Serious Pain Relief!

Many people think that pain is normal.  They tell me that they have “normal” headaches, or that the low back pain they feel after sitting in the car is “normal.” Often people have experienced pain for so long that they feel like its normal for them to have neck, mid-back or low back pain.

I have a patient from Greeley that thinks that the headaches she gets every Friday following a long work week are, “just my normal headaches.” Unfortunately, these “normal” aches and pains are not just a nuisance; they can seriously interfere with your quality of life!

When we suffer from pain, be it back, knee, hip, neck or other areas, this can lead to us restricting our activities and lessen our overall experience of life!  Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.  We have sensory nerves that convey the presence of tissue damage and tissue injury and this is what is causing the pain, it is not “normal” to experience pain every day, and if you are, something needs to be done! Plus chronic pain can lead to destruction of brain tissue and actually cause your brain to shrink!

There are many pain relief techniques available to people, and unfortunately the one they reach for first in most cases is medications.  See my previous blog on the dangers of NSAID drugs and you’ll think twice about popping that pill next time!  Pain relief can come from stopping the activity that is irritating you, but this is unreasonable if that activity is work or taking care of your children.  Therefore it becomes necessary to find ways to lessen the pain immediately and get the care that will make it go away permanently.

When we started in practice, we had few of the tools that we now have available for pain relief.  Before we had our K-Laser and our Powerplates, we had manual therapies and CBP chiropractic as the only tools to help with pain relief.  Fortunately these tools are effective for some musculoskeletal pain; however they did not offer the relief to all of the patients that we can now help.  Now, with the help of our hot-therapeutic laser, Powerplate, and medical weight loss programs, and the conjunction of CBP Structural rehabilitation, we are able to service a much larger Northern Colorado community of those seeking pain relief or overall health and wellness.

If you or someone you know has tried traditional chiropractic or physical therapy and you are still suffering, the tools we have to offer at Benchmark Medical Group are truly unique and different and we may be able to help you!  Contact us to see if you are a candidate for our amazing pain-relief therapies, or if you just want to look and feel better!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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