Stop Pain Now!

Pain is insidious. It slowly beats you down until you no longer have joy in life. Pain can stop us from doing our activities, enjoying time with our kids and pain is associated with depression risk and poor mental health. Low back pain is epidemic and it is the number 1 leading cause of disability in the world. Neck pain and headaches can stop you in your tracks, prevent you from time with your kids, your friends and your family.

Pain has many causes, it can come from traumatic events such as falls and car crashes, or it can have a cause that is much more ambiguous. Pain can arise from too much sitting, weight gain and lack of activity, and pain can be caused by diseases that cause inflammation and eventually irritate nerves that carry the sensation of pain.

Fortunately, the providers at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor have many ways to deal with and eliminate pain. We pride ourselves in having the most effective and current technologies to help alleviate pain and suffering and we have tools that many other providers do not have. The best part is these technologies are affordable, carry little to no risk and are not drugs or surgery. We do not medicate our patients but we have ways to get to the source of your pain and provide viable options to help get you feeling better, feeling stronger and more flexible.

Pain can have devastating consequences on mental health, can lead to addiction of non-prescription and prescription drugs, depression and can lead to disability. Suffering from pain is not a necessary part of life and if you or a loved one is suffering, it is very unlikely that your pain will go away on its own. Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical we have been serving northern

Colorado’s chronic pain patient for almost 15 years and we have treated thousands of patients successfully with our unique and revolutionary technology including our CBP® Chiropractic and Structural Rehabilitation, our second-to-none Physical Therapy team and all our amazing tools including the Power Plate®, GNAT™, K-Laser and Cryo Sauna. We have the track record of experience with many, many patient and we can likely help you find a solution to your headaches, neck pain, low back pain, and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

If you have tried “everything” without success, try us. If you have been told that your only solution is drugs or surgery, try us first. Our safe and effective pain relief tools have helps many people just like you and you too should benefit from our outstanding programs. If you want to feel an impactful and significant reduction in your pain, please call us to see how we can help! 970-686-9117