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CBP® (Chiropractic Bio Physics) is the most researched form of spinal rehabilitation-chiropractic care in the world.

The research team that studies CBP® rehabilitation methods consists of mathematicians, engineers, MDs, DCs, and other professionals from multiple fields. This team has thoroughly studied all aspects of CBP® structural rehabilitation including its reliability, validity and consistency of spinal correction to offer you the best rehabilitative care possible.

CBP® research is published in prestigious journals such as ‘Spine’, ‘Clinical Biomechanics’, and ‘The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development’ to name a few of more than 150 publications. This research adds to the credibility, reliability, and effectiveness of CBP® rehabilitation. Benchmark Medical Group has treated over 6,500 patients and you will benefit from this experience!


Spinal radiography can help detect: fractures, tumors, arthritis, disc problems, osteoporosis, scoliosis, infection, spinal defects and deformities in the curves of the spine which can lead to the breakdown of tissues causing dysfunction, pain, and decreased organ health. The restoration of normal structure can lead to normalized bodily function.


We begin with an assessment of your current state of health. Our team of physicians work together to analyze the data generated from our diagnostic testing and then collectively determine the most appropriate course of care to address your ailments and condition. All recommendations are personal and customized to address your specific needs.


After your treatment plan is completed, a complete re-evaluation and follow-up radiography is performed. Progress is proven at CBP® using x-ray digitalization and assessment with Posture Ray™. Every patient is assessed with clinical outcome measures, which demonstrate provable results. Our methods are repeatable, reliable, accurate and effective.

DIGITAL POSTURAL ANALYSIS – Only the Best Diagnostics!

Posture Ray™ is the only system designed utilizing the original spine research data ultimately published and supported in top scientific peer-reviewed journals such as ‘Spine’, ‘Journal of Orthopedic Research’, ‘European Spine Journal’, ‘JMPT’, ‘Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation’, ‘The Journal of Spinal Disorders & Technique’, and others too numerous to list!

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