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Windsor CO Weight Loss SuccessMany, many women and men patients over the past eleven years have told me that if they could change one thing about their body, it would be to lose “those last 10 pounds.” It has been said to me so many thousands of times I estimate it in the 1000’s! That phrase seems like it’s been rammed into the brain of so many people! Truth be told, many people do not need to lose “those last 10 pounds.” In fact, most people have to lose much to get even close to normal values!

Most people have no real idea what their body weight should be, what their body fat percentage should be, and most people have no idea how they gain fat and how one systematically loses fat. Most Americans are now overweight and in Colorado, we have exceeded the 20% mark for obesity. The consequences for the obesity and excess weight are dire, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer, injuries, depression and chronic pain all are caused or complicated by being obese or overweight. Normal body fat percentage for women is 18-28%, and normal for men is 10-20%. Do you know yours?

What most people don’t know is that once the details of body composition, blood and hormone analysis are made, and once a nutrition and exercise profile and plan are created and followed, “those last ten pounds” melt off and so much more. Getting lighter means more energy, better balance, better sex life and even a better financial outlook!

The fact is, is that health comes from getting as close to normal as possible, in as many different parameters as possible. If your doctor, health care provider, chiropractor, nurse or nutritionist are not measuring all of your necessary normal values, you are missing out on a very important component of not only weight loss, but also pain relief, muscle and strength gains, better sleep, and a better mental outlook with less depression and anxiety. You need data!

At Benchmark Medical Group, we have many ways to acquire data! Our initial screening process includes measuring your posture and comparing the values to normal and normal ranges. We have the ability to measure your overall bodily strength and compare to averages for your age. We can measure individual joint flexibility and strength, and we have an amazing software that allowed us to measure every angle in your spinal joints and compare each level to normal! Most orthopedic surgeons don’t have the spinal measurement capabilities we have! Almost every patient states, “I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation!”

We have the ability to test broad spectrums of hormones with both saliva, urine and blood analysis. We can look at nutrients, foods and environmental allergens that may be keeping you sick and causing you pain and suffering or poor digestion. We can look at your genetic profile to give you clues to your ideal protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratios as well as your recommended level of exercise intensity from a genetic perspective. We can measure your health status and give you comparisons to normal pain levels, normal health outlook, normal social function, mental health, and energy all matched to your peers. We have so many numerous ways to measure different parameters of your health, and the information and data received give you so many measurable and valuable results!

However, we don’t stop there! Not only do we have methods to measure you and compare you to multiple normal values and ranges, we have effective, repeatable, reliable methods to reverse these abnormal measurements! We have the equipment, knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through a program to improve your quality of life, your physical capabilities and your body! We can get “those last ten pounds” off and so much more! When you’re ready to see how healthy you really can be, we’ll be here! When you want to find out what optimal health is and how to get there, we’ll be here. Call us today! 970-686-9117

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Totally Different Weight Loss

Totally Different Weight Loss

fit in fitnessHave you tried to lose weight with no success?  Have you sent away for meals in the mail hoping that they will be the “magic bullet” that will get you fit and healthy?  Have you tried cutting calories, low-fat and low-sugar foods with no success? Have you tried supplements and medications in attempt to get fir with a pill?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for a program with repeatable, reliable results that will get you losing weight and body fat and will get you on track to be the fit, healthy person that you know you can be!

Our program is different in so many ways.  We never treat two people the same when it comes to weight loss.  We know that there are individual differences that can make one person struggle with weight when the next will need only simple changes to lose the pounds. We look at each individual and take into consideration so many different factors that influence weight loss; hormones, blood and laboratory analyses, genetic differences and previous injuries and pain that may interfere with exercise recommendations.

We have a trained nutritionist, nurse practitioner, and Medical Doctor who will monitor your individual situation and make sure that the program that we recommend is the most appropriate and most effective way for you to lose weight.  We have weekly coaching sessions and weekly group lectures that give you the understanding that you need to know how people gain fat in the first place and what steps are necessary to get the fat off, not just in the short term, but forever! We have helped over 3000 people lose weight and keep it off and our experience and personalized programs are truly second-to-none!

