Regenerative Deep Joint Injections

We are excited to introduce a new service that will benefit our patient suffering from pain associated with arthritis and joint damage. Our nurse practitioner and medical doctor are now able to provide injections to deep joint pain and loss of function.

What is used?

The injected substance is very similar to human synovial joint fluid and is called hyaluronic acid. The other names that are commonly used are Rooster comb, Cocks Comb, sodium hyaluronate, Supartz™ and others. We will be using the trademarked formulation known as Supartz®

Who can benefit?

If you suffer from pain in your knees or other large joints that is the result of osteoartirits, old injuries or loss of normal joint function due to degeneration, you may be a candidate for a series of joint injections designed to improve joint range of motion, decrease pain and increase synovial fluid. This FDA approved technology is revolutioning joint regeneration and enabling people to get their fitness and weight under control.

The technique involves a complete evaluation to see if you are a candidate, but most of the individuals who seek care can get relief with our techniques.  Some may need joint replacement surgery and we will instruct those patients that they are not candidates for the treatment.

The evaluation is detailed and thorough, we handle the paperwork and it only takes about an hour on the first visit. We are able to help so many people suffering from joint and knee pain and the joint injection, if necessary only makes all of the other amazing services we provide even better. If you remotely think that you are candidate, we will evaluate you regardless.

Does it hurt?

The area of injection is numbed prior to the injection so there is not pain associated with the injection. There can be some redness and swelling in the joint following the procedure, but this is usually mild and subsides quickly. If you experience other symptoms, please return to the office to have them evaluated.

How can I get started?

Contact the office at 970-686-9117 for more information and scheduling.

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