we have the tools to get you serious results!

You know that you need to get healthy. Look into your kids’ eyes and imagine them having to take care of you because of your health choices. How does that make you feel?  Look at the money that is spent on treating all of the terrible diseases that are the result of poor lifestyle, obesity and sedentary behaviors. We know that this struggle is real and we know that it’s not easy losing weight, exercising and trying to look and feel healthy. However, the struggle to lose weight pales in comparison to the struggles that the diseases associated with being overweight or obese you will face. Diabetes can lead to amputation, blindness, crusty, scaly bleeding ulcers on the legs and unregulated sugar diabetes can lead to death. The financial burden on those who have diabetes is enormous and is often the cause for bankruptcies, divorce, even imprisonment!

Heart disease can lead to painful heart attacks, open heart-surgeries, a lifetime of medications and is still the leading cause of preventable death in the US. Heart disease and poor lifestyle and obesity all go hand in hand and the ultimate price is your quality of life. If your health and wellbeing are not where they should be, how do you think that going to affect you and those around you? Not well.

When your health suffers, your family suffers. When your health is poor, your relationships are poor. No matter what it is you would like to accomplish in your future, you are more likely to get there if you are focused on your own health and wellbeing first. Just as you are to put your oxygen mask on first before helping those around you in the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure; if you’re not putting your own health first, those that you want to help will be unable to receive it.

Call us and learn about our transformation services, learn how we can get your mind together and get your feet on the right path toward better health, fitness and pain relief. Call us to see how we can get your blood profiles normalized, how we can fix your pain, and call us to see how we can get you back to where you need to be for those who depend on you. Call us to see how we can smooth wrinkles, blast fat and cellulite, and get you lean, toned and fit. It’s not too late to totally transform your mind and body and we can show you how! Call us at 970-686-9117 and experience the difference!

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Don't Ignore Your Pain | Windsor Pain Relief

Windsor Colorado Pain Releif

Injury has consequences. At the initial time of injury tissues are stretched and squeezed beyond what they can withstand and this stretching and compression causes cells to rupture and start a cascade of inflammation chemical signals that make the area hurt, red, swollen, and hot. Eventually the swelling and pain will cause a loss of function. Hopefully this function returns, but what you do about it makes all the difference.

If the injury is minor, the healing will occur and function will return. If the injury is more moderate, function may be limited for a much longer period of time and this loss of function can become permanent. When the injury is severe, the scar tissue that is created from the “healing” process can lead to constant and chronic pain, loss of function and eventually, disability.

Fortunately, there has been a tremendous amount research conducted about the proper care and treatment of injured tissue. In the past, bedrest was often recommended for joint injuries and back pain. We now know that bedrest actually increases the chronic nature of pain and increases the likelihood of permanent problems. Movement as early as possible in non-fractured injuries and post surgically is very important if a complete return of strength, flexibility and function is expected.

With the right type of early treatment and therapy, pain can reduce much faster, swelling and range of motion will return much quicker than it would in the ”normal” healing process. If you have been injured in Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, or anywhere in Northern Colorado, you need to know that there is a very big difference in who you choose to do your injury rehabilitation.

Fortunately at Benchmark Medical, we have the commitment and tools to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and we have the technology and therapists that you will not find elsewhere who can help you get your joints healing, the movement back in your neck and lower back and we can get you recovered faster than the “traditional” approach. Our team of physicians and therapists can give you the pain relief you need quickly and we can show you the best approach you can take to home care and getting as much of your pre-injury life back as quickly as possible.

There is a difference in structural and functional rehabilitation and the doctors at Benchmark use CBP® Structural rehabilitation in addition to other therapies such as our amazing K-Laser Technology, Power Plate pain relief techniques, second-to-none physical therapy, and our medical staff can provide non-addictive trigger point injections and tissue healing IV’s.   We have a facility that can give you what you need to get out of pain quickly and get your tissues back to normal.

Then, once the pain is gone, we want to truly fix you! We want to see what made you susceptible to that injury in the first place. Was it muscle weakness? Poor balance? Slow reaction times? Lack of muscle mass? We don’t just want to get you to pre injury status, we have the tools to get you stronger, more flexible and in better shape than you’ve ever imagined. We can change your life if you give us the time and commitment!

