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Windsor Weight Loss ClinicWhich is more important for losing weight and perfecting the body, sleep or exercise? The short answer is they are both important but again and again, in the laboratory, medical weight loss clinic, and in the gym, sleep wins as the number-one most important factor in losing weight, gaining muscle and perfecting and balancing your body.

Exercise has tremendous benefits such as improved circulation, testosterone production, brain and heart health as well as reduced body fat. However exercise is often not intense enough to stimulate fat loss and not long enough to boost the metabolism. In mathematical terms, one pound of body fat is about 3500 calories. Therefore, in order to burn one pound of fat with exercise, you must burn 3500 calories. Easy, right? Just go run a marathon!

Personally, my joints wouldn’t be very happy with me if I had to work that had for only one pound of fat burned. I am not interested in creating repetitive stress injuries in pursuit of the perfect body. The solution? Exercise smartly, eat exceptionally, but first, go to bed!

Sleep plays critical roles in improving our ability to create hormones necessary to stimulate our metabolism. Sleep is our restorative and recuperative process that “re-sets” our hormonal clock. Recent research has shown that your genetic biological clock is not only found in your brain, but also in other critical organs like your pancreas, liver, kidneys and even directly in your body fat! Sleep enables all of these organs to work in concert with each other to perfect the chemical and hormonal balance that is your metabolism.

It only takes a small disruption in your circadian clock to disrupt your metabolism’s chemical and hormonal balance. Once this disruption occurs repeatedly, the systems no longer work together and the result is obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancers. If your pancreas is not allowed enough sleep time, your blood sugar will not regulate normally and the fluctuation of unregulated of low blood sugar and high blood sugar eventually cascades into diabetes. Kidneys, brain and other organs disrupted by a lack of sleep or poor sleep habits begin to function abnormally as well.

Fat has its own genetic circadian rhythm and if your sleep patterns are repetitively disrupted, the metabolic hormones necessary to burn excess body fat are disrupted. Then, hormones like cortisol begin to deposit fat instead of burning it. Critical brain hormones necessary for muscle recovery after exercise, muscle mass gains and general well-being are disrupted by a lack of sleep. Eventually, this disruption in the “feel-good” hormones of dopamine and serotonin and others can cascade into fluctuations of anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

So, what do you choose? Get up early and disrupt your circadian rhythm with exercise, or sleep in? In terms of the overall benefits, sleep will trump exercise every time. The real key to getting it right is perfecting the balance necessary between sleep (hormone regulation), nutrition (fuel for the system), and exercise (perfecting the machine).

Bottom line is that sleeping just two extra hours per night for as little as two weeks can stimulate more fat loss, balance more hormones and improve mood and outlook more than exercise alone. If you can get your sleep to improve, you will quickly notice you have more energy, more strength, fewer colds, a better quality of life and improved weight loss.

If you want to find how to sleep better, how to exercise in the most effective fashion, and how to regulate and balance your hormones, we can help. Want perfect and nutrition to get the best body ever, we can help! The programs we have at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, CO can get to the cause of your weight gain, find out why you are sick and tired all the time, and we have solutions that will give you quick results for weight loss, strength gains, better sleep, and we’ll get you on your way to having the best, healthiest body ever.

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