Optimal Health is a Choice!

There are many choices we make in this life.  What we choose can have far-reaching implications for our health. Making the wrong choice and repeating that incorrect choice can put us in a situation where the hole that we’ve dug is too deep to get ourselves out of.  America is the greatest country ever because of freedom.  However, that same freedom that can propel us into ultimate happiness can enable us to become overweight, lazy, drugged, broke, and unhappy.  It’s your choice! You’re free to choose.

These choices start with our activities; we can choose to move our bodies, or choose to be sedentary.  We can choose to circle the parking lot of the grocery store or mall until we find a space that is as close to the door as possible, or we can choose to park halfway across the lot know that the extra walking will be beneficial for our tissues and joints. We can choose to sit around a watch sports on TV or we can choose to get up, get out and participate!

We can choose to eat the worst things imaginable.  There are no food police, there’s no one looking to see if you’re eating fast food or scarfing down doughnuts. There are no warning labels on Soda. There’s no one there telling you that maybe that third helping of lasagna isn’t the best idea.  It’s your choice!  You can choose to reach for wholesome, healthful food, or you can choose to eat junk. The problem is that it will catch up with you if you continue to make the wrong choices.

Choosing the easy or cheap path may not seem like it can detrimentally affect your health in the moment, by do it again and again and your body will begin to rebel. We are what we eat, and our tissues will only work if we train them to do what we want. Yes, it may start out that you can’t run a 5K because of your weight, your pain, or your failing health, but left long enough it will worsen, leading to difficulties with the easiest activities of daily living. Getting out of bed, bending down to tie your shoes, carrying out the garbage, even getting up out of a chair can become so difficult or painful that the very thought of performing the action causes stark dread. And the hardest part is often having the ability to confront yourself with the realization that you are in this position because of choices that you made. And trust me, your relationships will suffer as your health deteriorates, people can only take so much complaining and being around sick, unhealthy people before they give up. Then you end up sick and alone. And your choices got you there.

I often hear, “Eating healthy is too expensive,” or “I can’t exercise and go to work.” The problem with these excuses is they are very short-sighted.  Not eating healthy and exercising will not only affect how you feel, when your health fails, you will not be able to enjoy any aspect of life or work to support yourself financially. The healthier you are, the better you feel, the more the people around you will enjoy your company, the more financially stable you will become, and you’ll have a better quality of life for a longer period.  It’s your choice!

If you are sick, if you are in pain, and if you’re ready to change your life and make the choice to be healthier, it is important that you have a coach. Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys said, “A coach is someone who makes you do what you don’t want to do, so you can be who you want to be.” So the question becomes, “Who do you want to be?” Sick? Pained? Lethargic and overweight? Or Healthy and vibrant?

No one can answer these questions but you. If you want a great coach, call me. I can help! We provide alternatives to sickness and pain.  We provide alternatives to poor quality of life. There is a way to dig out of the hole of sickness, let’s work together to make the right choices TODAY!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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