Please Be Patient! God Isn’t Finished With You Yet | Windsor Chiropractor

Please Be Patient! God Isn’t Finished With You Yet | Windsor Chiropractor
Spine Rehab Chiropractor Windsor CO

These words are often found on the walls of children’s rooms. Whimsical expressions that the child is not done growing yet and that there is plenty to learn, experience and plenty more to come. But what are they learning about their posture?

Their posture and how they grow could be the single difference between a life of joy, optimal health or suffering. How they learn to carry themselves could be the difference between a mid-level job and being a CEO. It could be the difference between a soccer scholarship and none. Enhanced performance, happiness and total health and quality of life could be dependent on their posture! Or, their poor posture could lead to pain, suffering, sickness, disease and disability.

There is a Chinese proverb, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” This wisdom is so incredibly important in understanding the growth and development of the human upright spine and posture. When kids are growing, especially before age 10, it is important that they have good ear-over-hip-over knee-over-ankle posture when looking at them from the side.

From the front, the middle of the forehead should be in line with the chest, in line with the pelvis and also right in-line between the feet. As they grow, if the parents see any shift left or right, or notice any twist or rotation of the head, torso or hips, it should be evaluated by a CBP Certified Chiropractor to determine if these posture abnormalities are correctable. If the spine is severely deviated, the doctor may recommend aggressive structural rehabilitation, careful monitoring with home therapies, or, if the problem was not treated soon enough, bracing, and potentially referral for other evaluation of the extent of the damage from the abnormal spine.

Once the child moves into their teen years, careful observation and rapid diagnosis of any spinal and postural abnormalities can prevent pain and suffering, poor cardiovascular function, digestive and elimination problems and others. Loss of spine stability, spinal muscular weakness and postural and structural abnormalities have been measured in over 300 named disease conditions. Rapid screening for postural and spinal abnormalities can prevent low back pain, neck pain and headaches, hip and knee pain and sciatica. If the spine of a teen is found to be growing incorrectly, or if trauma has damaged the ligaments, tendons, bony structures, muscles or nerves, then the teen is at risk for the development of spinal pain, loss of function and eventually chronic pain leading to disability and depression. This is nothing to put off! Chronic low back pain is the number one cause of disability in the world! If you have a teen who is suffering, failure to treat this pain and get resolution before the adult muscle and skeletal changes become permanent can lead to nothing but suffering.

When assessing spine abnormalities, experience, qualifications and credibility count. Not all postural and spinal assessment, diagnosis and treatment are the same. At Benchmark Medical Group, we have the chiropractors, clinicians, therapists, physicians, technicians, coaches, trainers and doctors to give you a second-to-none-approach. If you truly want total body transformation, Benchmark Medical in Windsor is the place.

If you are a teen and you want to see what non-drug performance enhancement really looks like, we are your edge. If you want to be stronger, faster, straighter and more symmetrical; we have the tools to get you there. If you want to be leaner, more balanced and perform beyond your current level, we can get you there. This is healthcare for Northern Colorado that cannot be paralleled. We have the tools to find out why your muscles don’t fire the way you want them to, why you can lose fat and gain muscle, how you can improve your coordination and strength, flexibility and speed, agility and quickness, as well as your explosive strength, your endurance, and overall your quality of life. There is no other one-stop experience that can offer the technology and experience that we have. Call us, when is NOW the time to change? 970-686-9117. Call us to see how your life can change. Who do you want to be?   Find your purpose through perfecting the physical body you have. Strive to be the absolute best and healthiest you can be. We can help.

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