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Windsor Chiropractor | Osteoporosis  Bone HealthThe United States surgeon General has recommend weight bearing exercise for patient suffering from osteopenia and osteoporosis. The recommendation goes on to state that Maximal load bearing is an effective non-pharmaceutical approach to healthier bone density, mass, strength, and durability. However in the weight lifting and athletic worlds, most of these patients would find themselves in an unsafe position of lifting and moving weights so heavy they increase risk of injury to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Lifting maximal weights in patients with bone loss is simply not feasible and daily walking, aerobic fitness, even light weight lifting, although beneficial for the heart, does not show appreciable gains in bone mass over time and most of the patients who attempt to stop the progress of bone loss must eventually succumb to medications that have, In many cases, terrible side effects.

Patients that have adverse reaction to the medication of feel very much at a loss of how they can prevent fractures that can come from the simplest bumps. We have had patient fracture ribs from sneezing, have had small falls on relatively soft surfaces lead to hip, wrist, shoulder, and spinal fractures. Once the fractures start, surgery is invariable necessary and the 5 year survival rate plummets from the fracture, subsequent deconditioning, any surgical complications, and other factors, such as diabetes, obesity, smoking and weakened immunity.

Fortunately there is a solution to the apparent lack of treatment that many patients with bone loss are dealing with. That solution does not require heavy weight lifting, it has minimal risk and it is conveniently available in Windsor! Biodensity™ is the treatment of choice that want to improve their bone, improve their muscle mass and strength and the results are felt and seen very quickly!

Biodensity™ developed by John Jaquish, Ph.D. is an amazing breakthrough device designed to safely treat bone loss, but the other side improvements that come from regular use of this machine are amazing. We have patient double, triple and even quadruple their measurable strength in a short period of time and we have seen seniors suffering with osteoporosis and fearful of falling improve dramatically under our treatment. Improvements in muscle mass, strength, and bone are predictable, repeatable outcomes with use of the Biodensity™.

Tony Robbins personally endorses the Biodensity™ and many busy professionals are able to see strength and muscle improvements in just a few short weeks on the program. Anyone who is short on time also appreciates the machine because a treatment is less than 10 minutes and the frequency is only 1-4 times per month!

IF you want to know how strong you really and want to see what your body is capable, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group. We are located between Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley and are easily accessible one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs. We have helped thousands of people recover their bone health, strength, flexibility and reduce pain with our programs. When you are ready to see what the future of your health and wellness can be, give us a call! Don’t forget to ask about our amazing money-saving programs and packages. Call Today! 970-686-9117

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Do you have the best body ever? Want to know a secret?

fit in fitnessDo you have the best body ever?

Do you struggle to get into the clothes that fit you just last year?  Do you have a hard time finding comfort in the car, on a plane or getting in and out of the booth at the restaurant?  Do you work out and “diet” only to see your gains minimal to non-existent?  Are you struggling to find love because you don’t love your body?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you may be in need of some serious body over-haul!  If you are struggling to catch your breath after climbing the stairs, have completely lost your sex drive and have the energy of a slug, you need help, NOW!  Do you know what your current hormone levels are compared to normal?  When was the last time your thyroid was extensively tested to see if everything is OK?  Are you so stressed all day that it keeps you up all night and the exhaustive viscous cycle repeats over andTanned-Waist-Red-Clothes over and over again?

Fortunately, if you live in Windsor or the Northern Colorado area, there may be a solution to your suffering!  We have combined the best of all medical/conservative worlds including a top-notch family practice medical doctor, an extensively experienced nurse practitioner, three phenomenal chiropractors, a stellar physical therapist, and an amazing team of assistants and therapists to make sure that we discover the cause of your conditions, and have real-life solutions to your problems!

If you need laboratory, nutrient, or food-sensitivity testing, we’ve got that covered. If your sex drive, love life and stamina could use a tune up, ask about our hormonal balancing.  If you need a coach to get you in the best shape of your life, we can do that. How about a therapy to regenerate your hair, reduce wrinkles, smooth and tone skin or regenerate joints and speed wound healing?  Yes? Find out about our Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy!

We have so many solutions to so many problems!  If you want to learn the secrets to the best body you’ve ever had, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group!

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Is gravity murdering your joints?

Is gravity murdering your joints?

Example of the amazing results!
Example of the amazing results!

Do you suffer with low back pain and stiffness every time you stand up?  Are you limping or favoring one leg because of pain or stiffness?  Do you have one-sided ankle, knee or hip pain that just never seems to go away?  Do you look in the mirror and see that one shoulder is lower than the other?