Imagine having a body that makes you smile on the beach. Imagine having no pain at the company picnic football game. Imagine being able to keep up with your teenager! You do not have to continue suffering; if you have injuries, new or old, we have a way to get you feeling better, functioning better and living the life you deserve. What are you waiting for? Call! 970-686-9117

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How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds | Windsor Weight Loss

Windsor CO Weight Loss SuccessMany, many women and men patients over the past eleven years have told me that if they could change one thing about their body, it would be to lose “those last 10 pounds.” It has been said to me so many thousands of times I estimate it in the 1000’s! That phrase seems like it’s been rammed into the brain of so many people! Truth be told, many people do not need to lose “those last 10 pounds.” In fact, most people have to lose much to get even close to normal values!

Most people have no real idea what their body weight should be, what their body fat percentage should be, and most people have no idea how they gain fat and how one systematically loses fat. Most Americans are now overweight and in Colorado, we have exceeded the 20% mark for obesity. The consequences for the obesity and excess weight are dire, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer, injuries, depression and chronic pain all are caused or complicated by being obese or overweight. Normal body fat percentage for women is 18-28%, and normal for men is 10-20%. Do you know yours?

What most people don’t know is that once the details of body composition, blood and hormone analysis are made, and once a nutrition and exercise profile and plan are created and followed, “those last ten pounds” melt off and so much more. Getting lighter means more energy, better balance, better sex life and even a better financial outlook!

The fact is, is that health comes from getting as close to normal as possible, in as many different parameters as possible. If your doctor, health care provider, chiropractor, nurse or nutritionist are not measuring all of your necessary normal values, you are missing out on a very important component of not only weight loss, but also pain relief, muscle and strength gains, better sleep, and a better mental outlook with less depression and anxiety. You need data!

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have many ways to acquire data! Our initial screening process includes measuring your posture and comparing the values to normal and normal ranges. We have the ability to measure your overall bodily strength and compare to averages for your age. We can measure individual joint flexibility and strength, and we have an amazing software that allowed us to measure every angle in your spinal joints and compare each level to normal! Most orthopedic surgeons don’t have the spinal measurement capabilities we have! Almost every patient states, “I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation!”

We have the ability to test broad spectrums of hormones with both saliva, urine and blood analysis. We can look at nutrients, foods and environmental allergens that may be keeping you sick and causing you pain and suffering or poor digestion. We can look at your genetic profile to give you clues to your ideal protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratios as well as your recommended level of exercise intensity from a genetic perspective. We can measure your health status and give you comparisons to normal pain levels, normal health outlook, normal social function, mental health, and energy all matched to your peers. We have so many numerous ways to measure different parameters of your health, and the information and data received give you so many measurable and valuable results!

However, we don’t stop there! Not only do we have methods to measure you and compare you to multiple normal values and ranges, we have effective, repeatable, reliable methods to reverse these abnormal measurements! We have the equipment, knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through a program to improve your quality of life, your physical capabilities and your body! We can get “those last ten pounds” off and so much more! When you’re ready to see how healthy you really can be, we’ll be here! When you want to find out what optimal health is and how to get there, we’ll be here. Call us today! 970-686-9117

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Totally Different Weight Loss

Totally Different Weight Loss

fit in fitnessHave you tried to lose weight with no success?  Have you sent away for meals in the mail hoping that they will be the “magic bullet” that will get you fit and healthy?  Have you tried cutting calories, low-fat and low-sugar foods with no success? Have you tried supplements and medications in attempt to get fir with a pill?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for a program with repeatable, reliable results that will get you losing weight and body fat and will get you on track to be the fit, healthy person that you know you can be!

Our program is different in so many ways.  We never treat two people the same when it comes to weight loss.  We know that there are individual differences that can make one person struggle with weight when the next will need only simple changes to lose the pounds. We look at each individual and take into consideration so many different factors that influence weight loss; hormones, blood and laboratory analyses, genetic differences and previous injuries and pain that may interfere with exercise recommendations.

We have a trained nutritionist, nurse practitioner, and Medical Doctor who will monitor your individual situation and make sure that the program that we recommend is the most appropriate and most effective way for you to lose weight.  We have weekly coaching sessions and weekly group lectures that give you the understanding that you need to know how people gain fat in the first place and what steps are necessary to get the fat off, not just in the short term, but forever! We have helped over 3000 people lose weight and keep it off and our experience and personalized programs are truly second-to-none!

