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Joint Pain Windsor ColoradoRunning has many benefits, cardiovascular health; flexibility and endurance are all great results from running. Running for distances can produce a “runner’s high” which is a release of feel-good hormones that give the feeling that “I can run forever!” These benefits are great and running can be an important part of cross-training for sports, a good way to de-stress and a great way to improve overall health and fitness.

However, running does not come without risks. Poor gait patterns can lead to joint problems and cascade into a loss of function. Repetitive stresses in the ankles, knees and hips can lead to compression of the cartilage, meniscus and other soft tissues of the knee, accelerating degeneration. Running can aggravate shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears and fibrosis. Unfortunately, these dangers can compound with more and more distance and can eventually lead to pain, suffering, disability and then running is out of the question.

So, what is the solution? Anti-Gravity! Gravity is the culprit that causes the compression, degeneration and injury that can lead to pain. Gravity is always working and when a runner is pounding out the miles, the forces magnify and eventually lead to problems. Fortunately, this constant force can be significantly reduced with our Alter-G® Anti-Gravity treadmill!

At Benchmark Medical Group, located in Windsor, Colorado we strive to provide the most cutting edge equipment for rehabilitation, fitness and performance enhancement. The Alter-G® is no exception. This machine is a treadmill with a large air chamber that encloses the runner and enables the pressure of gravity to be reduced. Air pressure can remove 10%, 50%, or 100% of body weight and allow a person to run in an environment free of the pounding that is felt with road running or traditional treadmills.

At Benchmark, we use the Alter-G® to assist runners in perfecting their gait pattern so that when they are in a competitive run, they will feel lighter and the stress from running is reduced. We also use the Alter-G® for many forms of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation including knee and hip replacement rehabilitation, injuries to the back and spine that do not allow full stride or cause a limp can also benefit from the Alter-G® by allowing even, symmetrical walking, jogging and eventually running.

If you are a runner or would like to get back into running, the Alter-G® can be your secret weapon in performance enhancement, injury prevention and overall health and fitness improvements. If you are ready to experience all of the benefits of running without the risks, our facility can help you achieve your goal! We have amazing specials and packages for the New Year that can make getting you into the best shape of your life fast and affordable.

If you or someone you know wants to see what cutting edge rehabilitation and fitness look like, look no further than Benchmark Medical centrally located between Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley in Northern Colorado. We are Colorado’s one-stop-shop for health and wellness and we can get you looking and feeling better than ever. Ready to experience the best fitness possible? Give us a call today! Call 970-686-9117, and don’t forget to ask about our amazing specials!

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