Powerplate for Seniors

Exercise can be very daunting for the elderly population. The thought of going to a gym and working out with bodybuilders or skinny twenty-something’s is enough to make most seniors just skip it. However, as we age exercise becomes a very important part of maintaining a healthful life. Exercise is not just for your muscles; exercise can help improve bone mass, improve mental health, and can assist in staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Exercise is a vital way to improve digestive function and an important part of life whether you’re 18 or 88.

However many elderly cannot or will not exercise for fear of injury and for those who have balance issues, exercise in the traditional sense may be out of the question. That is where the Powerplate® can make such a huge difference!  The plate is an effective way to get blood flowing to muscles and improve cardio-vascular health as well as a gently way to re-condition muscles that may have atrophied due to lack of use. The plate can improve balance, coordination, and bone mass in ways that other forms of traditional exercise simply cannot.

We have many hundreds of people over 65 who have had amazing responses from the Powerplate® we have seen people who cannot pull themselves up out of a chair without assistance move to walking a mile a day.  We have seen post-surgical rehabilitation occur in ½ the time of a traditional physical therapy program.  The Plate has allowed many of our seniors overcome obstacles to exercising and many of our previously sedentary seniors now lead a more active, energized healthful life.

We have different programs that suit the needs of all individuals, whether they are trying to add muscles mass, lose fat and cellulite or simply become more active. Our personal approach to each patient enables us to custom tailor a program that suits the needs of the individuals and our objective outcome measures demonstrate improvement on a daily basis.  We have seen people’s poor health turn around in a short time.  Our programs can assist those who thought their exercise days were long gone get back to a program that is safe, effective and with long-lasting benefits.

If you have experienced a decrease in your exercise as a result of an injury or the aging process and  if would like to see if there is an alternative to de-conditioning and loss of strength, flexibility , endurance and mental health, we may have a solution for you!  Don’t delay, we can get you into a safe and effective routine and get you back to better health in no time!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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