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Rewire Your Brain | Windsor Chiropractor

Forgetting your keys? Losing track of time more frequently? Are you feeling that the energy to think and move around after work is a thing of the past? Don’t give up!

Are you feeling that you’re not as quick to catch yourself when you slip? Do you feel like your coordination is “less-than-perfect?” Are you finding yourself afraid to go out in the cold because of the ice and afraid of wet grass in the summer because you know you can’t stop yourself from falling? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we may have solutions to help!

Your brain and your body must constantly be communicating with each other. If you lose good strong nervous system signals from the brain to the muscles, joints, tendons and other structures, you increase the risk of falling. Falls in young people can lead to catastrophic traumatic brain injuries, and concussion can have debilitating long term effects such as depression, anger, migraines and mood swings.   Trauma to the wrist is a very common cause of fracture that can lead to many complications including arthritis, pain and inability to use the wrist and hand. Falls in older folks can lead to hip and femur fractures that can quickly lead to disability, and infections and unfortunately, death.

Nervous system tissues are primarily made of fat and protein and feeding your body the right types of fats and proteins with great micronutrients, vitamins and other cofactors can help bring the brain back to life. We have specialized tests that can tell us exactly which nutrients your brain requires and we can get you on a program that will give your brain the building blocks it needs to grow and learn again. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to learn and grow new connections and what you eat and what you do makes all the difference in re-building your brain and getting control of your body and coordination again. Learning and growth is possible, even later in life!

Once we begin the process of nutritionally rebuilding your brain, we can simultaneously use our advanced equipment such as the Power Plate™, BioDensity®, Vertical Training System™, TRX®, Alter-G® and CBP® Rehabilitation to maximize the physical component of rebuilding your brain and thus your body, posture and all of you! We have the tools that can get you re-learning your basic movement patterns that are necessary to have balance, stability, coordination and great posture.

With the right foods, supplements, movements and exercises, we can begin to rebuild you. We can retrain old muscles to react again and can get you feeling more secure on your feet, faster, lighter and better coordinated. We have therapists, coaches and trainers to sculpt your body and ultrasonic fat cavitation and tri-phasic radiofrequency to finish the job of flawless skin and a lean, toned body. We can make you look younger and feel younger than you’ve felt in years.

Why wait to indulge yourself? We can show you how to rebuild your brain. We can fix your posture. We can do what other gyms and weight loss programs can't. We have the tools, all you have to do is show up. Call today. 970-686-9117

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