We have so many different programs that ensure that you get the private, custom one-on-one attention that is necessary to get you to the level of fitness you desire.  Whether you want to lose a few pounds to fit into your favorite jeans or you have been told by your physician that you are at risk for heart disease, diabetes or stroke if you do not lose weight, we have solutions!

If you are scheduled or are contemplating a knee replacement surgery, back surgery or other invasive procedure, we can provide weight loss programs that can take loads off of your joints, lessen pain and inflammation and, if the surgery is necessary, improve outcomes and reduce recovery times.

If you are at the point where you are about to give up on your body and the goals you have to be healthy and fit, wait!  We may be the solution that you have been looking for. If you or someone you know is struggling with body fat or body weight and you are ready to turn your life around and get to where you know you want to be, give us a call!  Be sure to ask about our amazing specials right now!tiptoeifyoumust














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Do you have the best body ever? Want to know a secret?

fit in fitnessDo you have the best body ever?

Do you struggle to get into the clothes that fit you just last year?  Do you have a hard time finding comfort in the car, on a plane or getting in and out of the booth at the restaurant?  Do you work out and “diet” only to see your gains minimal to non-existent?  Are you struggling to find love because you don’t love your body?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you may be in need of some serious body over-haul!  If you are struggling to catch your breath after climbing the stairs, have completely lost your sex drive and have the energy of a slug, you need help, NOW!  Do you know what your current hormone levels are compared to normal?  When was the last time your thyroid was extensively tested to see if everything is OK?  Are you so stressed all day that it keeps you up all night and the exhaustive viscous cycle repeats over andTanned-Waist-Red-Clothes over and over again?

Fortunately, if you live in Windsor or the Northern Colorado area, there may be a solution to your suffering!  We have combined the best of all medical/conservative worlds including a top-notch family practice medical doctor, an extensively experienced nurse practitioner, three phenomenal chiropractors, a stellar physical therapist, and an amazing team of assistants and therapists to make sure that we discover the cause of your conditions, and have real-life solutions to your problems!

If you need laboratory, nutrient, or food-sensitivity testing, we’ve got that covered. If your sex drive, love life and stamina could use a tune up, ask about our hormonal balancing.  If you need a coach to get you in the best shape of your life, we can do that. How about a therapy to regenerate your hair, reduce wrinkles, smooth and tone skin or regenerate joints and speed wound healing?  Yes? Find out about our Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy!

We have so many solutions to so many problems!  If you want to learn the secrets to the best body you’ve ever had, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group!

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Do you want to rejuvenate your body? PRP and the secret tools at Benchmark Medical Group can!

benefitsofb12Do you want to rejuvenate your body?

Are you feeling tired all the time?  Do you look in the mirror and see someone that is not the real you?  Do you have no energy at the end of the day and struggle to find joy in your life?  Have you put on 20, 30, 50 or more pounds since you graduated high school? This obesity is often coupled with pain and that pain can become chronic and debilitating.

Pain leads to you not wanting to move your body.  The obesity, low energy and loss of motivation often cause negative, self-destructive thoughts.  Those depressive and destructive thoughts make you seek out activities that make you feel good.  Unfortunately, most of those feel good activities are also self-destructive and you may turn to alcohol, drugs, and food to feel better.  This vicious cycle of eating, drinking, pain and weight gain lead to a reduced quality of life and more pain and suffering. Eventually, you can’t reach your life goals.

Are you ready to stop the cycle?  Are you committed to feeling good without fatty, sugary food, endlessalcoholic drinks, and drugs that only make us forget our pain temporarily? Are you ready to smile again? Are you ready to walk the road filled with joy, accomplishment, and fitness?  If you answered yes to these questions, Benchmark Medical Group may have the solution for you!

We have worked hard to bring the perfection of physical medicine, posture and structural rehabilitation, pain reduction, medical therapies, cosmetics, weight loss and fitness to Windsor in Northern Colorado.  We have the a medical team that is committed to rejuvenation medicine with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapies,  and replacing your damaged tissue with you own cellular tools that you need to accelerate wound healing, regenerate and reduce the pain and disability associated with arthritis, and many cosmetic procedures such as hair re-growth, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging techniques to get you looking you best.

