Numbness and Tingling Solution

Do you suffer with abnormal sensation in your arms or legs, feet or hands? Pins and Needles, numbness and tingling, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, complicated radiculopathy, call it what you will but whatever you call it, it’s no fun! Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, or legs and feet can rob you of your quality life in ways that other symptoms and pain will never do.

Are You Feeling “Balled-Up”

Patients often reports that they feel that they have a “balled-up” sock sensation under their feet, that they feel they are walking on rocks all the time or are constantly dropping items or unable to pick things up because of the debilitating symptoms. These symptoms can create a situation where simple activities of daily living become difficult if not impossible.

Peripheral neuropathy can have several causes including complication of chemotherapy, diabetes, nerve injury due to trauma, infection or tumor and others. The symptoms can vary from mild to very severe burning pain, with loss or altered sensation in both hands and feet. The symptoms can arise many weeks or months after a car crash, can come from nerve injury during surgery and can also be a complication of weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

Loss of Sensation

Loss of sensation in the hands robs you of your main tool to experience the world through touch. Imagine not being able to feel your child’s hand in your, not be able to feel the touch of your spouse or lover or not knowing that you have been injured because of the nerve damage.

If a numb extremity has a small cut, the possibility of serious infection increases dramatically and the consequences can be devastating. Many diabetic patients must have limbs amputated due to complication of cuts and infections that they are unable to feel because of the peripheral neuropathy. Many patients that experience the pain of sciatica and radiculopathy have complications that lead to numbness and tingling in the feet, side of the leg or toes. If this nerve damage is untreated, the sensation loss can become permanent!

We Can Help!

Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado we may have solution to your suffering! We have many therapies that help relieve nerve pressure such as traction of the specific are where the nerve is compressed, increased circulation with the amazing Power Plate® and even medical anesthetic injections that can re-awaken nerves that have been chronically damaged. We have our Class IV laser to improve circulation and speed up the healing process and get the sensation back, fast! We have an amazing weight loss program that can get you back to normal weight quickly and teach you how to keep the weight off for life!

We have combination therapies that can get the sensation back into your arms, hands, legs, feet and toes!

If you or someone you know is suffering with these debilitating symptoms, call us today to get your sensation and your life back!

Chronic Pain and Your Brain | Windsor Chiropractor

Windsor Chiropractor Back Pain ReliefChronic pain has effects that go way beyond the obvious. Everyone knows that chronic pain impacts mood and can lead to depression. It’s pretty obvious that chronic pain can interfere with work ability, with relationships, and chronic pain can lead to deconditioning and loss of strength, flexibility and eventually complete disability. What people often don’t realize is that chronic pain, especially chronic low back pain, is the number one cause of disability in the world, and chronic pain actually has profound effects of the brain, including an estimated 1 cubic centimeter of brain shrinkage for every 10 years of chronic pain suffering. The brain and injured tissues are also impacted by prolonged inflammation leading to poor neurotransmitter and hormone balance and regulation and a host of other health conditions, including weight gain and obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Chronic pain is killing us!

Unfortunately, chronic pain has not been handled well in the US. We have more people addicted to prescription narcotics than any time in history. And, as prescription pain relievers are monitored more and more carefully by prescribing doctors, and governmental watchdogs, availability decreases. As the availability of the drugs is diminished, many prescription pain patients can’t get the relief from the medications alone and the switch to cheaper street drugs like heroin becomes more and more prevalent.

The effects of chronic pain are only being masked with these drugs, and the situation is essentially like putting a Barbie® Band-Aid® on gangrene! The outcome will not be good! Covering up the epidemic of chronic pain with medications is simply not working. Fortunately, there are non-drug solutions to pain relief. Chronic pain has been managed for decades by physical therapy with many patients getting better after movement therapies. Combine the Power Plate™ with our physical therapy regimens and chronic pain can quickly become a thing of the past as strength, flexibility and function improve.

Chiropractic has helped people overcome chronic pain for more than 110 years. Chiropractic and spinal manipulation can increase range of motion and decrease effectively. Combine the incredible spine-changing effects of CBP® Chiropractic and structure, posture and chronic pain improve quickly and dramatically. Once the spine is corrected back toward a normal position, balance, coordination and improved ability to perform pain-free activities of daily living all improves.

