Reversing Osteoporosis

The Powerplate is an amazing tool for several reasons, improved strength, improved flexibility, better endurance and improvements in hormonal levels are among the reasons we have our patients perform on the plate.

The benefits of the plate go much further when we look at the effects the whole body vibration from the plate has on bone. With regular use of the Powerplate, it has been shown that we can stop the progress of osteoporosis, and in many cases reverse process all together.  This is truly an amazing statement because, until now there have been no physical modalities that have been demonstrated as effective in reversing this disease.

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease of bone, in which the center of the bone loses a large amount of the mineral matrix and holes or “pores” develop.  The development of these pores causes the overall structure to weaken and this process can lead to a significantly increased risk of fracture. The most common abnormal postures that are seen in this condition involve an increase rounding in the mid-back and a “hunched” appearance.  This abnormal posture is the result of compression fractures that occur in the vertebral bodies of the upper back. Fractures of the ribcage and other joints are common and usually result from trauma. However the trauma can be very minor such as a hard sneeze or bumping the bone on the wall.

This condition results from many causes, it has been shown that teenage nutrition plays a major role in the development of these bone abnormalities and young women who do not consume adequate amounts of minerals in their teen years increase their risk of developing osteoporosis.  Exercise also plays a major role and the more weight-bearing exercise is performed, the better people fare in the progression of the disease.  Genetic factors and race factors also play a role with light-skinned, thin Caucasians being the most susceptible.

Generally medical treatment involved more minerals in the diet, increased exercise and medications.  Some of the medications that are used have been shown to have very severe side effects and some have been removed from the market as a result.  Exercise is important, but it has not been shown that exercise alone will reverse the process, it may prevent worsening in the best cases, but the condition persists.

The Powerplate is completely different.  The plate has been shown to reverse the process of osteoporosis with regular use.  This is because the vibration that is created is at specific frequencies and these frequencies actually cause the bone to increase metabolism and new bone is developed.  We have had several patients that have gone through the reversal of osteoporosis by moving in to osteopenia and then into normal bone.

Bone does not grow quickly and does not regenerate quickly either. It can take several months or up to a year to see significant improvements, but the time is well worth it in the prevention of fractures, preventing postural deformities and, in some cases removing serious complications that can lead to death.  The Powerplate has given many of our osteoporotic patients a new outlook on their bone health and improved overall health.  In fact, the Powerplate is so effective that the United States Surgeon General has recommended its use for osteoporotic patients! 

If you or someone you know is suffering from osteoporosis, of if you have a family history of this disease, know that there may be an alternative to drugs and standard treatment. Call us today to see if we can help you!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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