Were you given a prescription from a Doctor for physical therapy and ended up with a booklet of exercises?

At Benchmark Medical Group our PT department will not brush you off! Oftentimes, surgeries save lives.

However, sometimes in the process there is damage to the tissues around the area that had surgery.

If this damage is not taken care of and corrected quickly, it can lead to scar tissue and in some cases more pain than before the surgery.

The physical therapy department and the doctors at Benchmark Medical Group

may have hands on treatments ,Therapies, Orthotics, and a wealth of information and clinical experience intended to provide you the best Physical Therapy possible.

Our team approach can help you with your injuries and can provide you the physical therapy that you've been prescribed by your doctor or your surgeon and our Physical Therapy team can get you on your way to getting the function back before surgery and after.

Come see why our PT team at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor is so different!

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