Our medical team can assist you in non-drug ways to manage and improve your pain and we can help you find alternatives to the typical routine of drugs followed by more drugs followed by surgery and a lifetime of drugs. We want to talk to you about the other options!

Chronic pain does not need to control your life! If you or someone you know is suffering, there is hope in a drug-free, repeatable, reliable and effective program like the ones at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado. We have helped thousands of patients for longer than a decade get back on their feet again, and overcome their pain. If you have had enough with the struggle of chronic pain, give us a call! We can help! 970-686-9117

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Three Ways to Live Your Dream Life | Windsor Chiropractor

Windsor Chiropractor and Back Pain ReliefPeople often ask me how they can get more energy, how they can grow muscle and lose fat, how they can get rid of pain and improve their ability to live the life they deserve. Unfortunately, the answer is often a hard pill to swallow. With our growing obesity epidemic and low back pain being the #1 cause of disability in the world, many people are not willing to take the changes necessary to improve their life, get over their short-comings and problems and live the life they were meant to live.

People will delay treatment because of financial reasons, because they feel they don’t have the time to take care of themselves, and because they do not truly know the results they can achieve if they simply do the necessary steps. This delay will only lead to one thing, more pain. Eventually this pain leads to true suffering and at that point, nearly all is lost.

Obesity, pain, suffering, numbness to sensation and numbness to the love, passion and life that is around us. What is the ultimate result? Life unfulfilled. Unfortunately, folks in pain for too long become depressed, folks who are depressed for too long report chronic pain and the vicious cycle leads to broken relationships, broken homes, and broken bodies.

But there is an alternative! Many of the methods required to get healthy and stay that way do not require a 180° transformation of your life and your lifestyle. If you have a roadmap, you can get where you want to go!

The first step is pain relief. If you are suffering and not finding answers, you are looking in the wrong place! The answers to pain relief are out there and once you get over your pain, strength, flexibility, function and quality of life follow. Pain reduction and pain resolution can open doors of possibilities that you once thought were sealed. Pain relief is the first step necessary in changing your body, your attitude and, in many cases, your life!

Second, in order to become the person you want to be, you have to know why you want to be that person. What will less pain give you? What will being stronger mean to your life? How will having 70% more energy impact the way you interact with your friends, your kids, your boss, spouse and complete strangers? If you can solidify why you want to be healthy and you can see it, touch it, feel it and taste it, then that “why” will pull you toward your goal! Until you solidify what impact being leaner, healthier and pain free will allow you to be, do or become, you will struggle.

Third, you need to realize that most of the battle is between your ears! The psychology of happiness and success shows time and again that once you change your mental attitude about something, solidify the “why”, and have a practical map to get you there, you’re almost there! Getting your head into the game of health will make it easier, more fun, and you will see and feel the benefits of your deeds!

If you want to find out how our team can teach you to change your mental attitude about your health, we can help. If you want to see measureable, repeatable methods that can systematically improve your fitness, your pain and your quality of life, we can help. We have a team of physicians and therapists that can show you the options you have to feel better, look younger, be lighter, and truly live your dreams! Your life’s enjoyment has a foundation of great health and the healthier you are, the more you will be able to contribute to your family, your career, your church, school and community. When you are ready to live your dreams, we’re here for you. 970-686-9117

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Restore Healthy Bones Without Drugs | Windsor Colorado

Windsor Chiropractor | Osteoporosis  Bone HealthThe United States surgeon General has recommend weight bearing exercise for patient suffering from osteopenia and osteoporosis. The recommendation goes on to state that Maximal load bearing is an effective non-pharmaceutical approach to healthier bone density, mass, strength, and durability. However in the weight lifting and athletic worlds, most of these patients would find themselves in an unsafe position of lifting and moving weights so heavy they increase risk of injury to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Lifting maximal weights in patients with bone loss is simply not feasible and daily walking, aerobic fitness, even light weight lifting, although beneficial for the heart, does not show appreciable gains in bone mass over time and most of the patients who attempt to stop the progress of bone loss must eventually succumb to medications that have, In many cases, terrible side effects.