Our Spa team, led by Amanda, have the non-surgical body sculpting tools to work on cellulite, remnant pockets of fat wrinkle reduction, and other cosmetic procedures with our cutting edge Tri-Phasic Radiofrequency and Ultra-Sonic Body Fat reducing equipment.  If you want to look polished, fit and firm we have the ways!

Our Rehabilitation team is second-to-none!  The perfect combination of Top-Notch Power Plate Physical Therapy and CBP® Chiropractic make pain vanish, posture improve, and joint and muscle injuries heal fast and strong.  We can get you looking more confident, get those shoulders back and chin up and have your friends wondering how you suddenly look so much taller! The over-50 forms of traction allow our technicians to remodel your abnormal low back or neck and get you able to work, play and get fit again! We can truly rejuvenate your body and your joints!

If you are ready to lose weight the weight you’ve gained since marriage, or to get those last stubborn inches and pounds off, our Nutritionist Tanya and Dr. Mari Riley, MD can get your hormones and thyroid under control, show you how to eat and get the most out of our medical weight loss program, FOR LIFE!

So, what are you waiting for?  Do you want fitness?  Do you want that body?  Are you ready?  We can help you rejuvenate your body!

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Early Spine Correction is Critical for Healthy Aging and Spinal Correction is Possible!

Early Spine Correction is Critical for Healthy Aging and Spinal Correction is Possible!

X-rayThe human spine is an amazing object; it houses the nervous system, which is the controller of all of the functions of the body and the spine completely protects this nervous system.  The spinal structure is some of the first tissue to develop in utero and completely encases and protects delicate nervous tissue which is the conduit for all of the information necessary to work every part of the body.  Well-functioning cells, tissues, organs, and all of the amazing things that humans can accomplish is due to the incredible power of the nervous system and it’s housing.

Unfortunately, this housing can be damaged by poor posture, too much sitting, weight gain, injuries and trauma and this damage has consequences. Normal developing spines that are not subjected to these damaging forces have better structural integrity, better functional ability and are less likely to cause pain and dysfunction.  Growth of the spine beginning early in life and then the amazing growth that takes place during the teen years depends on normal position and rapid treatment of injuries to make sure that minor problems do not compound in to issues with posture or any ability to perform tasks.  Small postural abnormalities can rapidly progress into terrible deformities if they are not treated early and intervention should always supersede “watchful waiting.” With spine correction quickly, this “watchful waiting” can be devastating.

Unfortunately, many people who have postural problems do not find out about these issues until they are adults.  The doctors that they visit, the chiropractors that “adjust” them, and most therapists that treat their injuries do not take into account and measure the importance of posture and spinal structure. This then leads to the nasty work of Wolff’s and Davis’ Laws that state that bone and soft tissues remodel to stresses! The remodeling leads to tissues changing their shape, bone spurs growing, discs degenerating and collapsing, and the eventual loss of function, strength and eventually disability.

The pain that comes with disability does not need to be part of your future!  Spinal correction is possible and spinal correction is one of the many amazing services that we offer at Benchmark Medical Group, Inc. in Windsor, Colorado.  Servicing Northern Colorado for more than a decade, the doctors and therapists at Benchmark Medical have the tools to correct these abnormal spines and postures and spinal correction can create a healthier, happier, more functional future!  If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for spinal correction, of if you know someone that is in need of spine correction, contact us today!

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Three Mistakes Made on a Weight Loss Journey

Power PlateThree Mistakes Made on a Weight Loss Journey

Don’t be a statistic!,  Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, over use of medications, inability to exercise due to pain or injury, loss of quality relationships due to poor libido or loss of sexual function, and poor life satisfaction all have a final consequence: slow and painful  DEATH!  If you are not living in the body you want, your risk of diseases, infirmary, and death all increase dramatically. Alzheimer’s, Diabetic amputation, hospital acquired diseases leading to death, and depression with your current body need not be a part of your future!  You can change!  You can become the person you know you want to be!  You can regain your health, passion, and start living the life you want!  But on that journey that so often involves weight loss, don’t make these mistakes!

1)      Don’t try to fit yourself into a box-  Every person is very different, we are not all the same!


