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Self-Control is not something that comes naturally to most of us. Face it, we live in a world with so many opportunities and so many temptations that self-control is often relegated to the dustbin and we often say, “What the heck? Go for it!” If this is a life decision or jumping off the high dive that’s fine, but all too often, those temptations, moments of loss of self-control and giving into temptation can lead to pain, suffering, illness and disease.

As I write this at my office, I have a Taco Bell® to my right, Sonic® to my left, Pizza Hut® one door down from the Taco Bell® and across the street we have Dairy Queen® and McDonalds®! If I wanted, I could have a fast food splurge for $20, blow my diet and I could have it all in less than 10 minutes! Too much temptation! Unfortunately, this convenience and ease of accessibility to poor-quality and low-nutrient foods has led to a very serious epidemic in the country.

Colorado is fortunate that we have held our obesity rate at below 20%, but other states are not so fortunate; there are many states now that are pushing a 50% obesity rate! At the rate we’re going, the financial healthcare burden needed to treat all of the overweight and obese people will break our financial back by 2050. We are in serious trouble.

So what do you do to increase your self-control and get a handle on the personal responsibility that is necessary to lose weight, get fit and overcome your current health crisis? First, you need a coach. Having a coach is a critical component to mastering anything and your willpower and self-control is no different. Having a coach to keep you accountable to your goals and who is there to be a cheerleader and celebrate your gains with you is a must! Fortunately, at Benchmark Medical in Windsor, we have some amazing coaches that can be there for you in your times of weakness and can show you the way to better health, personal responsibility, and more self-control.

Second, you need a WHY. Why do you want to get healthy? Is it because you are tired of struggling to get your pants on? Do you want better health because of a recent divorce and now it’s time to focus on you? Is your WHY your kids? Do you want to be there for them when they are older? How about a goal? Is your WHY an event, a competition, a race or climbing a mountain? If you can’t find a WHY, we can help you look at your life and see if you are motivated by pain or pleasure. Once you know your motivation, you can use that WHY to push you away from pain and toward pleasure and move your health in the right direction.

Overcoming a lack of personal responsibility and self-control is not easy, but with the right coach and a strong enough WHY, you can accomplish anything! It’s not too late to turn your life around. When you are ready to see the fit, healthy and lean person you can be, we’ll be here to help. Give us a call; it could change your life! Be sure to ask about our amazing transformative service and specials! Take charge and let us show you how! 970-686-9117

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