Small steps for BIG FITNESS CHANGES!!

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Small steps for BIG FITNESS CHANGES!!

Small steps for Big Change! Weight loss, Fitness and great Health!

Many people have high hopes for weight loss, getting fit, healthy and skinny at the beginning of the year.  They will often go to extremes to achieve their goals.  However, the guilt of “falling off the wagon” or not making huge gains in strength, fitness or weight loss quickly can be so discouraging that most people give up on their goals by mid-February.

You do not have to suffer the same fate!  There are really some simple things that, if you make them a habit, they can make the journey toward better health simple.

1)        NO more processed, fast food or junk food.

The overconsumption of fat and sugar found in most fast food meals are a quick and effective way to sabotage your health goals.  Simply don’t buy them at the store and when you’re tempted to turn into the fast food drive-thru, just keep on going.  Make sure you always have healthy snacks with you to suppress the urges.

2)        Go through your refrigerator and pantry.  Most of us do not have the willpower to not eat bad foods when there is no one around and the food is right in front of you.  Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of the sabotage foods in the fridge and pantry.  Replace them with wholesome, health-friendly foods and make the right choices out of necessity.

3)        MOVE. Quite simply, if you are sedentary, sit at a desk or behind the wheel all day, your metabolism will grind to a halt.  If you simply add some extra movement to your daily routine, you will find it gets easier and easier to make real exercise happen.  Walking for 30-45 minutes every day will improve overall fitness, finding time to do a few jumping jacks, sit-ups or push-ups every day can get you on the path to better habits for life. Less is more in many cases, if you really want to accelerate your fitness, find the time to exercise on our Power Plates® a 25 min workout can produce the same effects as an hour or more in a traditional gym setting.

4)        Fix your pain.  If you have pain that prevents you from exercising, or increases after exercise, you will need to find the cause of this pain and address it proactively.  To truly get healthy, you are going to need to exercise and if you have physical pain that is stopping you, this will prevent you from ever reaching your goals.

5)        Get a coach.  Pain relief coach, strength and flexibility coach, weight loss and nutrition coach, if you have doubt that you can do this on your own, you’re probably right.  Finding the coach that can safely help you reach your goals will add accountability, and increase the likeliness that you succeed. When in doubt, get help!

These five simple changes can make huge impacts on your quality of life, your waistline and your overall health.  If you are interested in learning more about our amazing services offered, don’t miss one of our upcoming events and if you are ready to get fit, healthy, and happier than ever, give us a call!!!