Are you trying to use the same “Weight Loss” programs that your friends, co-workers and other are using?  Are you using a “weight loss” program that you saw on TV promoted by a celebrity who is getting paid big bucks to sell you their boxes of food?

Understanding that every person is different and unique is often the critical aspect of a successful, lasting weight program.  Metabolic differences, genetics, other health conditions, injuries and current health status all play a major role in the understanding of how and why every individual loses weight, gains muscle, loses fat and improves their body and health overall.  If you want to be treated like a person and have an individualized approach, Benchmark Medical Group of Windsor, Colorado will treat you according to your current state of health in helping you succeed in losing weight, and getting the body you deserve!


2)      Failure to use Diagnostics and Analysis tools for successful weight loss

Failure to measure your differences in your anatomy, physiology, metabolic abilities, genetics, and current health status including strength, range of motion, structure and functional abilities often leads to less-than successful programs.  At Benchmark Medical Group we have the diagnostic tools to give you measurable results in multiple aspects of your health journey; we will analyze you and give you the ability to make a real and lasting change in your weight and overall health.

3)       Not Understanding  Body Composition vs. Pounds lost


If you are using just the scale to tell you if you are successful in your chosen program, you may be missing some information that can cost you your life! Simply losing “weight” without the understand of whether that weight came from muscle, fat or water can set a peron up for losses of muscle mass that can compromise the heart and other vital muscular parts of the body, thus leading to poor long term health outlook. We have state of the art body composition that assists us in your weight loss journey, measuring you with incredible accuracy on how your body is changing! We’ll show you in detail how you are getting more muscle, less fat and the sexy, healthy body you desire.


If you would like more information and to take advantage of our limited time only specials, call us today! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get your health back! You can change your life and we can help!


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Mind over Pain- Pain Relief Through Your Thoughts!

johnswordsPain is no fun.  Injury, disease, degeneration, all can lead to a pain.  Pain can make us less functional, make us less likely to be active and even prevent us from any enjoyment of life whatsoever. Fortunately, we have many physical solutions for pain that can lessen the severity and improve structure and function.

However, we also must address the mental component of pain.  The brain is the most powerful organ in the body, capable of truly amazing feats and is the central controlling organ for the function of all of the other organs.  It has been known for many decades that people can control their perception of pain with mental strength alone.  There are documented events performed by Fakirs in India where they are able to overcome, or not be affected by, what would normally be incredible painful stimuli.  Martial artists will break boards, ice, and perform unbelievable feats with little or no painful perception whatsoever.  Marathon runners and endurance athletes will run for miles and miles with no perception of pain.

This type of “mind over matter” ability is usually not something that we are born with, but something that must be learned.  Once we learn that we have the ability to control our pain perception with our mind, that ability must be honed and perfected if we wish to perform feats that would typically cause debilitating pain. That is, if you want to perform amazing feats.

Most people will not run marathons or break boards with their hands.  Most people who are suffering just want to get rid of their back pain, neck pain or headaches. However, the brains of most people are no different than the brains of the martial artist or endurance runner; they just have not perfected the ability to block pain with their mind and thoughts only!

In the frontal lobe of your brain, you possess specialized cells that allow you to pre-plan, create new ideas, and anticipate the future.  This frontal lobe is where your focus and attention will need to go if you are reducing pain with your mind.  A mantra or repetitive thought, a trigger to make you think of something else, or an image that calms and relaxes you will enable you to overcome your pain in the moment.  Movement, a great state of mind and knowledge that what you are feeling will only be temporary can enable you to lessen the physical sensation of pain.

Many people who are injured severely report that thinking of the people that they love , family, friends and thinking about those that they deeply care about is enough to lessen the sensation of pain and persevere through the pain.  Distraction activities, putting the mind on tasks and the future, as well as moving your mental awareness to another part of the body can all lessen a painful area. Focusing on those that are less fortunate and understanding that there is always someone suffering more than you are all tools and techniques that can lessen the perception of pain.

Ultimately, learning mental coping skills and practicing those skills over and over is a critical component to feeling less pain and suffering.  If you are interested in learning more about the types of pain relief tools we provide and some of the amazing pain therapies that are available at Benchmark Medical Group give us a call!  We can help!

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