Patients that have adverse reaction to the medication of feel very much at a loss of how they can prevent fractures that can come from the simplest bumps. We have had patient fracture ribs from sneezing, have had small falls on relatively soft surfaces lead to hip, wrist, shoulder, and spinal fractures. Once the fractures start, surgery is invariable necessary and the 5 year survival rate plummets from the fracture, subsequent deconditioning, any surgical complications, and other factors, such as diabetes, obesity, smoking and weakened immunity.

Fortunately there is a solution to the apparent lack of treatment that many patients with bone loss are dealing with. That solution does not require heavy weight lifting, it has minimal risk and it is conveniently available in Windsor! Biodensity™ is the treatment of choice that want to improve their bone, improve their muscle mass and strength and the results are felt and seen very quickly!

Biodensity™ developed by John Jaquish, Ph.D. is an amazing breakthrough device designed to safely treat bone loss, but the other side improvements that come from regular use of this machine are amazing. We have patient double, triple and even quadruple their measurable strength in a short period of time and we have seen seniors suffering with osteoporosis and fearful of falling improve dramatically under our treatment. Improvements in muscle mass, strength, and bone are predictable, repeatable outcomes with use of the Biodensity™.

Tony Robbins personally endorses the Biodensity™ and many busy professionals are able to see strength and muscle improvements in just a few short weeks on the program. Anyone who is short on time also appreciates the machine because a treatment is less than 10 minutes and the frequency is only 1-4 times per month!

IF you want to know how strong you really and want to see what your body is capable, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group. We are located between Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley and are easily accessible one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs. We have helped thousands of people recover their bone health, strength, flexibility and reduce pain with our programs. When you are ready to see what the future of your health and wellness can be, give us a call! Don’t forget to ask about our amazing money-saving programs and packages. Call Today! 970-686-9117

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Totally Different Weight Loss

Totally Different Weight Loss

fit in fitnessHave you tried to lose weight with no success?  Have you sent away for meals in the mail hoping that they will be the “magic bullet” that will get you fit and healthy?  Have you tried cutting calories, low-fat and low-sugar foods with no success? Have you tried supplements and medications in attempt to get fir with a pill?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for a program with repeatable, reliable results that will get you losing weight and body fat and will get you on track to be the fit, healthy person that you know you can be!

Our program is different in so many ways.  We never treat two people the same when it comes to weight loss.  We know that there are individual differences that can make one person struggle with weight when the next will need only simple changes to lose the pounds. We look at each individual and take into consideration so many different factors that influence weight loss; hormones, blood and laboratory analyses, genetic differences and previous injuries and pain that may interfere with exercise recommendations.

We have a trained nutritionist, nurse practitioner, and Medical Doctor who will monitor your individual situation and make sure that the program that we recommend is the most appropriate and most effective way for you to lose weight.  We have weekly coaching sessions and weekly group lectures that give you the understanding that you need to know how people gain fat in the first place and what steps are necessary to get the fat off, not just in the short term, but forever! We have helped over 3000 people lose weight and keep it off and our experience and personalized programs are truly second-to-none!

We have so many different programs that ensure that you get the private, custom one-on-one attention that is necessary to get you to the level of fitness you desire.  Whether you want to lose a few pounds to fit into your favorite jeans or you have been told by your physician that you are at risk for heart disease, diabetes or stroke if you do not lose weight, we have solutions!

If you are scheduled or are contemplating a knee replacement surgery, back surgery or other invasive procedure, we can provide weight loss programs that can take loads off of your joints, lessen pain and inflammation and, if the surgery is necessary, improve outcomes and reduce recovery times.

If you are at the point where you are about to give up on your body and the goals you have to be healthy and fit, wait!  We may be the solution that you have been looking for. If you or someone you know is struggling with body fat or body weight and you are ready to turn your life around and get to where you know you want to be, give us a call!  Be sure to ask about our amazing specials right now!tiptoeifyoumust














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Is gravity murdering your joints?

Is gravity murdering your joints?

Example of the amazing results!
Example of the amazing results!

Do you suffer with low back pain and stiffness every time you stand up?  Are you limping or favoring one leg because of pain or stiffness?  Do you have one-sided ankle, knee or hip pain that just never seems to go away?  Do you look in the mirror and see that one shoulder is lower than the other?

Unfortunately, unless you are an astronaut slated to head toward the International Space Station, you must contend with gravity at all times.  Gravity keeps us planted to the earth, and it also plays a very significant role in growth and development of the bones and tissues of the body.  If you are not symmetrical, the pressure that is created simply from your normal daily activities can set you up for pain, suffering and eventually disability.

