Powerplate® and Ideal Performance®

By now you probably have heard of whole body vibration (WBV).  This mechanical therapy is used by many professionals to help rehabilitation painful joints, improve muscle function, strength and endurance and can be very useful for athletes wanting to achieve their maximum potential in their sport.

It is important to note that not all WBV machines are equal.  The Powerplate® technology that we utilize at Benchmark Medical Group is unique in several ways.  One, the Powerplate® provides very specific frequencies of vibration that are regulated to be accurate.  This is important because the frequencies of whole body vibration can either help human tissue function better, or they can damage tissue.  Machines that do not regulate the frequencies of vibration can cause damage to tissues by operating in frequencies that are too low and these frequencies can literally “tear” tissue apart.  The Powerplate® only functions at frequencies that resonate with tissue and thus the risk of tissue damage is removed.

Second, other machines that perform whole body vibration do not simultaneously move along three directional axes.  The Powerplate® is unique because it is moving up and down, side to side, and forward and backward simultaneously. This movement is much more effective at causing the muscles to react to the movement and make the overall experience of the Powerplate® much more powerful. Other devices move in a rotational pattern or simply along one axis, thereby limiting their performance.

Athletes, the elderly, children, pre-surgical candidates, post-surgical rehabilitation candidates, and just about everyone in between can benefit from the Powerplate®. We have seen significant improvements in bone density, muscle strength, overall flexibility, endurance, explosive speed, balance and coordination, and quality of life in our patients who use the Powerplate®.  This tool is an exceptional device for those who wish to maximize their performance, for those who are looking to “get back in shape” and the plate is also an excellent tool to reduce cellulite and improve the overall appearance of skin and muscles.

If you have tried other whole-body vibration tools and think they are all the same, think again!  This device is truly unique and different and if you would like to experience it for yourself, give us a call!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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