Is SUGAR causing your knee pain?!?

Many people with pain rarely understand the concept that the foods they consume and the nutritional choices they make play a very significant role in the creation of pain in the body.  People often get discouraged when I have to inform them that the single most important step they can take in reducing pain is reevaluating and changing their eating habits.  Fortunately, there is real scientific evidence to support the fact that sugar bound to red blood cells is important not only in the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, but also in inflammation; and this process is reversible with the right lifestyle choices!

The process where the body attaches sugar to tissues is called Glycation.  This Glycation is important for cells to carry glucose for energy into cells so the cells can do their jobs and work.  However, with the typical diet, there is an overload of sugar and carbohydrates and this Glycation becomes excessive.  Normally, when the blood sugar increases, the pancreas produces insulin and as long as the cells are still sensitive to this insulin, the sugar is broken down.  However, with over consumption of sugar, the sensitivity to insulin decreases and the blood sugar is allowed to remain higher than it should.  As this free-circulating sugar is travelling with the blood cells, the cells attract the sugar like a magnet and the level of glycosylated hemoglobin increases.  Eventually this increase leads to type two diabetes with its consequences of increased thirst, poor wound healing, confusion, dementia and eventual death.

The secondary consequence of too much Glycation or sugar attached to tissues is that this process produces inflammation in the body! Inflammation is normally found Knee_1in the presence of injury, trauma and infection, but in this case the body is inflamed without an outlet, like a virus or bacteria to kill.  This unregulated inflammation will eventually find its way to all tissues of the body and previously injured tissues will remain painful long after they should have healed, tissues that are loaded by excess body fat will compress sensitive pain nerve ending and produce pain and the pain and inflammation cycle will spiral until multiple muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are affected and the pain becomes more widespread.

I know that it is not the easiest concept to understand that the sugar and carbohydrates in our breads, pasta, rice, fruits and veggies, and processed foods are the underlying cause of your pain, but the scientific understanding of pain verifies this extensively. We further see evidence of this in our clinical evaluation of patients in pain who remove the majority of the carbohydrates from their diet and see great reductions in knee pain, back pain, neck pain headaches and more simply by changing what they eat.

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