We have so many different programs that ensure that you get the private, custom one-on-one attention that is necessary to get you to the level of fitness you desire.  Whether you want to lose a few pounds to fit into your favorite jeans or you have been told by your physician that you are at risk for heart disease, diabetes or stroke if you do not lose weight, we have solutions!

If you are scheduled or are contemplating a knee replacement surgery, back surgery or other invasive procedure, we can provide weight loss programs that can take loads off of your joints, lessen pain and inflammation and, if the surgery is necessary, improve outcomes and reduce recovery times.

If you are at the point where you are about to give up on your body and the goals you have to be healthy and fit, wait!  We may be the solution that you have been looking for. If you or someone you know is struggling with body fat or body weight and you are ready to turn your life around and get to where you know you want to be, give us a call!  Be sure to ask about our amazing specials right now!tiptoeifyoumust














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Do you want to rejuvenate your body? PRP and the secret tools at Benchmark Medical Group can!

benefitsofb12Do you want to rejuvenate your body?

Are you feeling tired all the time?  Do you look in the mirror and see someone that is not the real you?  Do you have no energy at the end of the day and struggle to find joy in your life?  Have you put on 20, 30, 50 or more pounds since you graduated high school? This obesity is often coupled with pain and that pain can become chronic and debilitating.

Pain leads to you not wanting to move your body.  The obesity, low energy and loss of motivation often cause negative, self-destructive thoughts.  Those depressive and destructive thoughts make you seek out activities that make you feel good.  Unfortunately, most of those feel good activities are also self-destructive and you may turn to alcohol, drugs, and food to feel better.  This vicious cycle of eating, drinking, pain and weight gain lead to a reduced quality of life and more pain and suffering. Eventually, you can’t reach your life goals.

Are you ready to stop the cycle?  Are you committed to feeling good without fatty, sugary food, endlessalcoholic drinks, and drugs that only make us forget our pain temporarily? Are you ready to smile again? Are you ready to walk the road filled with joy, accomplishment, and fitness?  If you answered yes to these questions, Benchmark Medical Group may have the solution for you!

We have worked hard to bring the perfection of physical medicine, posture and structural rehabilitation, pain reduction, medical therapies, cosmetics, weight loss and fitness to Windsor in Northern Colorado.  We have the a medical team that is committed to rejuvenation medicine with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapies,  and replacing your damaged tissue with you own cellular tools that you need to accelerate wound healing, regenerate and reduce the pain and disability associated with arthritis, and many cosmetic procedures such as hair re-growth, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging techniques to get you looking you best.

Our Spa team, led by Amanda, have the non-surgical body sculpting tools to work on cellulite, remnant pockets of fat wrinkle reduction, and other cosmetic procedures with our cutting edge Tri-Phasic Radiofrequency and Ultra-Sonic Body Fat reducing equipment.  If you want to look polished, fit and firm we have the ways!

Our Rehabilitation team is second-to-none!  The perfect combination of Top-Notch Power Plate Physical Therapy and CBP® Chiropractic make pain vanish, posture improve, and joint and muscle injuries heal fast and strong.  We can get you looking more confident, get those shoulders back and chin up and have your friends wondering how you suddenly look so much taller! The over-50 forms of traction allow our technicians to remodel your abnormal low back or neck and get you able to work, play and get fit again! We can truly rejuvenate your body and your joints!

If you are ready to lose weight the weight you’ve gained since marriage, or to get those last stubborn inches and pounds off, our Nutritionist Tanya and Dr. Mari Riley, MD can get your hormones and thyroid under control, show you how to eat and get the most out of our medical weight loss program, FOR LIFE!

So, what are you waiting for?  Do you want fitness?  Do you want that body?  Are you ready?  We can help you rejuvenate your body!

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Get Fit NOW!

Tanned-Waist-Red-ClothesFitness NOW!