Unfortunately, unless you are an astronaut slated to head toward the International Space Station, you must contend with gravity at all times.  Gravity keeps us planted to the earth, and it also plays a very significant role in growth and development of the bones and tissues of the body.  If you are not symmetrical, the pressure that is created simply from your normal daily activities can set you up for pain, suffering and eventually disability.

We are meant to be symmetrical creatures, two eyes, ears, arms and legs.  This symmetry is important for attractiveness, and plays an important part in how we function in the world.  Unfortunately, trauma, genetics and poor postural and gait habits can make us lose our symmetry and the results can be disastrous.  Knee pain and degeneration can prevent you from playing sports, exercising, or even carrying your laundry down the stairs.  Hip pain and degeneration can make it hard to move around and may eventually require hip replacement if the degeneration gets too bad.  Low back pain is an epidemic, affecting nearly 80% of the population at any given time.  All of this pain and suffering reduces quality of life, and leads to disabling conditions that wreck our enjoyment.

Legs are meant to be symmetrical, and if you have one leg that is shorter than the other because of growth or injury during the teen years, this inequality can place abnormal pressures on muscles, tendons and discs and can lead to pelvic and spinal muscles being weak and imbalanced.  These weak and unbalanced muscles can cause pressures on pain-sensitive ligaments, tendons, bone, and discs and can lead to accelerated degeneration of the joint involved.  Eventually the imbalance will created stresses and strains great enough to cause the tissues to deform and they will degenerate even more. Abnormal posture hurts!

Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical Group, located in Windsor in Northern Colorado,  we have the tools to detect leg length differences and can prescribe the proper heel lifts or orthotics to remedy the situation.  Many patients report much less pain and better gait and function simply by placing a small lift in the shoe!  The analysis requires a very specific x-ray and measurement to determine the exact amount of leg length difference and once we have this information, specific exercises and therapies can be applied to get you back to symmetry!

power-plateIf we find these differences in young adults and teens, we can often prevent pain and dysfunction with early intervention.  However, if the leg length problem is long standing, muscles tendons and ligaments have most likely adapted to the abnormal position and this may necessitate rehabilitation.  Fortunately, we have many different methods to get muscles and joints working properly again. We have an Alter-G  anti-gravity treadmill than can re-train your gait while removing the pressure of gravity.  We have Power Plate® Physical therapy that can get your small stabilizing muscles around the spine hips and legs working properly again and a team of therapists who can assist you in safely rehabilitating your body.

If the degeneration is extensive, we have some very cutting-edge treatments that can not only lessen pain but can actually re-generate your joints and soft tissues.  Injections of Surpartz® into reduced joint space can improve cushion and lessen pain.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves removing  some of your own blood, processing the plasma with your own platelets and re-injection into the damaged tissues.  This PRP therapy effectively allows you to use your own cells to accelerate healing and regeneration of the tissues with little to no side effects and tremendous safety considering it is your own plasma being injected.

We have traction and CBP® rehabilitation therapies that can remove pressure from compressed lumbar spine discs and joints, remove pressure from the delicate nerves of the spine and get better pain-free range of motion.  We also have an incredibly effective weight loss program to lessen the loads on all of your joints a get you looking and feeling your best. Plus our amazing K-Laser can assist in healing time, improve circulation and reduce pain, often in just a few treatments!

If you are suffering with pain, what are you waiting for?  Call us today to see if you are candidate for our amazing treatments and to receive a screening to determine if 8qKHyVDyour pain and other health conditions are caused or complicated by an leg-length inequality.  Why suffer?  Call Now!

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Regenerative Deep Joint Injections

We are excited to introduce a new service that will benefit our patient suffering from pain associated with arthritis and joint damage. Our nurse practitioner and medical doctor are now able to provide injections to deep joint pain and loss of function.

What is used?

The injected substance is very similar to human synovial joint fluid and is called hyaluronic acid. The other names that are commonly used are Rooster comb, Cocks Comb, sodium hyaluronate, Supartz™ and others. We will be using the trademarked formulation known as Supartz®

Who can benefit?

If you suffer from pain in your knees or other large joints that is the result of osteoartirits, old injuries or loss of normal joint function due to degeneration, you may be a candidate for a series of joint injections designed to improve joint range of motion, decrease pain and increase synovial fluid. This FDA approved technology is revolutioning joint regeneration and enabling people to get their fitness and weight under control.

The technique involves a complete evaluation to see if you are a candidate, but most of the individuals who seek care can get relief with our techniques.  Some may need joint replacement surgery and we will instruct those patients that they are not candidates for the treatment.

The evaluation is detailed and thorough, we handle the paperwork and it only takes about an hour on the first visit. We are able to help so many people suffering from joint and knee pain and the joint injection, if necessary only makes all of the other amazing services we provide even better. If you remotely think that you are candidate, we will evaluate you regardless.

