True Health Monitoring with InBody 520

Benchmark Medical Group is pleased to announce our latest arrival: The InBody 520 by BioSpace.  This space-age technology is revolutionizing body composition testing and we are proud to be the only private facility in Northern Colorado offering this to our patients.
Essentially, the machine is a very special scale that has handles that are held during the analysis.  The machine uses a micro-current to pass through the legs and arms and then the trunk and the data that is retrieved is astounding! We are able to see a complete body composition analysis including current weight, lean body mass, and body fat mass, and much more.  The measurements then allow us to categorize patients into eight distinct body types from ideal composition to those that predispose the patient to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
The InBody 520 also measures our body water balance.  This enables us to see overall hydration, as well as the balance of water inside and outside the cells.  If there are differences from the 3:2 ratio of intracellular water to extracellular water, then we are clued into possible mineral imbalances, inflammation and edema.  The machine enables us to ensure that our dieters are consuming enough water, and what their bodies do with that water.
The InBody also gives a detailed analysis of obesity. Using BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage, we are able to see what range the patient falls into regarding their overall analysis of body composition.  This is extremely important because this information has been documented to show the danger of acquiring multiple diseases as a result of poor body composition and obesity. The InBody 520 also is able to give us detailed information on segmental lean muscle analysis, differentiating between the arms, legs, and trunk.  This information is incredibly important because those that carry too much abnormal body fat around their trunk are at a much greater risk of developing diseases associated with cardiovascular death.
This exciting technology will advance our understanding of our patients current and future health and will assist us in making clinical decisions that pertain to getting our patients to within normal limits if that is what they are trying to accomplish, accelerate weight and fat loss, and allow performance athletes to have a better understanding as to what is necessary to achieve their goals.
However, the best part about this our technology is that once we have the details of body composition, if there are places that need to improve, we have solutions!  With our amazing Alter-G anti- gravity treadmill, our phenomenal PowerPlates, ™  the incredible weight and fat loss seen with our medical weight loss program and the postural and structural changes associated with CBP® we are able to get people healthier than they ever imagined.
If you or someone you know wants to know exactly what your body is composed of, and if you want to change any abnormal readings we find, please don’t delay!  Call us today to see if you are a candidate for the amazing service we offer at Northern Colorado’s Benchmark Medical Group!
Dr. Jason W. Haas

Ultimate Core Strength

There is much talk in the fitness and rehabilitation worlds about the importance of core muscle.  Many people misconstrue that when someone says core strength they mean abdominal muscles.  Although the abdominal muscles are part of the core of the body and it is very important to have strong abs, the true core muscles are much deeper.
The muscles around the spinal column in the lumbar and thoraco-lumbar spines are probably the most important skeletal muscles in our body.  These muscles activate for nearly all tasks from walking to catching a ball.  These muscles give not only stability to the bony and ligamentous structures, they are also packed full of very specialized nerve cells called mechanoreceptors. These mechanoreceptors are essentially pressure-sensitive and position-sensitive nerve endings that tell our brain the status and position of the muscles and thus the spine.
As we weaken the muscles of the low back, abdomen, and deep core, the muscles become infiltrated with fat.  This fat causes numerous problems because it reduces the tiny muscles’ ability to communicate properly with the brain and movement pattern disruptions can result, leading to injury. The proper rehabilitation of the core muscles involves not only strengthening the large muscles of the abdomen, trunk and back, but also the tiny little muscles around the spine, in conjunction with a fat-targeting nutrition program.
There are numerous programs and exercises that claim to develop the “core.” Unfortunately many of these involve abdominal exercises and exercises that may not be an option for injured people.  Thankfully, with the Powerplate® and medical weight loss, we can address the fatty infiltration of the deconditioned muscles and perform exercises that cause 30-50 contractions per second in the important core muscles.
Our trainers and Physical Therapists are trained to create programs that address the specific needs of our patients and we are happy to see people who simply cannot exercise because of pain able to overcome and get back the strength necessary to lead normal active lives.  The programs that we have on the Powerplate® have repeated demonstrated to our patients that they can get their strength, stability, endurance and stamina back to pre-injury levels, even when other therapies and treatments have failed.
The ultimate beauty of this is that we don’t stop there.  We have our CBP® Spinal Structural rehabilitation protocols that can further assist in the improvement of the patient’s condition and enable not only a return of strength and endurance, but also a return to normal spinal position!  The traction techniques and Mirror Image® techniques of CBP® give us the tools we need to address so many conditions that other techniques cannot help.
If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain and dysfunction, or if you’ve had an injury that is not healing the way you would like, maybe we can help! If you want to get physically fit, lose body fat and improve your core strength in new a effective ways, we have programs that fit your needs.  Call us today to see if you are a candidate for our amazing transformative rehabilitation and lifestyle tools.
Dr. Jason W. Haas