We are meant to be symmetrical creatures, two eyes, ears, arms and legs.  This symmetry is important for attractiveness, and plays an important part in how we function in the world.  Unfortunately, trauma, genetics and poor postural and gait habits can make us lose our symmetry and the results can be disastrous.  Knee pain and degeneration can prevent you from playing sports, exercising, or even carrying your laundry down the stairs.  Hip pain and degeneration can make it hard to move around and may eventually require hip replacement if the degeneration gets too bad.  Low back pain is an epidemic, affecting nearly 80% of the population at any given time.  All of this pain and suffering reduces quality of life, and leads to disabling conditions that wreck our enjoyment.

Legs are meant to be symmetrical, and if you have one leg that is shorter than the other because of growth or injury during the teen years, this inequality can place abnormal pressures on muscles, tendons and discs and can lead to pelvic and spinal muscles being weak and imbalanced.  These weak and unbalanced muscles can cause pressures on pain-sensitive ligaments, tendons, bone, and discs and can lead to accelerated degeneration of the joint involved.  Eventually the imbalance will created stresses and strains great enough to cause the tissues to deform and they will degenerate even more. Abnormal posture hurts!

Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical Group, located in Windsor in Northern Colorado,  we have the tools to detect leg length differences and can prescribe the proper heel lifts or orthotics to remedy the situation.  Many patients report much less pain and better gait and function simply by placing a small lift in the shoe!  The analysis requires a very specific x-ray and measurement to determine the exact amount of leg length difference and once we have this information, specific exercises and therapies can be applied to get you back to symmetry!

power-plateIf we find these differences in young adults and teens, we can often prevent pain and dysfunction with early intervention.  However, if the leg length problem is long standing, muscles tendons and ligaments have most likely adapted to the abnormal position and this may necessitate rehabilitation.  Fortunately, we have many different methods to get muscles and joints working properly again. We have an Alter-G  anti-gravity treadmill than can re-train your gait while removing the pressure of gravity.  We have Power Plate® Physical therapy that can get your small stabilizing muscles around the spine hips and legs working properly again and a team of therapists who can assist you in safely rehabilitating your body.

If the degeneration is extensive, we have some very cutting-edge treatments that can not only lessen pain but can actually re-generate your joints and soft tissues.  Injections of Surpartz® into reduced joint space can improve cushion and lessen pain.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves removing  some of your own blood, processing the plasma with your own platelets and re-injection into the damaged tissues.  This PRP therapy effectively allows you to use your own cells to accelerate healing and regeneration of the tissues with little to no side effects and tremendous safety considering it is your own plasma being injected.

We have traction and CBP® rehabilitation therapies that can remove pressure from compressed lumbar spine discs and joints, remove pressure from the delicate nerves of the spine and get better pain-free range of motion.  We also have an incredibly effective weight loss program to lessen the loads on all of your joints a get you looking and feeling your best. Plus our amazing K-Laser can assist in healing time, improve circulation and reduce pain, often in just a few treatments!

If you are suffering with pain, what are you waiting for?  Call us today to see if you are candidate for our amazing treatments and to receive a screening to determine if 8qKHyVDyour pain and other health conditions are caused or complicated by an leg-length inequality.  Why suffer?  Call Now!

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Yoga?

Yoga PowerplateAre You Getting the Most Out of Your Yoga?

How do you know that you’re getting the most out of your Yoga practice?  Does your instructor have the backing of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers?   Do you have a yoga practice that is the same old routines without innovation?
At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, CO we have the most advanced yoga available!  Our Yoga Master Debi Kennison has combined her extensive knowledge of multiple Yoga forms with the incredible technology of the Power Plate™!  This combination allows our yoga clients to accelerate their results and see gains and breakthroughs that were previously impossible.  The incorporation of the Whole Body Vibration  of the Power Plate™ with the talented instruction of our Yoga Master lowers the risk of injury, improved balance coordination and accelerates flexibility and strength gains that are simply impossible without the plate!
At Benchmark Medical, we have an incredible team of providers that enable each individual member access to knowledge, diagnostics and clinical knowledge that you will not find in other Yoga studios, gyms or even doctor’s offices!  We have the tools to prevent injuries before they happen, improve fitness, strength and endurance.  If you are injured or have not exercised in a while, we have therapies and techniques that can help you recover and a supportive team to encourage you to get your fittest!
The Power Plate™ Yoga we offer is only one of the  services that you will not find elsewhere in Northern Colorado, we are always looking to improve our equipment, tools and techniques to best serve our patients and the incorporation of Yoga with the Power Plate will give you the edge you are looking for to be at your best!   If you are interested in finding out how we can maximize your Yoga practice, look no further than Benchmark!  We offer Age Management Medicine, Rehabilitation, Fitness, Medical Weight loss, Physical Therapy, PRP Therapy and so much more!