Does it hurt?

The area of injection is numbed prior to the injection so there is not pain associated with the injection. There can be some redness and swelling in the joint following the procedure, but this is usually mild and subsides quickly. If you experience other symptoms, please return to the office to have them evaluated.

How can I get started?

Contact the office at 970-686-9117 for more information and scheduling.

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The Gift of Pain

Pain Relief Windsor, Colorado

Pain is a gift.  I know this may be hard to fathom if you are suffering right now, but your pain can be your greatest gift, and relief of pain is not always what people expect.  Pain often is the result of tissue damage and this tissue damage irritates pain nerve endings that send signals to the brain to let you know that something is wrong.  Once this pain becomes great enough to cross the threshold into a sensory experience, the sufferer is less likely to continue the activity that is causing the pain.

Pain is a gift because it can keep us from hurting ourselves further, it can prepare us for the future and it can make us look inward to assess the state of our body.  If you are having pain that prevents you from doing your normal activities of daily living, prevents you from moving, turning your head, bending to lift your kids or keeps you from being intimate with your partner, you must find the reason for this pain or it will systematically destroy your life.  This pain will insidiously reach into every aspect of your life until you are not the person you were meant to be because of the pain. Relationships will suffer and you will not reach your potential!

The most incredible aspect of the gift of pain is the motivation that it can create.  Motivation to want to life pain-free the motivation to really want to excel and achieve the goals, dreams and desires you know you can accomplish.  If you are suffering, don’t let that suffering overwhelm your life, but more importantly don’t ignore the gift of pain!  Finding a cause and effective therapeutic intervention can get you back to doing everything you’ve ever dreamed!

At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we focus on where your pain is coming from.  You may be suffering from neck pain or headaches, knee pain, low back pain, or numbness and tingling with pins and needles in your arms or legs.  You may be tired of going to a physical therapist only to be given exercises that don’t work or seeing a chiropractor and getting racked and cracked over and over and over with no spinal correction.  If you are suffering, we may have a solution that will give you the freedom you deserve! Plus, we have technologies that are not available elsewhere in Northern Colorado!

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or are interested in spinal correction, joint regeneration,  improved physical fitness, weight loss or lifestyle management, Don’t delay!  Let the gift of pain motivate you to get better, and ask us about our special services for pain relief!!



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Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief


Example of the amazing results!
Example of the amazing results!

Non Surgical Knee Pain Relief  (Video!)

Knee pain is a debilitating condition that can lead to a miserable life.  Pain with climbing stairs, inability to get down into a squat position, knee pain that wakes you up at night, swelling, throbbing and misery all lead to a terrible state of affairs for knee pain sufferers.  Knee pain affects almost 15% of the US population at any given time and the prevalence is increasing as we have more and more sedentary lifestyles, and as out waist lines continue to grow.

Knee pain can be describes as burning, aching, sharp or dull pain, it can radiate to the thigh or to the calf, knee pain can be complicated by numbness and  tingling in the joint itself, and pins and needles in the legs and feet.  Knee arthritis can cause knees to get hot, turn red, swell and throb and can cause grinding sensations and popping and clicking sounds with movement.

Knee pain is often unrelenting; every step hurts, standing is intolerable, and getting away from the pain can be a challenging task, especially of your work requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time. Knee pain can lead to missed opportunities, decrease quality of life and spiral into depression and poor long term outlook.

Unfortunately, in the past the traditional treatments have not been successful as a long term solution to this problem.  Steroid shots, narcotic pain relievers, over-the-counter pain meds and “minor” procedures designed to “scope” or create scar tissue have very poor outcomes for sufferers.  These knee pain patients are often told they need to suffer with their problem as long as they can stand and then undergo an invasive and painful knee reconstruction or partial or total knee replacement surgery. The patient then must undergo extensive and painful post-operative physical therapy and even with this the return to a normal life is not a guarantee.

At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we may have a solution for you if you are suffering with knee pain.  We offer many different therapies that can reduce pain, improve strength, increase joint space and range of motion and improve functional ability.  Many of these therapies are used in conjunction with each other while combined with a weight-reduction program that often has the patient pain free and functioning better than ever in a relatively short time.  The rehabilitation techniques are not known by most providers and the results we have seen in hundreds of patients is incredibly promising for improving the quality of life for those who are suffering, whilst being safe and non-invasive.

If you or someone you know is dealing with knee pain and they are sick and tired of “putting up” with this chronic and painful condition, we may have a solution to your suffering!  Call today and inquire about our packages to see if you are a candidate for these cutting-edge and innovative therapies.