Pre-surgical Rehabilitation

Fortunately at Benchmark Medical Group we are able to help people avoid surgical procedures on a regular basis.  I unusually have to refer a patient out for surgery 1-2 times per month and most of these individuals are not candidates for any of the services we provide until after they have the surgical problem(s) corrected.

There are, however, many patients who are in the category of needing surgical procedures but they are not physically ready for the procedure.  This is where our pre-surgical rehabilitation services or Prehab are so vitally important.

We have patients that may need a knee replacement or a hip replacement, but it is well understood that if they continue at their current weight, not only will they probably not have a good outcome, but the excess body weight could actually cause a failure of the new joint. This makes our medical weight loss program absolutely crucial before the procedure is completed.  Losing 20, 40 or even 100 lbs can not only make a person look and feel 20 years younger, it can also significantly lessen the tissue loads that would hinder a good recovery after surgery.

Furthermore, medical weight loss is not dependant on exercise to be successful! Therefore patients who are physically unable to exercise because of joint destruction can still lose the weight without the torture of working out on a destroyed hip, knee or spinal joint. The amazing weight loss that our patients experience also often has the added benefit of reducing pain in the damaged joint and in and of itself has often led the surgeon to cancel or indefinitely delay the surgical procedure.

Additionally important is the role of our Physical Therapists using the Powerplate® to perform pre-surgical rehabilitation. This prehab allows the tissues that are involved in the surgery to get better circulation, strength and flexibility, thereby improving the outcomes of the surgical procedure. Having healthy soft tissue around a destroyed or degenerated joint will also make post-surgical rehabilitation go smoother, and recovery will be faster.

Post-surgical rehabilitation is also a very important part of the surgical process and making sure that it is done correctly is a crucial key to a better long-term recovery. Our experience enables us to give you the best guidance to give you the care that you need. Whether you are contemplating a surgical procedure and want to know if there is an alternative to possibly keep you out of the operating room or if you are scheduled for surgery but are concerned about your body weight and how it will affect your outcome, call us today to see if we can help you!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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