Slowing the Degeneration Process

Many people think that it is a normal consequence of aging to have their bodies degenerate. They practically accept this as a natural state and do little to nothing to stop the process.  Unfortunately, this inaction can have very dire consequences.

As we age there are several processes that occur in the body that lend to the idea that we must degenerate. Our skin looses its elasticity, our muscles require more effort to accomplish what used to be easy and damaged in our joints and spine can lead to pain. Many think that once these things start happening, that they must simply resign themselves to the degeneration road, get out the wheelchair or walker and get ready to die!

STOP!  Now is the time to step it up and make sure that this ball stops rolling!  The process of degeneration will slow down if the right steps are taken. First, look at what you’re eating.  If you are feeding yourself processed, overcooked, nutrient-lacking food, how can you expect to continue to get a healthy body out of your nutrition?  If you want a building to be strong for years, how can you expect it to last if you use shoddy building materials? You can’t. Your body is no different, feed yourself wholesome, fresh nutrient rich foods and you can rest assured that you’re giving your body the building blocks necessary to maintain health as long as possible!

Second, look at your structure. If the foundation of your house is crooked and left that way for years, you can guarantee that the building on top of it will deteriorate faster due to the increase stresses and strains placed on the materials.  Your body is not different.  Structure determines function and if you have poor posture or poor ergonomics, you can guarantee that those abnormal stresses and strains will have dire consequences for how your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments function.  If you’re not sure what state you’re in structurally, I can help!  We have very scientific ways to determine how close or how far away your posture and your structure are from normal.  Once you know where you need to address postural abnormalities, get to work!  Changing your posture and structure require time and patience, however the reward is better function and better health!

Third, fix the damaged areas.  If you have a “bum knee” or a “weak back”, these areas of damage can be a huge hindrance to achieving the longevity that you desire.  You may need some focused therapy to get these areas strong again and you may need to do some new habits to ensure that the previously injured areas do get hurt again and again.  Take the time to talk to our doctors and therapists to see if there is more that can be done to address your needs specifically.

Lastly, change your attitude! I remember from long ago hearing the quote, “Your attitude more than your aptitude determines your altitude in life.”  These very wise words go very far in helping you achieve the health and longevity goals you desire.  Keep a positive and healthy attitude about your structure, your nutrition, and your goals.  Remember that health is not just about how we feel and function, health is really about our relationships and the healthier your structure and nutrition are, the healthier your relationships will be.  Never give up working toward achieving the healthy happy life you want; you can do it!  If you or your family needs help understanding healthy eating, healthy structure or healthy lifestyle, please contact us today, we can help you get there!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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