Diabetes and Circulation

Diabetes and Circulation

One of the very dreadful complications associated with
diabetes is amputation of limbs and loss of vision. This complication occurs as
a result of circulatory problems that are made worse by abnormal fluctuations
in sugars in the bloodstream that can permanently damage the nerve
endings.  The person loses normal
sensation to these areas, and this loss of sensation can lead to cuts and sores
which would normally cause pain, to not be painful. If these sores become
infected then to prevent the further spread of infection, amputation may be

If this loss of normal circulation occurs in the eyes, the
optic nerve can be involved and this can lead to a progressive worsening of vision
and eventual vision loss. The best way to combat this from happening in
pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetics is to reverse the fundamental underlying
cause of the problem; Sugar!

Sugar is so prevalent in our American diets.  We often see typical American dietary habits
include sugar for all meals and for all snacks.
Average Americans consume an incredible 150+ pounds of sugar, per person
per year! This is about 22 sugar packs per day!

This sugar causes our pancreas to produce insulin and when
more and more insulin is required, the cells that produce insulin eventually
stop working.  Once they stop working,
the typical medical treatment approach is often medications and insulin

Fortunately, diabetes can be managed with diet.  We at Benchmark Medical Group
have an amazing medical weight loss, and because this program is so
effective, we have patients tell us nearly every day that their prescribing
doctor took them off their diabetes medications!
We have see diabetes reversed in our patients again and again!

Furthermore, the Powerplate® has tremendous benefits for
improving circulation and sensation in diabetics and when we couple the
astonishing results of these two machines, the outcomes are amazing.  We see patients with sensation loss, poor
circulation, and other effects of diabetic neuropathy able return to a healthier,
happier life as a result of our care.

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, poor
circulation, or peripheral neuropathies please let them know that there may be
a solution at Benchmark Medical Group. Once our doctors determine that you
are a candidate for care, you could be on your way to feeling and looking better!
Don’t delay treating this very serious problem another day!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Inflammation and Fat

Inflammation and Fat

Achy backs, knees, and hips.  Stiff necks and headaches, painful finger joints, and that burning between the shoulders. The underlying common theme of these painful conditions is inflammation.  When our bodies are not functioning well or if they are causing us to suffer from pain, the inflammation must be stopped.

Everyone understands that when we are injured, inflammation will result.  It’s not hard to see the obvious signs of inflammation following an ankle sprain or a twisted knee.  Pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function are all painfully obvious following a trauma. However, the inflammation may be less obvious when the pain originates insidiously, or doesn’t follow the “cardinal” rules of inflammation.

Inflammatory chemicals are produced when there is damage to tissue (trauma) or when there is the potential for tissue damage (stress, fear, poor posture etc.) These chemicals irritate pain nerve ending can cause the tissues to become uncomfortable, stiff, achy and painful.   This is where most people will seek to find the cause of the pain, and the smart ones will do what they can to make it stop. Pain and inflammation are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, many people neglect one of the fundamental places where inflammation is stored; fat. As we are suffering, it is easy to reach for the ice, heat, get a massage, or take a pill.  These may give us temporary relief, but they will not address the fundamental inflammation that is being produced by the tissues and stored in the fat cells.  Because fat is storing inflammation chemicals, it is easy to state that your fat is storing your pain!  Then the real way to address this problem is in the removal of excess fat!

Our medical weight loss programs target fat only.  As we apply the first two phases of the program, our intended goal is to lose 3-7 pounds of fat per week.  This will not only make it easier to fit into those old jeans, it can also substantially reduce the inflammation that is stored inside the fat cells. As we get smaller, the load on our tissues and joints will be less, our flexibility will improve, our ability to exercise will be enhanced and the underlying cause of the pain and loss of function is addressed.

We have had dozens of patients try multiple ways to alleviate pain from ice to surgical procedures, only to find that the pain didn’t go away until the fat was lost.  If you are suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain, or other stiff and painful joints, don’t you think it’s time to stop suffering? We have programs that can make losing the fat quick and easy and we are working tirelessly to improve the speed at which our patients lose fat.  The  program, coupled with Powerplate® physical therapy and fitness have given our patients the tools to get toned, fit and learn how to shed the bonds of pain and inflammation that can slow us down and zap our will. Couple this with our CBP® Structural Rehabilitation and we will have you straighter, stronger, slimmer, and healthier than ever!

If you someone you know is suffering from inflammation, pain, or if you want to find out if the excess weight you are carrying is causing or contributing to your pain and disability, don’t delay! Call us today to see if you are a candidate for our amazing health-restoring techniques!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Serious Pain Relief!

Many people think that pain is normal.  They tell me that they have “normal” headaches, or that the low back pain they feel after sitting in the car is “normal.” Often people have experienced pain for so long that they feel like its normal for them to have neck, mid-back or low back pain.