Are you tired of having to practically do gymnastics just to button your pants?  Is the burden of buying new clothes every few month a size bigger than last time weighing heavy on your mind (and pocketbook!)?  Are you tired of doing the same old gym routine with little to no new results to show for it?  Are you suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, back or joint pain that is related to being overweight or obese? If you are ready to lose weight and get fit in a fun, innovative and exciting environment, we have a solution for you!  We have incorporated some amazing pieces of fitness technology to get you healthy in a safe and effective manner.  We have experience that is unparalleled in the use of Whole Body Vibration on the Power Plate™ coupled with TRX® Suspension training.  We can turn a weekend athlete into a competitive winner!  We can take a sedentary person with unfulfilled goals and transform them into a healthy, fit, motivated machine! We have many different fitness and weight loss programs that are created to meet your specific needs, desires and health goals. We strive to provide the detailed attention to getting you as fit as you desire to be with nutritional counseling, weight and lifestyle management as well as exercise classes that fit your needs. Furthermore, we assess and measure you Contact us today to see how one of our amazing programs may benefit you! We service Northern Colorado and are located in downtown Windsor, Colorado.Because of our measurement tools,  you can not only see the results in your new body, but also have the validation that you are losing weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting more strength, flexibility and endurance, improving fitness and changing all aspects of your life!

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Calorie Counting 101

Once people have lost the desired weight with a medical weight loss program and once they have re-incorporated healthy carbohydrates, initiated a cheat day and begun the process of lifelong lean healthy bodies, the focus should turn not just to carbs but also to calories.

Calories are a unit of heat that is generated when a substance is used for energy. A gram of carbohydrates contains about 4 calories, a gram of protein also contains 4 calories and a gram of fat contains 9 calories. This means that when a person is using fat as their primary source of energy, they will get “more bang for their buck.” However, once we restore the carbohydrates in the diet and the body is no longer using fat as a sole energy source, the number of calories eaten must be taken into consideration.

Obtaining an accurate calorie burn count is important.  This is the total number of calories that you burn during your waking hours. There are guides and estimates for how to calculate this, but I have not found them to be very accurate. The best way to determine the number of calories burned in a day is to utilize a heart rate monitor that measures calories burned. The monitor should be worn from the moment one wakes to the moment you go to bed.  Depending on the brand, the calories will be counted when the monitor is in “exercise mode.” Once the day is done, press “stop exercising” and the menu will give a number of calories burned.  Write this number down and repeat the process for at least 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, add up all of the numbers and divide by 14.  This will give an accurate count of the average calories burned in one day.

Once this number is known, it becomes relatively easy to prevent further weight gain.  The physiology of this is quite simple; never exceed the number of calories burned by the number of calories consumed and weight gain will be a near-impossibility.  If the number of calories consumed exceeds the number burned, then the excess calories will be stored, usually in the form of fat.

Taking this simple formula into account and following the Phase 4 food combining principles will ensure that your body stays at your goal weight.  We recommend this for our Phase 4 dieters and not for the fat loss portion of the program as there are other factors that must be taken into account when one is trying to actually lose more fat.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how medical weight loss program can help you lose fat, get fit and achieve the body goals you may have, contact us today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Healthful Purpose

What is driving you? What is the one aim that you have that you strive to achieve? Having a purpose is an incredibly important part of the human experience, without a purpose or a goal, you will just float through life aimlessly. When one focuses on health as their purpose, many other avenues of achievement and life enrichment open up.

 Healthful purpose essentially means that the actions that you take throughout your day are directed at increasing your overall wellbeing.  The liquids you drink, the food you eat, the activities you perform and the thoughts you have, should all have a goal of making you healthier.   Having this single pointed focus on health will eventually become a habit, and over time the habit will become unconscious.  This is the first step in achieving many other successful endeavors.  Increasing your health can make you happier, strengthen your relationships, and even make you wealthier. When you’re healthy, you can do so many more activities than if you are sick or suffering.

Health is a choice that must be made regularly.  We live in a world where temptation toward poor health is all around us. Convenience stores loaded with junk tempting us when we’re just trying to pay for our gas, grocery stores with huge displays of doughnuts, incessant commercials for pizza and soda, all of these are a part of our world and shutting them out is impossible.  However, we do not need to give into these temptations if we constantly move toward the benefits that making healthful purpose-driven choices will give us.

Better health choices can give us better bodies, healthier hair, skin and nails, better sleep, improved endurance and better breathing. Healthful choices can improve our mood, and drive us to try things we’ve never done before.  When we’re healthy we can work longer and more efficiently, think clearer, and do things that add excitement and enrichment to our lives.