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Are you getting the most out of your fitness program?

Are you getting the most out of your fitness program?

energizedontheplateWhen you exercise, how do you know what to do?  Do you guess how hard you should be pushing it?  Do you know how much weight will give you the most muscle gains?  How do you know what you’re doing is the best, most efficient and safest way to work out?  Are you relying on trainers with little to no credentials?  Does your trainer or exercise class teacher have a team of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and numerous medical assistants? At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we are proud to have former Mr. Colorado, Pat Frantz as our Personal trainer and group fitness program instructor. Not only is he one of the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers in Colorado,  he is supported by a team of therapy and medical professionals that is truly second-to-none. If you want to know that you are getting the most out of your precious training and exercise time, look no further.

Group training is beneficial for so many reasons.   People can bond and experience a social group with a focused goal of getting fit, sexier, and achieving health goals together.  People working out in a group give a social experience that has been shown to reduce stress, improve hormones and blood chemistry and lessen the likelihood of dying from all know diseases by 50% or more!  Furthermore, when you exercise with an experienced coach, a team of like-minded people, and a facility that offers the most cutting-edge equipment, your results are so much more powerful  than the standard gym, studios and box-style work-out groups.  PowerPlate™ and TRX® and Alter-G™ and BioDensity®; plus various unique weight and ball exercise possibilities, and an experienced and caring coach will drive you to accomplish the best body and level of fitness you have ever imagined.  Pat’s workouts are strenuous, but he has the knowledge and expertise to train any level of physical fitness and his knowledge of injury-prevention fitness programs and safe but results-driven exercises make the experience a fun and rewarding event.

Are you working out doing the usual treadmill, elliptical, weight machines and free weights with minimal results?  Have you been injured in a box-style fitness program/studio?  Have you simply lost your motivation to get healthy?  Tired of waiting for the machine to be free and have it covered in somebody’s sweat? Gross!

Are you unable to exercise because of injury?  If so, we have numerous methods to rehabilitate your damaged joints and rejuvenate your body to get you to the point that you can join in the workouts and reach the pinnacle of your fitness.  Physical Therapy, CBP® Chiropractic’s posture/spine and joint rehab; Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Supartz® knee injections, K-Laser, various other therapies,  and an experienced team will all give you the tools to get over your injuries fast to get back inPat Frantz a group fitness program with truly a Master personal trainer!

If you are ready for a change from the local gym or workout box, and want to experience the best fitness programs science has to offer, come to the best workout event Northern Colorado has to offer! Bring a friend and get a special gift! Call Today!

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Do you want to rejuvenate your body? PRP and the secret tools at Benchmark Medical Group can!

benefitsofb12Do you want to rejuvenate your body?

Are you feeling tired all the time?  Do you look in the mirror and see someone that is not the real you?  Do you have no energy at the end of the day and struggle to find joy in your life?  Have you put on 20, 30, 50 or more pounds since you graduated high school? This obesity is often coupled with pain and that pain can become chronic and debilitating.

Pain leads to you not wanting to move your body.  The obesity, low energy and loss of motivation often cause negative, self-destructive thoughts.  Those depressive and destructive thoughts make you seek out activities that make you feel good.  Unfortunately, most of those feel good activities are also self-destructive and you may turn to alcohol, drugs, and food to feel better.  This vicious cycle of eating, drinking, pain and weight gain lead to a reduced quality of life and more pain and suffering. Eventually, you can’t reach your life goals.