I have a patient from Greeley that thinks that the headaches she gets every Friday following a long work week are, “just my normal headaches.” Unfortunately, these “normal” aches and pains are not just a nuisance; they can seriously interfere with your quality of life!

When we suffer from pain, be it back, knee, hip, neck or other areas, this can lead to us restricting our activities and lessen our overall experience of life!  Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.  We have sensory nerves that convey the presence of tissue damage and tissue injury and this is what is causing the pain, it is not “normal” to experience pain every day, and if you are, something needs to be done! Plus chronic pain can lead to destruction of brain tissue and actually cause your brain to shrink!

There are many pain relief techniques available to people, and unfortunately the one they reach for first in most cases is medications.  See my previous blog on the dangers of NSAID drugs and you’ll think twice about popping that pill next time!  Pain relief can come from stopping the activity that is irritating you, but this is unreasonable if that activity is work or taking care of your children.  Therefore it becomes necessary to find ways to lessen the pain immediately and get the care that will make it go away permanently.

When we started in practice, we had few of the tools that we now have available for pain relief.  Before we had our K-Laser and our Powerplates, we had manual therapies and CBP chiropractic as the only tools to help with pain relief.  Fortunately these tools are effective for some musculoskeletal pain; however they did not offer the relief to all of the patients that we can now help.  Now, with the help of our hot-therapeutic laser, Powerplate, and medical weight loss programs, and the conjunction of CBP Structural rehabilitation, we are able to service a much larger Northern Colorado community of those seeking pain relief or overall health and wellness.

If you or someone you know has tried traditional chiropractic or physical therapy and you are still suffering, the tools we have to offer at Benchmark Medical Group are truly unique and different and we may be able to help you!  Contact us to see if you are a candidate for our amazing pain-relief therapies, or if you just want to look and feel better!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Most women are not happy with their bodies after they have babies.  The necessity to grow another living human inside causes tissues to stretch, of course! Abdominal musculature, pelvic structures, spinal position, and other tissues all must accommodate the growing baby.

After pregnancy and delivery, some women “snap back” into their former bodies as if by magic. These women don’t understand the struggles that other women must go through to attempt to regain their former bodies. However, with the proper dietary habits and the Powerplate,® the struggle to get back in shape need not be a battle.

Breastfeeding is possibly the most important gift a mother can give to a newborn, so it is important that new moms get the nutrition necessary to allow breastfeeding to continue as long as possible. A variety of foods, and great supplementation can assist in this process. However, some breast feeding moms find that if they restrict their diet too severely, they will stop producing milk. Therefore the best way to get fit again and still get the nutrients necessary is to have a coach that can help.

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have coached many post-pregnancy women on the proper way to get enough nutrition as well as their back into pre-pregnancy shape. We have programs for breastfeeding moms as well as those who have stopped. We have specific custom-tailored medical weight loss programs for all categories of moms!

The Powerplate® is an incredible tool for helping post-pregnancy moms tighten and tone stretched skin and strengthen the underlying muscles.  The plate can dampen pain that may be lingering in the pelvis and low back and can assist in regaining better balance that is often lost with the addition of a baby-filled abdomen.

Powerplate also has been shown to reduce cellulite by 25% in as little as 6 months and can assist new moms in getting not only into pre-pregnancy shape, but also the best shape of their lives! If you are struggling with the weight you put on during pregnancy, or if you developed pain during pregnancy and are experiencing changes in your body that you want answers to, maybe we can help!  Contact us today to see if you are a candidate for the amazing rehabilitation techniques we provide.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Posture and Lung Function

Do you frequently find yourself out of breath?  Were you diagnosed with asthma as a child and have never been able to really take a deep breath because of fear of an attack? Have you found yourself more and more winded doing the same exercises?

The problem may not be with your lungs themselves.  The problem may actually be postural!  There are centers in your brain and nervous system that send direct nerve signal to the lungs and diaphragm.  Studies over the last 100 years have demonstrated that postural distortions weaken these nerves, leading to a decrease in information coming from the spinal cord and nervous system to the lungs.

These postural distortions which weaken the nerves can lead to an overall decrease in expansion of the diaphragm and lungs and can lead to less oxygen perfusion to the tissues.  Addressing the postural distortions can strengthen not only the postural muscles that hold us upright, but also allow energy and information to travel more effectively and efficiently to the lungs, thus leading to better breathing.

We use pulse oximetry on every new patient and often we’ll see number that are at or below normal.  This tells us that the body is not getting the vital oxygen it needs for the tissues to function the way we want.  On the follow-up examinations, we regularly see improvements in the oxygen perfusion.  This demonstrates that our care is assisting the lungs in getting more oxygen to the body.  I attribute these changes to several factors, including CBP® Structural Rehabilitation, which helps restore normal posture and alignment to the spine, and Powerplate® Physical Therapy, which increases circulation and further strengthens postural muscles. I also attribute many of the improvements we see in oxygenation to our medical weight loss programs due to the measurable changes in visceral fat, which chokes the internal organs.