Personally, having a healthful purpose has given me an incredible opportunity to help others.  If I was overweight, suffering with pain or ill from poor health choices, I couldn’t help my patients as effectively as I can when I’m healthy. If I wasn’t healthy, I wouldn’t enjoy my time with my kids as much as I do, I couldn’t take advantage of the incredible outdoor opportunities that Colorado provides and I wouldn’t have the strength, endurance, and drive that is necessary to be the best doctor I can be.  Having a healthful purpose allows me to have a much better life and it all comes down to my choices.

So the next time you are presented with a temptation or a choice that can make you either healthier or not, I hope you make the right decision because the little acts add up to either a life filled with wellbeing, joy and health, or sickness and suffering.  If you’d like to learn more about making healthful choices for yourself or your family, contact me and I can be there to coach you in the process of living with a more healthful purpose.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

Benefits of Ketosis from Weight Loss

healthy cookIn a typical diet, carbohydrates are consumed at levels that far exceed what the body needs to convert them to glucose and use them for energy.  This is the case as well as with most diet plans that are intended to induce weight loss.  The problem is that if carbs exceed a certain amount, the body will continue to use them for energy and the conversion to using fat as an energy source will never occur. This can result in weight loss if the calories consumed are less than the calories burned, but the weight loss will not target fat and in the presence of inadequate protein, lean muscle mass may be lost as well.  The loss of lean muscle mass is a huge problem because it can lead to further health problems and loss of organ proteins too.

Weight loss is different. We are targeting fat loss, not body weight loss alone, and not basing our results just on the number on the scale. Free fat mass, visceral fat and total body fat are all incorporated into our analyses to ensure that the weight our dieters lose is fat, not muscle or organ proteins. The way that this is accomplished is by restricting carbohydrates to levels that cause the conversion to ketosis, while providing ideal amounts of protein; not too much, not too little.

Ketosis is the state where the body gets its energy from the fat consumed in the diet and the supplies of body fat.  This state has been much maligned in the past primarily due to some of the hyper-protein diets that allow excessive consumption of fat and meat, leading some to experience poorer health. Again, our weight loss program is not at hyper-protein diet, we provide the perfect amount of protein, healthy fats and restrict the carbohydrates.

Ketosis is an incredible state to live in! First, the consumption of fat as an energy source is much more effective at generating energy because there are 9 calories per gram of fat produced compared to 4 for carbs and protein. 2nd, ketosis has huge benefits beyond significant fat loss and preservation of lean muscle mass.

The medical literature has extensive references to the benefits of ketosis and they are truly mind-blowing. Some of the earliest studies on the ketogenic diet showed that epileptic seizures are significantly reduced, if not resolved completely, on this type of diet. Children with epilepsy respond incredibly well to the ketogenic diet and the results are phenomenal for improvements in their quality of life. Ketosis also has been shown to have anti-neoplastic effects and may less the spread of malignant cancers.

Ketosis reduces inflammation in the body, largely in part by controlling the insulin produced by the pancreas. This restriction in insulin has many other benefits but the reduction in inflammation is a major factor for our patients who are suffering from painful arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. Ketosis also preserves bone mass and has an effect on aerobic performance in athletes.

Ketosis can reduce the abnormal pancreas cells in the type 2 diabetic patients, resulting in fewer medications, and a complete reversal of the disease in many. Ketosis also improves circulation in diabetic patients and can thus prevent the complications such as amputation and gangrene. Ketosis improves oxygen perfusion in the lungs and can improve aerobic capacity, and improve endurance overall.

One of the incredible events that we record frequently is a stunning drop in high blood pressure. We have several patients whom are taken off of their blood pressure medications by their prescribing doctors in a matter of a few weeks of being on the program, and they also report a reduced resting heart rate, thus improving cardiovascular function overall. The literature has also reported a reduction in atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary arteries with ketosis and thus a reduced likelihood of heart attack. There are also studies that show that patients with traumatic brain injuries respond better to a carbohydrate restricted program than those that follow a high carbohydrate/low fat program.

And, of course, we see tremendous losses of body fat and preservation of lean muscle mass on the ketogenic weight loss program. This results in looking better, feeling better, having more energy and overall improvement in quality of life! So the next time you hear someone espouse the dangers of ketosis, direct them here to set them straight!  Ketosis is not dangerous and may be one of the most beneficial states the body can be in!


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