Are you ready to stop the cycle?  Are you committed to feeling good without fatty, sugary food, endlessalcoholic drinks, and drugs that only make us forget our pain temporarily? Are you ready to smile again? Are you ready to walk the road filled with joy, accomplishment, and fitness?  If you answered yes to these questions, Benchmark Medical Group may have the solution for you!

We have worked hard to bring the perfection of physical medicine, posture and structural rehabilitation, pain reduction, medical therapies, cosmetics, weight loss and fitness to Windsor in Northern Colorado.  We have the a medical team that is committed to rejuvenation medicine with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapies,  and replacing your damaged tissue with you own cellular tools that you need to accelerate wound healing, regenerate and reduce the pain and disability associated with arthritis, and many cosmetic procedures such as hair re-growth, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging techniques to get you looking you best.

Our Spa team, led by Amanda, have the non-surgical body sculpting tools to work on cellulite, remnant pockets of fat wrinkle reduction, and other cosmetic procedures with our cutting edge Tri-Phasic Radiofrequency and Ultra-Sonic Body Fat reducing equipment.  If you want to look polished, fit and firm we have the ways!

Our Rehabilitation team is second-to-none!  The perfect combination of Top-Notch Power Plate Physical Therapy and CBP® Chiropractic make pain vanish, posture improve, and joint and muscle injuries heal fast and strong.  We can get you looking more confident, get those shoulders back and chin up and have your friends wondering how you suddenly look so much taller! The over-50 forms of traction allow our technicians to remodel your abnormal low back or neck and get you able to work, play and get fit again! We can truly rejuvenate your body and your joints!

If you are ready to lose weight the weight you’ve gained since marriage, or to get those last stubborn inches and pounds off, our Nutritionist Tanya and Dr. Mari Riley, MD can get your hormones and thyroid under control, show you how to eat and get the most out of our medical weight loss program, FOR LIFE!

So, what are you waiting for?  Do you want fitness?  Do you want that body?  Are you ready?  We can help you rejuvenate your body!

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Is SUGAR causing your knee pain?!?

Many people with pain rarely understand the concept that the foods they consume and the nutritional choices they make play a very significant role in the creation of pain in the body.  People often get discouraged when I have to inform them that the single most important step they can take in reducing pain is reevaluating and changing their eating habits.  Fortunately, there is real scientific evidence to support the fact that sugar bound to red blood cells is important not only in the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, but also in inflammation; and this process is reversible with the right lifestyle choices!

The process where the body attaches sugar to tissues is called Glycation.  This Glycation is important for cells to carry glucose for energy into cells so the cells can do their jobs and work.  However, with the typical diet, there is an overload of sugar and carbohydrates and this Glycation becomes excessive.  Normally, when the blood sugar increases, the pancreas produces insulin and as long as the cells are still sensitive to this insulin, the sugar is broken down.  However, with over consumption of sugar, the sensitivity to insulin decreases and the blood sugar is allowed to remain higher than it should.  As this free-circulating sugar is travelling with the blood cells, the cells attract the sugar like a magnet and the level of glycosylated hemoglobin increases.  Eventually this increase leads to type two diabetes with its consequences of increased thirst, poor wound healing, confusion, dementia and eventual death.

The secondary consequence of too much Glycation or sugar attached to tissues is that this process produces inflammation in the body! Inflammation is normally found Knee_1in the presence of injury, trauma and infection, but in this case the body is inflamed without an outlet, like a virus or bacteria to kill.  This unregulated inflammation will eventually find its way to all tissues of the body and previously injured tissues will remain painful long after they should have healed, tissues that are loaded by excess body fat will compress sensitive pain nerve ending and produce pain and the pain and inflammation cycle will spiral until multiple muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are affected and the pain becomes more widespread.

I know that it is not the easiest concept to understand that the sugar and carbohydrates in our breads, pasta, rice, fruits and veggies, and processed foods are the underlying cause of your pain, but the scientific understanding of pain verifies this extensively. We further see evidence of this in our clinical evaluation of patients in pain who remove the majority of the carbohydrates from their diet and see great reductions in knee pain, back pain, neck pain headaches and more simply by changing what they eat.

If you would like to know where your pain is coming from and the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate pain from your life, what are you waiting for?  We have a team of physicians and therapists at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, Colorado that will work with you to understand your particular health conditions and move you
toward better overall health and wellness.  Why suffer any longer?  Call us today!

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