Our programs are successful in improving the quality of life of our patients as measured by the SF-36 outcome measure, which gives a rating to physical, social and emotional health. It is logical to see that if a person is breathing better, they will have a better quality of life and be able to do the activities they enjoy without a struggle.  These important improvements are very common in our office and we are fortunate to have the tools necessary to help improve so many lives.

If you are suffering from poor breathing, poor endurance and strength, or just feel that you are “out-of-shape,” what are you waiting for? We have the tools to help improve your quality of live and get you feeling and breathing better in no time.  Call us to see if you are a candidate for our rehabilitation and to see what we can do to change your life for the better!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Lose the Muffin Top!

Weight loss is important for many people who wish to look better, fit into old jeans and prepare their bodies for the beach.  People often desire to lose weight for reasons of personal appearance.  This is fine, however healthy body weight and body fat go way beyond just looking good; it can save your life!

Studies have shown that if you are carrying weight around your waist, this excess body fat is not only unsightly if you’re pants are too small, it can also have a serious detrimental effect on the function of your internal organs.  The front of the abdomen, between the organs and the wall of abdominal organs, contains a sheet of body fat called the omentum.  This omentum should be a relatively thin layer of fat that is designed to protect the organs from blows to the abdomen.

However, if the waist size increases and the belly grows, it not only means that there is more fat on the outside of the muscle, the omentum can grow in size too.  This can be a very dangerous situation as when the omentum grows too large it can interfere with the function of many vital organs, including the liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines, and bowel and colon.

Most people who wish to lose weight want to lose the fat around their waist, however most exercise and diet programs do not specifically target this area of fat.  Fortunately, medical weight loss targets body fat in ways that other diets simply do not and the combination of a medical weight loss program with the Powerplate® exercise can have this area shrinking fast.

Our medical weight loss programs specifically target fat loss, and we are able to measure this fat loss only with our Tanita® body composition analyzer. This enables us to track the fat loss and inch loss of our patient’s very closely and demonstrates that the weight that they lose is not in the form of protein or muscle mass, but fat only. This is very important because as the body loses weight, the goal is to preserve lean muscle mass and proteins as muscle is a protein as well as most organs.  If a diet focuses on weight loss only, a certain percentage of the loss may be from protein or organs and this can lead to dysfunction of those organs.

Targeting fat and completing the job of improved tone, lost cellulite, and toned skin with the Powerplate® is the perfect combination for better health and better bodies!  If you are tired of having to squeeze into pants that used to fit, tired of being sick and tired, and if you’re ready to start on the path toward better health, call us today to learn how our programs differ so much from the other diet and fitness plans out there. Don’t delay, call today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Calorie Counting 101

Once people have lost the desired weight with a medical weight loss program and once they have re-incorporated healthy carbohydrates, initiated a cheat day and begun the process of lifelong lean healthy bodies, the focus should turn not just to carbs but also to calories.

Calories are a unit of heat that is generated when a substance is used for energy. A gram of carbohydrates contains about 4 calories, a gram of protein also contains 4 calories and a gram of fat contains 9 calories. This means that when a person is using fat as their primary source of energy, they will get “more bang for their buck.” However, once we restore the carbohydrates in the diet and the body is no longer using fat as a sole energy source, the number of calories eaten must be taken into consideration.

Obtaining an accurate calorie burn count is important.  This is the total number of calories that you burn during your waking hours. There are guides and estimates for how to calculate this, but I have not found them to be very accurate. The best way to determine the number of calories burned in a day is to utilize a heart rate monitor that measures calories burned. The monitor should be worn from the moment one wakes to the moment you go to bed.  Depending on the brand, the calories will be counted when the monitor is in “exercise mode.” Once the day is done, press “stop exercising” and the menu will give a number of calories burned.  Write this number down and repeat the process for at least 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, add up all of the numbers and divide by 14.  This will give an accurate count of the average calories burned in one day.

Once this number is known, it becomes relatively easy to prevent further weight gain.  The physiology of this is quite simple; never exceed the number of calories burned by the number of calories consumed and weight gain will be a near-impossibility.  If the number of calories consumed exceeds the number burned, then the excess calories will be stored, usually in the form of fat.

Taking this simple formula into account and following the Phase 4 food combining principles will ensure that your body stays at your goal weight.  We recommend this for our Phase 4 dieters and not for the fat loss portion of the program as there are other factors that must be taken into account when one is trying to actually lose more fat.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how medical weight loss program can help you lose fat, get fit and achieve the body goals you may have, contact us today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas